Open to talks on reopening Nathu La for Kailash pilgrims: China

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Mains Paper 2: IR | India and its neighborhood- relations.


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Nathu La pass, Rivers- Brahmaputra and Sutlej

Mains level: India-China relations


Reopening of Nathu La

  1. China on Tuesday indicated that it is ready to continue communication with India over reopening Nathu La in Sikkim to facilitate the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage
  2. The route was closed in June following tension over the Doklam standoff.
  3. According to the agreement reached between the two leaders and based on the fact that the western section of the India-China boundary has been recognised by the two sides, China opened the pass to the Indian pilgrims
  4. The Sikkim route to Mansarovar was opened in 2015

Hydrological data 

  1. In August, the Ministry of External Affairs had stated that India had not received hydrological data from China this year
  2. Regarding sharing hydrological data with India on the Brahmaputra and Sutlej rivers, China said that it was not possible as data stations in Tibet were being upgraded.
  3. Under a bilateral mechanism established in 2006, China is expected to share hydrological data on the two rivers during the flood season between May 15 and June 15.
  4. China will start providing data again depending on the progress of the ongoing work
  5. The hydrological data is used to anticipate the flow of water from the upper riparian states into India and Bangladesh and deal with flooding.
  6. China has been building major dams on the Brahmaputra river to generate hydel power. It operationalised Zangmu hydroelectric project in October 2015 and three more are under construction.