[op-ed snap] Teaching peace to humanity

Education- an ethical enterprise

  1. Education is more than a way of being; it is an art of becoming
  2. It is a process of nurturing the human soul, as the ancient Greeks understood it through the notion of paideia, meaning the acquisition and transmission of excellence
  3. The ancient Greeks understood paideia as the essence of culture and communication in a good society
  4. The aim of paideia, Aristotle argues in Politics, is to enable members of a community to decide the political organisation of society
  5. Therefore, we need to assess the paideic dimension of peacebuilding

World views on education

  1. Bertrand Russell defines education as “a certain outlook on life and the world”
  2. Immanuel Kant, in his Lecture Notes on Pedagogy, says the aim of education “must be the moralisation of man”
  3. Tagore invited us to consider the nature of education through a conscious relationship with nature and creativity,
  4. And as a path to bridge the gap between the educated and those who have not been educated

How can education help the society?

  1. Peacebuilding is not only about the security-sector reform of a society emerging from conflict
  2. It is the medium to long-term process of educating humanity with a special focus on the importance of promoting peace
  3. In a world truly concerned about the happiness of future generations, peace and the process of taming violence in societies are continual, concrete, and the daily results of education as a learning process
  4. The aim of education is not solely an academic pursuit; it is a pursuit of moral wisdom
  5. Peace education promoted today by institutions such as UNESCO and the UN General Assembly is far from being sufficient to prepare the future generations against war and violence
  6. Teachers teach values such as fairness, compassion, truth and freedom to Others, but they also confront these values while transmitting them in classrooms
  7. To transmit moral, political and social values from one generation to another is not an ideological process
  8. Schools and universities are not supposed to be ideological institutions where individuals learn to become loyal and obedient
  9. The effort to peacebuilding is accompanied with a freedom from prejudice, exclusion and domination


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