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Update: For IAS Mains prep on GS Topics, use this consolidation:

Initiatives that help you prepare for PRELIMS

#1. Civilsdaily Prelims Test Series [Click Here]


– Focus Area: Comprehensive coverage along with developing the art of solving prelims questions with bare minimum knowledge (Tikdams) via our rich explanations. To know about Tikdams – read this, this and this

– Frequency: ~ Once in every 10 days | Time table – Click here (Flagship Course)

– Availability: Web only (click here to register)

– Downloads: A PDF with detailed explanations with Tikdams & Tidbits are automatically sent to your registered email id after you attempt a mock test

– Additional Freebies: Test Series student get monthly pdfs + annual compilations worth ~1500 INR.

For query on Test Series – email to us at

#2. Daily Newscards

– Focus Area: Comprehensive summary of the daily news from sources such as The Hindu, Indian Express etc. The newscards cut out all the unnecessary stuff from each news article and present you with only the most important and relevant things wrt. Prelims & Mains

– Frequency: Daily (except Sundays)

– Availability: Web (click here) | Android App (click here)

– Downloads: Monthly compilations of Newscards & Op-eds are available as CivilsDigest for purchase @Instamojo Store. Test Series students get it for FREE on their portal

#3. Daily op-ed snaps & videos

– Focus Areas: Summary of the 2-3 best editorials from sources such as The Hindu, Mint, Indian Express etc. Useful for both Prelims and Mains

– Frequency: Daily (except Sundays)

– Availability: Web (click here) | Android App (click here)

 #4. Prelims Daily

– Focus Area: 5 Free Prelims questions based on the previous day’s news to help you test and cement your knowledge. With the huge number of current affairs questions in this years prelims, this will help you retain all important news. In fact we have a special Test Series just for helping you prepare for Current Affairs – Click here to join it

– Frequency: Daily (except Sundays)

– Availability: Web only (click here)

– Downloads: Detailed solutions of the 5 questions with tikdams on one of them is available after 8 PM on the same thread


Initiatives that help you prepare for MAINS

#1. Target Mains

– Focus Area: 4 questions across all 4 GS papers with DNA Framework to help you understand the examiner’s mind better. You can upload your answers and get feedback from the experienced team at CD and a community of other aspirants such as yourself

– Frequency: Daily (except Sundays)

– Availability: Web only (click here)

– Downloads: Monthly compilations of Questions, DNA & link to best answers are available as Target Mains magazine for purchase @Instamojo Store. Test Series students get it for FREE on their portal

– Offer: Target Mains compilation for September 2016 is FREE for all – Read this and get your pdf!

#2. Essay Challenge

– Focus Area: On the 7th day God took a break, and we also felt a similar need! Hence, every Sunday is an essay challenge to help you prepare for one of the most scoring papers in UPSC

– Frequency: Every Sunday

– Availability: Web only (click here)

#3. Optionals Writing Challenge

– Focus Area: A user driven initiative to engage most sincere aspirants with quality material and daily questions. For seniors and beginners alike. These forum threads are made official and users of all optional subjects are encouraged to start and maintain their own threads

– Frequency: Daily

– Availability: Web only – Click for Optional Daily

#4. Newstrails ™

– Focus Areas: How do you understand news with context? Newstrails help you read linked news articles in one go. This way we are able to collect all relevant newscards, op-eds under one topic so that you don’t have to run for research! Also contains CD Explains/ Backgrounders on topics

– Frequency: Daily

– Availability: Web (click here) | Android App (click here) – The orange icons on newscards!

– Downloads: Annual Compilation of CD Explains (Backgrounders) are available @Instamojo Store. Test Series students get it for FREE on their portal

#5. Static Course Modules

– Focus Areas: In-depth analysis and writeups on topics which are needed for a comprehensive Mains preparation. Write-ups range from Static to Dynamic Course. This is the latest offering from Civilsdaily and we are developing all round courses across the GS Mains syllabus

– Frequency: Weekly

– Availability: Web (click here) | Android App (click here)

– Ongoing Courses:

#6. Confused Billi

– Focus Areas: In-depth analysis and writeups on CA topics which have a high tendency to come in Mains. Researched from editorials and news write-ups

– Frequency: A long post, every sometime

– Availability: Web only  (click here)



Questions, Tips?

  1. Parvathy

    Hi CD,

    Please share the schedule of Target Mains. On which all day the questions will be posted and on which al days there wont be any questions. Cut off time for submitting answers for reviewing etc. It will be very help for working professionals like me to plan accordingly.


    1. Root

      Expect nothing on Sundays and public holidays.

  2. Rohitsingh Tomar

    i hav recently bought your news digest from may to oct
    but haven’t even bought a single month magzine
    not even a confirmation email. when i will get my magzines please reply asap

    1. Discuss

      Check the return email. You will get the link to download that from.

      1. Rohitsingh Tomar

        i request the civils daily team to look into the matter and help me .below is the email

      2. Rohitsingh Tomar

        haven’t even got the email
        thats why i am saying

  3. Rahul Verma

    Dear civils daily,

    Please look in my issue it’s been 5 days

    1. Discuss

      We replied to you 7 hours ago. Do you check your emails before putting comments here? Pls do that. The team has been actively following up on your case and we take this thing very seriously.

  4. Senthil Kumar

    Dear Civils Daily,
    You have mentioned that you will be starting the Mains Initiative from 25-07-2017. But still the questions have not been uploaded. If so, where the questions will be put on and how we should submit the answers. Please consider it with a reply.

    Thank you

  5. SK

    Hello CD team,

    I have gone through you our site. There are no initiatives for mains answer writing practice.last one was in month may. Pls update daily mains answer writing program. Thank you

    1. Discuss

      We will be starting with mains daily answer writing programme very soon

  6. Rahul Verma

    Dear civils daily
    I have subscribed to may-oct combo but haven’t received any mail regarding the same

    1. Root

      Pls check your email for an instamojo mail with link OR mail us at

      1. Rahul Verma

        Please reply to my mail

        1. Rahul Verma

          Either check at your end what is the issue or initiate refund but resolve the problem as soon as possible.

      2. Rahul Verma

        I have mailed you please check

  7. anurag mor

    at what time the paper of ts will be uploaded?
    test 02

  8. Ronny jawale

    I have subscribed to May-Oct combo….Its really helpful but I have a suggestion for you. Plz give due attention to fonts and bring original newscard as it is. Sometimes​, terms are misplaced.

    1. Root

      Can you bring some instance to notice – send a mail to us. we will iron that out in subsequent volumes.

  9. Nitin Gupta

    @Discuss Please try to bring out May month Combo pack in the 1st week of June itself.

    1. Confused Billi

      Will try to.

  10. Pranav Pathak

    @CD, the new opening marks highlighting the utility of a particular newscard for prelims and mains (and which part of the syllabus) is great. Please do continue. Thanks!!

    1. Confused Billi

      Thanks Pranav.

      Hope other users also feel the same 🙂

      1. Srishty Arun

        Yes, this makes learning more focused. This feature is an absolute delight! Thank you @CD 🙂

  11. Pranav Pathak

    @root can we have the option of filtering out the Opeds from the news while browing through them. Will help as Prelims draws nearer and factual stuff needs to be revised.
    Apologies for posting this here, couldn’t find a more relevant thread.

    1. Confused Billi

      Op-eds have a separate web url but right now mobile doesn’t allow that kind of filter. That’s a task for the next big update. But don’t hold your breath!

      Meanwhile, we are trying to bring about very handy listicles on excel. Example – an excel having all schemes in 2016-17 with columns like [nodal ministry, funding agency, mandate, N4S, other ministries]. We would need some help from you guys but imagine the potential of such crowd sourced listicles – you will be able to filter & revise at will.

      Would you like to suggest more such factual compilations form news which are of a definite help?

      PS: All of this would need help of sincere aspirants on board here but we will try to streamline the structure before we ask for contributions.

      1. Pranav Pathak

        I was thinking about exclusion of Opeds even on the Site which would essentially require something to the effect of {flag 1 = “Current Affairs” && type != “oped-snap”}. I guess that depends on how the backend is designed.
        Sounds like a great idea!
        Off the top of my head I think ones related to culture, committees and type casting of species by IUCN threat level, India’s membership status in intl orgs (eg observer or full time, etc) could be useful.

        1. Confused Billi

          Point noted. Will see if we can incorporate that or one of its variant.

          On the rest of the things – we will come out with an exhibit and an announcement.

  12. Nitin Gupta

    When will the Megacombo of previous month come out?

    1. Discuss

      Already out –
      If you subscribed to our 6 mo. package, the magazines have been delivered on your dropbox folder.

      1. Nitin Gupta

        Yes, received it. I would like to point out that the font is so closely aligned that it makes it difficult to read (PIB section). Also, ‘prelims worthy info’ isn’t in bold characters. A revision magazine should have better features.
        I hope the next editions are reader-friendly.

  13. manik basu

    hello, this site is a bit confusing. there is a lot of good material for every section like gs1, gs2 etc. but one cannot easily access them at one place under a single head e.g. GS1. these have to be searched individually through linked threads.

  14. Tezomoy Das

    Hi team
    where can i put my doubts on current affairs?
    like what does break silos mean?its from a 7th april CA on cyber security.

  15. Raga

    Hi Team,
    I subscribed to website. But, I dont receive any mails. pls help me.

  16. Pratibha Pilania

    i did not receive FEB edition for MEGACOMBO subscription (6 months).. how can i get it ?

    1. Root

      Mails were sent yesterday. Check your emails in promotion folder. Search for Mega Combo

  17. Komal Babar

    As per the test schedule, the current affairs test no 6 includes the entire volume 1 .. is the portion same for the test ?

    1. Discuss

      @komal17dec, please send your detailed query to

  18. Rishab Mahajan

    Where could I search compilation of daily Prelim hacks ?

    1. Confused Billi

    Do start a series for society for GS I please it would be very helpful

    1. Confused Billi

      Here’s a TS on GS1 Full IAS Mains syllabus –

  20. Bharad Vaj

    hi CD,
    is your tikdams compilation and prelims daily compilation available. and i’m geography optional. please send me geo optional link if u have

  21. gayathri venkataramanan

    Hi, can someone help me with choosing optional subject? I am interested in history, philosophy and sociology. I am not going for coaching. Need guidance so that it will be easy for studying by myself.

    1. Confused Billi

      Hello, not an easy call but we have a few LIVE threads running over at CD where students discuss about their optionals daily –

      See if that helps!

  22. vikas kumar


    1. Root


      You did not pay for the 6 month combo. We checked our records. You had paid only for the Jan Mega Combo and you got the mail way bakc on Jan 12.

      Pls send us a snapshot of your 6 month mega combo purchase over email to in case you recently bought it.

  23. mahalingesh B U

    I have payed for 6 months civils daily

    1. Confused Billi

      You would have got an email after your payment. That email will contain the link for December download January mags are yet to come.

      1. vikas kumar


  24. mahalingesh B U

    I am not able to download.. Plz assist me in this regard

  25. aysha

    Where can i find guidance for political science optional thr any forums or follow up thread for it lik other optionals

  26. Aditya Kulkarni

    Hi..where I can get the syllabus for each Test Series for TS 15 and next tests?

    1. Discuss
      1. Aditya Kulkarni


  27. aakriti singh

    can you please make your app available on IOS devices?

  28. punter muniya

    I recently signed up for FLP 2. But all downloads seem forbidden so far. Is there something I need to do to fix it? Thank you for being around.

  29. Anoop H

    Sir is these tests available in Pdf format?

  30. Akshay B

    @root hey admin please help me. I just bought and enrolled for flagship prelims test series which starts from tomorrow and now when I go to exams panel it says no available tests.. payment is made.

    Can you please check and help?
    This is Akshay bahuguna

    1. Discuss

      Don’t worry about that. Test will appear as per schedule give in the time table.

  31. Priya

    Thank u CD… Opeds are a great help with the new tab plus the addition of ‘pib’ bits.

  32. Pranav Pathak

    @root, thanks for the Op-ed Snap button on the navigation panel!

    1. Root

      We have also created a SC Judgement Tab on the navigation panel. Should come handy for all those who are appearing for Mains

      1. Pranav Pathak

        Thank you for the addition of Back2Basics and Note4students section in the newscards. Very useful. 🙂

        1. Discuss

          Pranav – still keeping up with the news! Not taking a break?

          1. Pranav Pathak

            @discuss, Had a break for a week, got bored so back to CD! 😀

      2. Namrata Rai

        @Root – Very helpful .. Thank You.. 🙂

  33. Naveen Shekhar

    Sir ,
    It’d be good if you release monthly compilation of Daily Prelims Questions as well .Kindly look into this suggestion.

    1. Confused Billi

      If you are attempting the PRelims Daily initiative – you would have got the download link by now.

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