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Essay pointers – The end of education is character

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1. Meaning of character.

2. Components of character.

(a) Simplicity

(b) Beauty

(c) Manners

(d) Love

(e) Truthfulness

(f) Transparency

(g) Sensitivity

(h) Empathy and compassion.

3. What builds character?

(a) Environment

(b) Upbringing

(c) Diversity of thought

(d) Situational adaptation

(e) Literacy

(f) Education

4. How Literacy and Education are different

5. What if skill and knowledge is imparted without education.

6. What education is not?

(a)  Education is not about Degrees.

(b)  Education is not about Rote learning.

(c)  Education is not about Marks.

(d)  Education is not about Perception based opinion.

(e)  Education is not about Being impetuous.

(f)   Education is not being Arrogant.

(g)  Education is not about Achiever.

(h)  Education is not about Being judgmental.

7. What role education can play?

(a)  Help Differentiate right from wrong, Differentiate Emotions

(b)  Develops observation.

(c)  Makes humble.

(d)  Develops the process of logic it out.

(e)  Thought and action synchronization.

(f)   Helps to rise from fall

(g)  Wisdom to respond in right way and right time.

(h)  Make humane.

Every component of education builds character, makes humble, creates realization, helps vision, simplifies thinking. Indeed The End of Education is character

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  1. Profile photo of Muskan Dalal Muskan Dalal

    -“Education is not the filling of a vessel but the lighting of a flame” -Socrates.I found this one more appropriate for this essay .

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