Key Reports and Magazine Summaries


This page is the parent page for all the key reports, series compilations and magazine summaries that CD prepares on its platform. You will find multiple part series of each categories – from Economics, Polity to History and E&B across topics of Static & Dynamic importance wrt. IAS Prelims and Mains.

We have ensured ease of understanding by adding original infographics, tables and other instructive images, wherever necessary.

1. Economics:

Indian Agriculture Annual Report simplified

Apart from extensive research around news articles, the mainstay of this series is the annual report of the Ministry of Agriculture to the GOI. The importance of govt. reports can be gauged from the fact that these are the “go-to” sources for exam makers for validating their facts, inferences and judgements.

We have ensured that the summaries are supplemented with infographics, quick reference tables to help you understand & retain the information.

Annual Budget Summary: 2016-17

This series presents the highlights of the Annual Budget 2016-17. Budget summaries, however old give you a sense of progress or intent of the government. It helps you get a quick overview of the vision of various policies and programs and is beneficial for a comprehensive understanding of current day and age policies.

Economic Survey 2015-16

This series has been written by Dr. Vipin Garg (AIR 20) and his presentation holds the key for the correct approach to understanding an Eco Survey. Eco Surveys do not get old. Eco Surveys are living documents of how the years went by and UPSC is famous for asking historical evolution of policy matters in economics.

We have ensured that the summaries are supplemented with infographics, quick reference tables to help you understand & retain the information.

2. International Relations:

India and International Organisations: Diplomacy, Trade & Economics

UPSC in the past years has emphasised on International Relations by increasing the number of questions asked. This series on International Relations will give you detailed analysis on various international organisations and other important topics.

3. Polity:

Challenges to Internal Security in India

Internal Security forms an important topic of GS Paper III Mains Paper. This series is written in a manner that it assumes no pre-requisite and takes a student from beginner to advanced level analysis, comprehensively covering Internal Security at both static and dynamic level.

Indian Polity: Tricky concepts made easy

Read this short series to understand the basics of Polity. It is recommended that you have at least one reading of these chapters from the standard textbooks – Laxmikant etc.

Landmark Judgements that Transformed India

In this series of “Landmark Judgments that transformed India”, we try to bring forth those important judgments that changed the face of Indian Polity. These were put forth by great Judges who became a renowned name in their own field, for their great intellect in interpreting the Constitution of India according to the contemporary needs.

Important judgements of Supreme Court in 2015

Here is a polity series on important Judgements of 2015. They will form a good understanding and will help you in both Prelims and Mains.


4. History:

The First Firangis: Indian History via Lords, Gov. Generals and Viceroys

Here is a Series of Firangis who came to rule over India. These history lessons are in a mix of comic + bullet point sequences. It will surely be an interesting read.

Tribal Issues in India: Pre & Post Independence

Tribal Affairs/ Tribal Issues are one of those important subjects which have a healthy mix of static + dynamic portions across IAS Prelims and Mains. Click the link for the series.

Indian Heritage: Spiritual Tourism & Cities of Importance

Spiritual Tourism is one of the USPs of India, owing to its rich cultural heritage since time immemorial. In this series on Themes in Tourism Industry, we’ll start by taking a trip through History and Culture of Cities of Spiritual / Religious Importance.

Art and Heritage Institutions of India

This four part series will take you to the journey of cultural institutions of the country. These lessons will not only be important for your Prelims and Mains but will also increase your general awareness on the rich cultural history of India.

5. Environment & Biodiversity:

Important Environmental & Biodiversity Bodies in India

This series of Environment and Biodiversity is about the important Environment organisations of India. We have ensured that the summaries are supplemented with infographics, quick reference tables to help you understand & retain the information.

The Landmark Paris Summit: India and UNFCC Explained

This series is a complete study of the Paris Climate Summit and we guarantee that after reading the series you will be well-versed with CoP and its various sub-topics. Needless to say, the topic is important for both Prelims and Mains exam.


Download Yojana Magazines  2016

Click on the topic listing for each month [Right Click & Download]

  1. January- Education
  2. February- Health
  3. March- Union Budget 2016-17
  4. April- North East  on the development horizon
  5. May : Differently Abled
  6. June : India Strides
  7. July : Water : A Precious resource
  8. August : Power for all
  9. September :  Women Empowerment
  10. October : Textiles
  11. November : Tax Reforms
  12. December: Science for Development

Download Yojana Magazines  2015

  1. January-Sanitation, Development and social change
  2. February-Federalism and Indian Polity
  3. March-Union Budget 2015
  4. April-Manufacturing Sector
  5. May- Tourism
  6. June- Alternative Medicine
  7. July- International relations a new Vistas.
  8. August- Inclusive Growth and social change
  9. September – Smart cities Transforming urban landscape
  10. October- skill development : scaling new heights
  11. November- Transport
  12. December- Climate change and sustainability

Download Yojana Magazines  2014

  1. January – Tribal and Marginalized Communities
  2. February –Public Health
  3. March –Administrative Reforms
  4. April – Indian Economy Performance ,challenges and prospects
  5. May – Energy security
  6. June – Indian Agriculture
  7. July – Democracy and electoral reforms
  8. August – Union budget
  9. September – Urban Planning
  10. October –Informal Sector
  11. November –Technology,Innovation and Knowledge economy
  12. December –FDI and International Trade

Download Yojana Magazines  2013

  1. January – Good Governance 
  2. February – Direct Benefit Transfer
  3. March – Union Budget
  4. April – Disability
  5. May – Social Media
  6. June – Environment and sustainable energy
  7. July – Public service Broadcasting
  8. August – Inclusive democracy
  9. September – Education for all 
  10. October – Growth,Employment and poverty
  11. November – Land and Natural resources 
  12. December  – Right to Food

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