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Hello readers,

Before you go on to read further about the fundraising, here’s the magazine that you all have been waiting for. We really meant when we said that we are truly humbled by your amazing call to support us!

Our team has decided to release the Edition #0 for a total price = 0! Awesome, right? Get your complimentary copy here.


Click this -> CivilsDigest Edition #0 | 9 MB | 140 pages

The file is a bit heavy but it would be worth the wait. Let us know what you felt about it. Also, do feel free to pass on this complimentary link to all those who may benefit from it.


We are truly amazed by the love from our reader community for this campaign. Those of you who have/will pitch in with ₹ 500+, be assured that we have a humbling sense of gratitude for you! We have your details and you will hear from our core team with exclusive updates from time to time.

As suggested by many, we are now opening the gateway for contributions of all sizes. We try not to ask too much of our users but be at your generous best!


Here's the link to support Civilsdaily


Hello nice people,

It is said that inspiration is a great thing. It makes people endure pain, resolve better, prepare for a long haul and do incredible stuff like climb the Everest, swim across the English Channel, conquer that gruelling IAS Exam or sit through Dilwale.

Last week, we had sent the entire editorial team to do just that and our doctors say that they will not be able to write a well meaning sentence for a long time to come!

So, while they recuperate from their losses, we will try to keep this pitch short & sweet. And we would request you to be generous when you

click here to support Civilsdaily.

We want CD to go on for a really long time. We started Civilsdaily in March of 2015 on the theory that even though most online test prep sites are gung-ho about writing and testing, such practice needs to be first and foremost supported by a very structured and approachable content base. With UPSC going ballistic over contextual current affairs, we know that we are on the right path.

So, what is this crowdfunding for? 

 Here’s what we have set out to achieve in 2016 –

#1. Expand our coverage and create extremely high quality content

We want to create content that helps you no matter what your stage of preparation be. We want our topics to be exhaustive, with clarity in concepts like you’ve never seen before.

We want to continue this work. Do cools stuff with Geography, Science and Tech, Environment etc. And all of that for FREE!

#2. Expand our reach to other regional languages

We are close to launching our content in Hindi. We would require more resources to publish that and make this available to those who cannot afford a decent coaching or study material and your help is going to make that come true in a major, major way!

#3. Make our magazine awesomer still!

Request for a launch in regional languages, having more questions, etc. have already started to pour in.

#4. Support initiatives like Q&As, get effective mentorship on board, innovate on tech and make content more approachable!

We are very close to rolling out a thoroughly revamped android app with capacities to support regional languages in future.


If we have an overwhelming support, we will surely start development on iOS and Windows.

#5. The team @Civilsdaily

We need to continue to eat things and wear things and keep our laptops powered on as we type & code all these awesome features for you guys.

Bonus responsibility – Each one of us has 3 more human beings to support who come with their own unique needs! 


Of course, you’re allowed to leave this page and reject the concept of supporting the site. We still like you and will keep on writing great stuff. You can keep sharing our articles and talk about us in your study circles and we will be super content to assume that you did so!

But we do hope that you understand us better now.

Most of us are products of offline education and at some point or the other, we would have wanted to course correct a few things, add passion and zeal to a few lectures at hand and hoped that one day we do something awesome in enthusing students with the real joy of studying! Well, we are trying to do just that and we are counting on you to help us!

We did some small math, much like the folks at Wikipedia & Khan Academy and we realised that if you all come forward to pitch in even with denominations of just 500 INR, we would be able to achieve most of what we have resolved for!

But we would exhort you to be more generous! 


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