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More work, worse outcome? How smartly are you working towards your rank!

We know that our dream ranks won’t just fall into our laps… and that given the huge amount of blogs, news briefs, mind maps and video lectures available for free… what we miss out on is not the information but an effective way to remember, connect and retain their freshness.

When toppers’ tricks and optimum booklists fail us, we end up frustrated, disheartened, embarrassed, scared of wasting time, paralysed by the fear of getting stuck.


There is no doubt that the IAS syllabus is so overwhelming in its expanse that unless you are able to tie your loose ends and find practicality in what you read and study daily, you will never feel confident about your preparation.

You need a strong connection with what you read and what you test yourself upon.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Till the very last week of your IAS Prelims 2017.

That is all that you need.

  • It does not matter how much you read.
  • It does not matter how big or verbose a write-up you read.
  • It does not matter how many places you read from.
Classic Mindset to #fail

We guarantee you 100% that if you are not consciously consolidating and testing yourself on your syllabus, you will experience unpleasant downswings and fleeting upswings in your course of preparation.

More work, worse outcome. How to avoid that

Short Answer: 

Be 110% practical about what you spend your time on. Have clear cut takeaways from your daily news reading. Always, always, always look for cross-connections.

Learn from Note4students and Back2basics which we put on our daily current affairs news cards and find their applications in Target Mains, Prelims Daily and our Flagship Test Series.

Stick to one reading website/source and become one with it. In ancient sanskrit texts, this process is called “Atmasaadh karna” – Becoming one with the source. If you want a more dramatic visual, this is what Neo (in Matrix) was able to do with practice.

Understand the connections of news & analysis with daily, weekly, monthly tests.

Long Answer:

More work has never resulted in more outcome. There is an 80:20 principle which works through everything in life and UPSC Preparation is no exception.

80% of your syllabus is effectively “retained” by 20% of your efforts.

At Civilsdaily, we put a huge, unwavering focus on this principle.

#1. 80% of news retention happens with the correct understanding of its relevance. Hence, Note4students and Back2basics act as that 20% text which make you go again through the newscards with a renewed vigour.

#2. 80% of intelligent test taking practice develops when you practice the “Art of Tikdams/ Smart Hacks” day in-day out at the Prelims Daily Quizzes.

When most of you spell out your individual “tikdams/ smart hacks” of eliminating wrong options on the Prelims Daily Quiz, we feel confident in knowing that you are growing by the day.

We have affirmed this time and again that a firm understanding of basics will help you take the required leap of faith to attempt IAS Prelims questions which you may or may not know by facts.

These 20% instances where you consistently apply tikdams will give you the boost on the exam.

Note#1: Click2Download the Art of Tikdams (FREE Pdf)

#3. To ensure that your hard work on daily news and analysis doesn’t go in vain, we make sure that the 4 GS questions on Target Mains refer back to the op-eds, news trails as per their merit. A sincere student should appreciate his growing capabilities of criss crossing the op-ed points and evolving a better answer.

A lot of hard work goes through in maintaining this continuity and interconnectedness throughout the daily initiatives at Civilsdaily and we pray and hope that you are able to extract the maximum out of our efforts.

To ensure that you build on this daily rigour, we test you every week or so in our Flagship/ Advanced Test series. The competition and level of questions there are much higher than those at Prelims Daily.

  • If you are a student of Flagship Program [Click], you are tested heavily on the basics and advanced static syllabus along with monthly CA tests. You also get to talk with our academic team once you complete your basic revision tests.
  • If you are a student of Advanced Program [Click], we expect that you are confident about your basics and we grill you only on advanced aspects
  • If you have joined some other test series already, we encourage you to become a part of our Current Affairs Test Series [Click]. You will be tested along with Flagship & Advanced students on your CA knowledge! Join in for the AIRs

Note#2: Students get monthly PDF compilations and annual static compendiums of Eco Survey, Budget and other imp docs (worth Rs. 1500).

The one on one counselling is available only for Flagship TS students.

The Doing Mindset > The Thinking Mindset

We are here to help you make the best decision. To get into the mindset of achieving 110% practicality wrt your studies. You are aspiring to get a rank and not become a think tank analyst (atleast not yet). so, we cut the chase and give you the reading material with absolute crispness.

The latest 23+ part module on Indian Geography is another testimony to this [Click2Read]

Start by following the FREE daily initiatves. Be very dilligent about them and then write back to us if you have any doubts around the PAID test series. We are always delighted to help you with your queries at around the TS & more.

Reach out to us but before that, start participating in the daily activities.

Wish you the very best in this new year.

Stay Practical.

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    BE PRACTICAL IN WRITING SKILL WHAT YOU STUDIED CONCERNED ABOUT CSE IN PUNCTUALLY…….. Hello friends UPSC is most dynamic and prestigious exam to crack this we have to adopt some mandatory strategic plans in own behavioral time management according to prescribed syllabus seriously and honestly. Take decision to be civil officer,be free from all kinds of unnecessary accountabilities, prepare some back boon sponceres from family members or others close relatives , develop best combination with current job or recent trend, draft a lay out of synopsis for study hours up to exam, do arrangements for health cure for sound mind for sound health, prepare best approach to study segments in available time span in night or day. Be familiar with study material for CSE depend upon internet assistance or relavant text books mandatory for required exam. be keep in touch with constitant practical of writing and reading in equal weightage, keep deep interest in regular habits of reading and analysing articles of MOST effective App CIVILS DAILY.Be optimistic & never loose patients in adverse miserable circumstances fight with self confidence and lion heart.Now be ready to write UPSC exam I ensure you that no power or almighty can stop you to reach in obtaining your desired goals to be an IAS OFFICER ….Msz …The great man is different from eminent one , in that sense he is ready to be a servant of society or nation.

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    Thank you very much sir.

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