Bring corporate corruption under anti-graft law: Parliamentary panel- II

  1. Shield for public servants: A mandatory conditions for probe agencies like CBI to take previous approval of competent authority before conducting any enquiry or investigation against a public servant–including from peon to Secretary
  2. However, such approval will not be necessary for cases involving arrest of a person on the spot on the charge of accepting or attempting to accept any undue advantage for himself or for any other person
  3. Time-bound: Trial of corruption cases within two years time

Bring corporate corruption under anti-graft law: Parliamentary panel- I

  1. Context: The report of the Select Committee of Rajya Sabha on the Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2013
  2. Private sector: In a first, the Committee has recommended criminalising private sector bribery by bringing in corporates and their executives in the ambit of proposed anti-corruption law
  3. Also recommended a maximum jail term of seven years along with fine & punishment for bribe givers too
  4. At present: No law in the country that covers corruption in the private sector or criminalises bribe giving
  5. NGOs excluded: The panel has not agreed with the Govt’s proposal to include NGOs in the jurisdiction of a proposed anti-corruption law and exempted charitable services from it

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