CD’s Paid Programme Access Page

Pre-requisite #1: You have a paid subscription to one or more of these programs

Pre-requisite #2: Post subscription, you have checked the return email from testpress/ instamojo which gives you details about how to access these links [password generation details]

#1. CD’s 6 month Mega Combo subscription:

  • Purchase link: Click2buy from Instamojo
  • Frequency: Monthly | by 11th of every month
  • Location: Dropbox Folder [Click2download]
  • Access details: Sent over instamojo’s email (just after purchase for people subscribing after 10th May 2017) | For the previous subscribers – majority have been added to the folder already, rest will be emailed with details
  • Expiry date: Prelims 2017

#2. FLT8’s Video Solutions

  • Purchase link: Flagship/ Advanced/ FLT8s (TS+Video) – Click2buy from Prelims Portal
  • Frequency: ~2 days after the FLTs go LIVE as per this time table – Click2download
  • Location: Private Access  [Click to access]
  • Access Details: All students of the above mentioned programs are requested to download the details from the ‘Documents’ tab of the PRELIMS portal. The access details are available in a PDF therein
  • Expiry Date: Prelims 2017




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