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Essay pointers – The only meaning of success is leading your life the way you want

This post contains pointers on how to attempt the essay topic given on 13th Nov. A video containing this information is given at the bottom.

Meaning of being successful

  • Stories and Instances.
  • Success and contentment.
  • Success and satisfaction.
  • Success and Potential realization.
  • Success is the fulfillment of willingness.

There cannot be one yardstick for being successful

So – Raju Srivastava is successful, Kapil Sharma is successful, Hardik Patel is successful, Bill Gates is successful.

Thus if someone wants money, power, fame, respect, aura, popularity, relationship, girl, boy, profession. Everything comes under the ambit of success. Thus success is both subjective & objective. Perception & reality. Ability and adaptability. Overcoming weakness, depression. Identity.

Therefore success is person specific.

Culture specific.

Region specific.

Interpretations of being successful

  • A batsman scoring runs for himself or for the team to victory.
  • A teacher becoming popular or reforming students.
  • An actor playing on gimmicks, riding on hype or expressing the character.
  • A civil servant serving people or becoming master.

Glamourisation of interpretation is what is becoming more important.

Pitfalls of being successful in Public eyes

  • living through others eyes
  • Being always artificial.
  • Feeling the loss of originality.

What success is not about?

  1. Joining Civil Services to earn money that is unethical.
  2. Doing business in the guise of social welfare.
  3. Joining army and thinking of becoming popular.
  4. Building large palatial houses and mansions and claiming to be working for slum dwellers

Who lives his life the way they want and who doesn’t.

Poses Several Questions.

  1. Is being powerful successful.
  2. Is being rich successful.
  3. Is being famous successful.
  4. Is being don successful.
  5. Is being an academician successful.
  6. Is being simple success.
  7. Is being flamboyant successful.
  8. Is being extraordinary successful.
  9. Achievement with or without side effects.

Pitfalls of being pseudo successful.


The experience and feeling of successful is very individual.

  • Buddha
  • Amitabh bachchan
  • Tendulkar
  • Sri Modi

Getting Married for money without guilt

Experiment throughout and enjoying it.

Taking a journey to destination and enjoying journey more.

Success is absolute- no tags.

If one feels he/she is successful then it is.

He who laughs the last laughs the loudest.

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