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  1. kanika dhiman

    Whole world should follow this practice for betterment of health.. 🙂


    Nice move by govt.The great thing is 177 Nations are in support with it.But why the rest of the countries are not in suppor with it, though it is not related to any religion?

India planning ‘yoga’ visa

  1. Context: New category of visa to promote yoga
  2. There are 18 types of visa including diplomatic, employment, tourist, medical and others
  3. This visa is launched on the occasion of International Yoga Day
  4. The UN had designated June 21 as a International Yoga Day last year
  5. Aim: To promote yoga, to make India the world destination of yoga, to attract people to India

Yoga in Tripura curriculum from 2016

  1. Tripura govt. has decided to include Yoga in school curriculum in support to the national campaign.
  2. The CM has declared that Yoga would be introduced as a subject in State-run and govt-aided schools from 2016.
  3. The inclusion would be in curriculum from class I to class VIII, which was till now practiced as an extra-curriculum activity in the State.

Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation: New initiative

  1. Launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology to strengthen research in the areas of yoga & meditation.
  2. Why? To harness knowledge obtained in academic institutions and other agencies for finding Science & Technology -led solutions.
  3. It enables government to cope with stress and strain associated with fast changing social, economic, environmental and professional circumstances.


Two major thematic areas are –

  1. Investigations on the effect of Yoga and meditation on physical and mental health.
  2. Investigations on the effect of Yoga & meditation on the body, brain and mind in terms of basic processes occurring therein.

Central schools to teach yoga

Yoga will be introduced as a subject from Class VI to X in all Central government-run schools and 80 out of 100 marks will be reserved for practicals during which students have to perform various asanas, HRD Minister Smriti Irani announced today.

[cd explains] International Day of Yoga


Yoga cannot be linked to religion: Govt

[op-ed snap] The zeal for yoga

June 21 is the International Yoga Day

  1. UN has recognised the strength of Yoga to bring communities together in an inclusive manner which generates respect and can promote peace and development.
  2. Goal of Yoga day: To disseminate information about the benefits of practising yoga and its impact on health of the world population.
  3. The UN resolution is a testimony to the cross cultural and universal appeal that Yoga enjoys amongst members of the UN.
  4. June 21 has a cultural and cosmic significance as it is the day of the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere.

BKS Iyengar – An inspiration for all yogis

  1. B.K.S. Iyengar is the founder of a unique school of yoga called Iyengar Yoga.
  2. Iyengar Yoga integrates the 8 aspects of ashtanga yoga in an innovatively dynamic yoga style.
  3. In this style of yoga, the students hold postures for a long time and focus minutely on the anatomy and alignment of the body.
  4. He set forth its principles in Light on Yoga (1966), which has since been regarded as the bible of yoga.
  5. He is credited with establishing and popularising modern yoga first in India and then across the world.

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