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Scorpene data leak

What could be the implications of leak?

  1. The documents were not classified and at this stage appeared to only focus on how the submarines are operated not how they are built and whether they can be detected
  2. The leak has raised doubts about the security of a separate DCNS submarine project in Australia
  3. DCNS is locked in exclusive negotiations in Australia after seeing off rivals on a contract to build the Barracuda next generation of submarines
  4. The leak is cause for alarm not just for India, but also for Malaysia and for Chile, which use a variant of the Scorpene
  5. Brazil is due to deploy the vessels from 2018

What is India’s response to the leak?

  1. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar sought a report from the navy, adding that it appeared to be a case of hacking
  2. Defence ministry: Has taken up the matter with the French government after The Australian newspaper splashed a story saying it had obtained more than 22,000 pages of details about the Scorpene submarine
  3. The documents that have been posted have been examined and do not pose any security compromise as the vital parameters have been blacked out
  4. DCNS is expected to announce that it will set up a new security committee in Australia to help safeguard against leaks of classified data for the project
  5. India and France have initiated investigations in the case

Where did the leak originate?

  1. According to the Australian newspaper, DCNS has implied that the leak may have come from India rather than from France
  2. The data, however, was thought to have been removed from France in 2011 by a former French navy officer who was, at the time, a subcontractor for DCNS
  3. The leaks are believed to have passed through companies in Southeast Asia before eventually being mailed to a company in Australia

What are Scorpene submarines?

  1. The Scorpene-class submarines are a class of diesel-electric attack submarines
  2. These submarines, which are designed by a French Company DCNS, are currently being built at a government-run shipyard in Mumbai
  3. Currently, India has 14 submarines that are all nuclear-powered
  4. These are Chakra (Akula II) class, Sindhughosh class, and Shishumar class
  5. Two more submarines are now under construction which are of the Arihant and Kalvari class

What is the Scorpene documents leak all about?

  1. Context: Documents released by an Australian newspaper about India’s Scorpene submarines have made headlines since it was first uploaded
  2. Sensitive documents, running into 20,400 pages, include all the details about Indian Navy’s stealth weapons
  3. These documents also include information on diving depths, range, endurance, and magnetic, electromagnetic and infrared data and details of the weapon systems, like the torpedo launch system, etc.
  4. Why is this leak a security threat? The documents relate to information about the entire secret combat capability and operating instructions of underwater warfare system of the six Scorpene submarines
  5. Such information in the hands of the enemy makes it a major security issue for the Indian Navy

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    It must be probably due to someone who is not patriotic to the country right?

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