SC tells CBI: Don’t arrest people for political vendetta

The CBI had sought cancellation of bail, complaining that Maran was not co-operating.


“It is a case of telephone misuse. Why do you want to arrest him? Why do you want him in jail? We are not saying anybody should get away after a misuse, but why do you want his custody? Is there some other purpose to arrest him? CBI should not arrest people for political vendetta… he is a political opponent,” observed the bench. 

Stifling democratic debate

  1. The show-cause notice issued by govt. to 3 channels for alleged defamation against the integrity of the President and the judiciary, have little legal basis.
  2. Criticism of the President’s actions and of court judgments are an integral part of the freedom of expression guaranteed under Art. 19 of the Constitution.
  3. Govt. has invoked the broad provisions of Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994 which governs broadcasters.
  4. Broadcast channels do not enjoy the wide degree of freedom enjoyed by print media, as govt feels audio-visual medium have an immediate impact.
  5. Restrictions on media curbs the purpose of informing and promoting public discussions of issues in a democracy.

Delhi HC allows Red FM in radio waves auction

  1. HC quashed Union govt.’s July 15 decision denying security clearance to the radio channel.
  2. Red FM can participate in the stage-III FM radio waves auction, starting from today.

Denial of clearance to Sun TV illegal: Rohatgi

Attorney-General Mukul Rohatgi has said the refusal by the Ministry of Home Affairs to grant security licence to the media group is “not legal.”

Mr. Rohatgi, in his constitutional capacity as the government’s top law officer, has said the decision to deny clearance to 33 channels of the network — one of the largest media houses in the country — is unnecessary given that the CBI and the ED have already been investigating corruption charges against its promoters.

  1. Under Article 76 of the Constitution, it is the duty of the Attorney-General, who possesses the same qualifications as a Supreme Court judge, to give legal advice to the Centre.
  2. The advice has great persuasive value, but is not binding.
  3. The Attorney-General’s opinion may be put up for an inter-ministerial discussion.

I&B Ministry awaits legal opinion

I&B Ministry seems to be in a spot. Its asking Home Ministry for clarifications and now seeking advice from the Law Ministry.

Information and Broadcasting Ministry is awaiting opinion from the Law Ministry on what action it should take against the 33 channels of the Sun TV group after the Home Ministry denied security clearance to them.

Pending criminal cases against Sun TV chairman Kalanithi Maran and his brother and former Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran, are said to be the reasons for denial of security clearance.

I&B to ask Home: Why has Sun TV been denied the clearance?

The MHA’s denial of security clearance to the 33 channels is based on ongoing criminal investigations against its promoters over allegations of corruption, money laundering and operating an illegal telephone exchange.

I&B officials are of the view that “economic security” cannot be equated to “national security”, and that the MHA may have either “over-reacted” or failed to “examine the matter in-depth”.

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