Compensate cow violence victims, punish violators: SC to states

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Mains Paper 1: Social Issues | Salient features of Indian Society

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Not much

Mains level: How does cow vigilantism affect Indian society ? What are the measures needed prevent this?



  •  Taking serious note of violence in the name of saving cows, the Supreme Court passed a slew of measures and asked states to appoint a senior police officer in every district as a nodal officer.

What SC Order says?

  1. SC said that states were under obligation to compensate victims of violence by cow vigilante groups even without any judicial order
  2. Law and order has to have primacy and anyone violating it must be dealt with sternly
  3. States must frame schemes to compensate victims of crime, including those of cow vigilantism as envisaged by the Code of Criminal Procedure.
  4. It also asked states and Union Territories to comply with its September 6 order to appoint nodal officers by October 31 to deal with cow vigilantism.

Measures suggested

  1. States has to appoint a senior police officer in every district as a nodal officer.
  2. The senior police officer shall take prompt action and will ensure vigilante groups and such people are prosecuted with promptitude
  3. Nodal officers have to ensure that cow vigilantes did not become a law unto themselves.