[11 Jan 2018 | Low Priority News Items of the Day]

Low Priority News Items of the Day:

HC to hear PIL plea for Loya death probe

The Bombay High Court will hear on January 23 a plea filed by lawyers seeking a probe by a retired Supreme Court judge into the death of judge B.H. Loya. A Division Bench of Justices S.C. Dharmadhikari and B.H. Dangre was hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) petition filed by the Bombay Lawyers Association seeking an enquiry into the events and circumstances surrounding the death of Loya in the light of a news report.

Every PIL is not important from the UPSC perspective. Only those PILs are important which can have significant effect on the society, Indian laws or politics. We will write newscard on it, if any significant thing comes out of it. But it is an good example of Judicial Overreach(which is halted).


Not a criminal act

There are striking similarities between the offence of ‘theft’ and ‘adultery’ under the Indian Penal Code. Encyclopedia of Diderot & d’Alembert , Vol. 1 (1751) also equated adultery with theft: “adultery is, after homicide, the most punishable of all crimes, because it is the most cruel of all thefts.”

The Op-Ed talks about the Anti-Triple talaq law. We have done many newscards on the same issue. One should go through them. We will definitely write newscard on it, in case, any significant development comes out.

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