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Subject Wise Current Affairs & GS Topics:

Initiatives that help you prepare for PRELIMS

#1. Civilsdaily Prelims Test Series [Click Here]


– Focus Area: Comprehensive coverage along with developing the art of solving prelims questions with bare minimum knowledge (Tikdams) via our rich explanations. To know about Tikdams – read this, this and this

– Frequency: ~ Once in every 10 days | Time table – Click here (Flagship Course)

– Availability: Web only (click here to register)

– Downloads: A PDF with detailed explanations with Tikdams & Tidbits are automatically sent to your registered email id after you attempt a mock test

– Additional Freebies: Test Series student get monthly pdfs + annual compilations worth ~1500 INR.

For query on Test Series – email to us at

#2. Daily Newscards

– Focus Area: Comprehensive summary of the daily news from sources such as The Hindu, Indian Express etc. The newscards cut out all the unnecessary stuff from each news article and present you with only the most important and relevant things wrt. Prelims & Mains

– Frequency: Daily (except Sundays)

– Availability: Web (click here) | Android App (click here)

– Downloads: Monthly compilations of Newscards & Op-eds are available as CivilsDigest for purchase @Instamojo Store. Test Series students get it for FREE on their portal

#3. Daily op-ed snaps & videos

– Focus Areas: Summary of the 2-3 best editorials from sources such as The Hindu, Mint, Indian Express etc. Useful for both Prelims and Mains

– Frequency: Daily (except Sundays)

– Availability: Web (click here) | Android App (click here)

 #4. Prelims Daily

– Focus Area: 5 Free Prelims questions based on the previous day’s news to help you test and cement your knowledge. With the huge number of current affairs questions in this years prelims, this will help you retain all important news. In fact we have a special Test Series just for helping you prepare for Current Affairs – Click here to join it

– Frequency: Daily (except Sundays)

– Availability: Web only (click here)

– Downloads: Detailed solutions of the 5 questions with tikdams on one of them is available after 8 PM on the same thread


Initiatives that help you prepare for MAINS

#1. Target Mains

– Focus Area: 4 questions across all 4 GS papers with DNA Framework to help you understand the examiner’s mind better. You can upload your answers and get feedback from the experienced team at CD and a community of other aspirants such as yourself

– Frequency: Daily (except Sundays)

– Availability: Web only (click here)

– Downloads: Monthly compilations of Questions, DNA & link to best answers are available as Target Mains magazine for purchase @Instamojo Store. Test Series students get it for FREE on their portal

– Offer: Target Mains compilation for September 2016 is FREE for all – Read this and get your pdf!

#2. Essay Challenge

– Focus Area: On the 7th day God took a break, and we also felt a similar need! Hence, every Sunday is an essay challenge to help you prepare for one of the most scoring papers in UPSC

– Frequency: Every Sunday

– Availability: Web only (click here)

#3. Optionals Writing Challenge

– Focus Area: A user driven initiative to engage most sincere aspirants with quality material and daily questions. For seniors and beginners alike. These forum threads are made official and users of all optional subjects are encouraged to start and maintain their own threads

– Frequency: Daily

– Availability: Web only – Click for Optional Daily

#4. Newstrails ™

– Focus Areas: How do you understand news with context? Newstrails help you read linked news articles in one go. This way we are able to collect all relevant newscards, op-eds under one topic so that you don’t have to run for research! Also contains CD Explains/ Backgrounders on topics

– Frequency: Daily

– Availability: Web (click here) | Android App (click here) – The orange icons on newscards!

– Downloads: Annual Compilation of CD Explains (Backgrounders) are available @Instamojo Store. Test Series students get it for FREE on their portal

#5. Static Course Modules

– Focus Areas: In-depth analysis and writeups on topics which are needed for a comprehensive Mains preparation. Write-ups range from Static to Dynamic Course. This is the latest offering from Civilsdaily and we are developing all round courses across the GS Mains syllabus

– Frequency: Weekly

– Course on Indian Geography: Click2Read

Questions, Tips?

  1. Profile photo of aakriti singh aakriti singh

    can you please make your app available on IOS devices?

  2. Profile photo of punter muniya punter muniya

    I recently signed up for FLP 2. But all downloads seem forbidden so far. Is there something I need to do to fix it? Thank you for being around.

  3. Profile photo of Anoop H Anoop H

    Sir is these tests available in Pdf format?

  4. Profile photo of Akshay B Akshay B

    @root hey admin please help me. I just bought and enrolled for flagship prelims test series which starts from tomorrow and now when I go to exams panel it says no available tests.. payment is made.

    Can you please check and help?
    This is Akshay bahuguna

    1. Profile photo of Discuss Discuss

      Don’t worry about that. Test will appear as per schedule give in the time table.

  5. Profile photo of Priya Priya

    Thank u CD… Opeds are a great help with the new tab plus the addition of ‘pib’ bits.

  6. Profile photo of Pranav Pathak Pranav Pathak

    @root, thanks for the Op-ed Snap button on the navigation panel!

    1. Profile photo of Root Root

      We have also created a SC Judgement Tab on the navigation panel. Should come handy for all those who are appearing for Mains

      1. Profile photo of Pranav Pathak Pranav Pathak

        Thank you for the addition of Back2Basics and Note4students section in the newscards. Very useful. 🙂

        1. Profile photo of Discuss Discuss

          Pranav – still keeping up with the news! Not taking a break?

          1. Profile photo of Pranav Pathak Pranav Pathak

            @discuss, Had a break for a week, got bored so back to CD! 😀

      2. Profile photo of Namrata Rai Namrata Rai

        @Root – Very helpful .. Thank You.. 🙂

  7. Profile photo of Naveen Shekhar Naveen Shekhar

    Sir ,
    It’d be good if you release monthly compilation of Daily Prelims Questions as well .Kindly look into this suggestion.

    1. Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi

      If you are attempting the PRelims Daily initiative – you would have got the download link by now.

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