[18 May 2017] Low priority news items of the day

The [Low priority news items of the day] series of posts are aimed at increasing transparency wrt. mature aspirants and educating young aspirants (on what to leave/ assign lower priority and why).

Low priority news items of the day:

Should Hindi be the sole official language?

It is over half a century since the anti-Hindi agitation of 1965 and Delhi’s assurance that English would continue to be associate official language until non-Hindi-speaking States so desire. Since the days of Hindi scraping in through a single vote in the Constituent Assembly, no intellectual argument has been made for why the south should accept Hindi. Their case is usually made in Hindi, resulting in a dialogue of the deaf. From Subramania Bharati to Periyar to Rajaji Tamil leaders promoted, in good faith, Hindi language teaching in Tamil Nadu to foster better integration. Only to give it up as counterproductive, the arrogance and insensitivity of Hindi advocates contributing in no small measure to their disillusionment.

Very important article however the article will loose its essence if we summarize this article. We want you to read the full article. Basically the crux of article says that Hindi zealots, while ostensibly acting for the greater good of the nation, actually end up alienating others

India aims to boost trade ties with African nations

India has extended credit totalling $7.6 billion to African nations and aims to use the upcoming annual meeting of the African Development Bank in Gujarat this month to strengthen its trade ties with the continent.

Not much to explain in this news.We will cover in detail the upcoming annual meeting of the African Development Bank in Gujarat this month.That will be relevant for the exam..

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