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Hello readers,

Before you go on to read further about the fundraising, here’s the magazine that you all have been waiting for. We really meant when we said that we are truly humbled by your amazing call to support us!

Our team has decided to release the Edition #0 for a total price = 0! Awesome, right? Get your complimentary copy here.


Click this -> CivilsDigest Edition #0 | 9 MB | 140 pages

The file is a bit heavy but it would be worth the wait. Let us know what you felt about it. Also, do feel free to pass on this complimentary link to all those who may benefit from it.


We are truly amazed by the love from our reader community for this campaign. Those of you who have/will pitch in with ₹ 500+, be assured that we have a humbling sense of gratitude for you! We have your details and you will hear from our core team with exclusive updates from time to time.

As suggested by many, we are now opening the gateway for contributions of all sizes. We try not to ask too much of our users but be at your generous best!


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Hello nice people,

It is said that inspiration is a great thing. It makes people endure pain, resolve better, prepare for a long haul and do incredible stuff like climb the Everest, swim across the English Channel, conquer that gruelling IAS Exam or sit through Dilwale.

Last week, we had sent the entire editorial team to do just that and our doctors say that they will not be able to write a well meaning sentence for a long time to come!

So, while they recuperate from their losses, we will try to keep this pitch short & sweet. And we would request you to be generous when you

click here to support Civilsdaily.

We want CD to go on for a really long time. We started Civilsdaily in March of 2015 on the theory that even though most online test prep sites are gung-ho about writing and testing, such practice needs to be first and foremost supported by a very structured and approachable content base. With UPSC going ballistic over contextual current affairs, we know that we are on the right path.

So, what is this crowdfunding for? 

 Here’s what we have set out to achieve in 2016 –

#1. Expand our coverage and create extremely high quality content

We want to create content that helps you no matter what your stage of preparation be. We want our topics to be exhaustive, with clarity in concepts like you’ve never seen before.

We want to continue this work. Do cools stuff with Geography, Science and Tech, Environment etc. And all of that for FREE!

#2. Expand our reach to other regional languages

We are close to launching our content in Hindi. We would require more resources to publish that and make this available to those who cannot afford a decent coaching or study material and your help is going to make that come true in a major, major way!

#3. Make our magazine awesomer still!

Request for a launch in regional languages, having more questions, etc. have already started to pour in.

#4. Support initiatives like Q&As, get effective mentorship on board, innovate on tech and make content more approachable!

We are very close to rolling out a thoroughly revamped android app with capacities to support regional languages in future.


If we have an overwhelming support, we will surely start development on iOS and Windows.

#5. The team @Civilsdaily

We need to continue to eat things and wear things and keep our laptops powered on as we type & code all these awesome features for you guys.

Bonus responsibility – Each one of us has 3 more human beings to support who come with their own unique needs! 


Of course, you’re allowed to leave this page and reject the concept of supporting the site. We still like you and will keep on writing great stuff. You can keep sharing our articles and talk about us in your study circles and we will be super content to assume that you did so!

But we do hope that you understand us better now.

Most of us are products of offline education and at some point or the other, we would have wanted to course correct a few things, add passion and zeal to a few lectures at hand and hoped that one day we do something awesome in enthusing students with the real joy of studying! Well, we are trying to do just that and we are counting on you to help us!

We did some small math, much like the folks at Wikipedia & Khan Academy and we realised that if you all come forward to pitch in even with denominations of just 500 INR, we would be able to achieve most of what we have resolved for!

But we would exhort you to be more generous! 


Click here & support Civilsdaily.

Questions, Tips?

  1. Amrit Kaur

    I want to buy the montly current affair magazine of July…from where can i buy it ..plz tell me

    1. Arushi Pathak

      Since we’ve lost all our july data due to site server crash we won’t be able to upload July’s magazines. Sorry for the disruption.

  2. Kumar Ashutosh

    Can you please develop the app for ipad also

    1. Root

      Ashutosh –
      Going to iOS is the next thing in line but we have some priorities wrt the academic year ahead. We are trying to set them straight and then march for new products/ new features.

      For now, its android only buddy.

      1. Chandrika K'tunga

        I have few questions to ask .. can i get ur mail id?

  3. Gajendra Anjana

    Pllzzz add Story section and whats new(which is added to websit but not updated in app) in App,this is going to grate for us…
    Thnq so much for making it easier…. 🙂

  4. Koti Rajulapati

    want to down load the updated civils dairy

  5. Shubham gupta


  6. Paritosh Munot

    MAY 2016 magazine dont have any kind of bookmarks can you add them and make it available for the one who have already purchased them

  7. Paritosh Munot

    The hindu Mobile links are not working
    I know its problem of The Hindu Website but you can fix it by adding WWW (Desktop websites) please look into it

  8. Vinod Zingade

    Yesterday I purchased March 2016 CD digest… And the content was from Dec 2015 to Jan 2016… Then why do you name it as March 2016? Content is good but not chronologically arranged…. And please mention some details such as contents or date about the downloadable products

  9. tushar dhingra

    hi all i have created online chat group at slack please share your email address if interested

    Thanks With Regards

  10. Paritosh Munot

    Hello CD the Hindu Pop up screen dont show the main article please fix the problem

    1. Focus Ias

      Ye sawaal pehle bhi poocha tha humne.. – answer that that the issue is with HINDU’s mobile url here.

      1. Paritosh Munot

        Thank YOu FOCUS IAS

  11. Daihrii Pou

    what is equalisation levy?

    1. madhu gaurav

      a tax to equalize the tax burden on remote and domestic suppliers of similar goods and services) as one option to tax digital transactions.

    2. Swapnil Pawar
      1. Daihrii Pou

        thank you

        1. Daihrii Pou

          equalization levy can hit hard at some of the government’s recent initiatives like digital india, start-up india, stand-up india, etc. so, this move came at a wrong time.

  12. Ritesh D. Ritelin

    I recently came across your website and your concept and thought I might be able to help you out in promoting it among the college youth.

    I am working with Porcellia, which is a Delhi based Marketing and Creative Agency which specializes in reaching out to College Millenials or the College Youth. We have worked with startups like OYO to Media houses like The Times group, to MNC’s like Reliance Jio. Would love for us to get associated.

    PS. Sorry I couldn’t find your email ID anywhere.

    Ritesh D. Ritelin

  13. Amitesh Vatsyaayan

    I have experience as content developer and faculty in iss coachings like eten,careerlauncher.I prepared test series .if u want my help u kan tell.presently I m not engaged anywhere

    1. Root

      Mail us at hello@civilsdaily.com with some of the best writeups that you have written. We will take it up from there.

    2. Amitesh Vatsyaayan

      Not iss but ias coachings

  14. Parmar Pradyumansinh

    I m a hindi medium student I read ur news card n blogs regularly but if it wll Available in hindi, it will be more easy fr me or any hindi medium student. It consumes to much time reading in eng

    1. Sharma A

      Hi Parmar!
      We are already working on it. Soon we ‘ll launch the Hindi version but before that(in a day or two) we will launch the Hindi edition of Civils Digest, you can download it for free of cost.

      1. Parmar Pradyumansinh

        And one more thing please make the pdf of those bolgs which are in series if it is possible

      2. Parmar Pradyumansinh

        Thanks anjum

  15. Vipul Garg

    When will the magazine for Feb come ?

  16. Sam Saikia

    Dont eat strawberry if you are dieting….
    You are dieting for six pack abs. You have to burn more calories than eat. But if you eat more fruits with much calories without knowledge of their calorie ingredients , it is like reading NCERT for UPSC without knowledge of calorie intake of each line.

    A simple tips and upsc demand.
    There are many things told till now about answer writing in UPSC. But here, under this thread, I will begin some simple tips which will make your answer writing easy and understandable.

    In this write up, I will give some aspects how to bring points for mains from NCERT chapter, especially in case of history and culture.

    While reading NCERT, you have to keep in mind some basic guidelines——

    A/ How to read a particular paragraph ?

    B/ How to link the paragraph to your syllabus ?

    C/A little bit analytical capacity.

    For example– chapter 16( Central Asian Impacts) from Old ncert ,R S Sharma.

    Take the line —-“They made common the use of reins and saddles,which appear in the Buddhist sculptures of the second and third centuries A.D….”

    How to read the line ?
    It is not simply an information. If you simply read the line you will lose the cup of tea and if you read carefully, you will find storm in the cup of tea. The line says about the reflection of contemporary tradition in art.

    How to link to syllabus ?
    A vast topic is given for GS1 like Indian art, architecture…..

    A little analysis
    Your mind have to perceive an analytical power to burn the calory from the fruit. For example, you have the power to put the point in an effective answer or prepare a note like — Buddhist art and reflection contemporary aura. Here, you can search two/three more points from net to include along with ncert. Thus, you can increase your dimemension of knowledge in a smart way.

    1. Sumer Shah

      Thanks Sam. Nice article and good examples. Please start a new thread on the home page at the FORUM so that everyone can find them at one place.

  17. Harsha Premdev

    Integration of Homoeopathy/Yoga with NPCDCS!!
    The Union Minster of State for AYUSH (Independent Charge) and Health & Family Welfare Shri Shripad Yesso Naik launched the pilot project ‘Integration of Homoeopathy/Yoga with National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases & Stroke (NPCDCS).
    5.8 million Indians die from diseases like heart & lung diseases, cancer & diabetes etc. i.e. one out of every four Indians runs the risk of dying from one of these diseases before they reach the age of 70.
    What is National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases & Stroke (NPCDCS)?……………………………………………………………………………………. The focus of the programme is on health promotion and prevention, strengthening of infrastructure including human resources, early diagnosis and management and integration with the primary health care system through NCD cells at different levels for optimal operational synergies. National Cancer Control Programme, an on-going programme, has been integrated under NPCDCS.
    Major risk factors for these NCDs are raised blood pressure, cholesterol, tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption, and obesity which are modifiable. Hence a majority of cancers and CVDs can be prevented and treated if diagnosed at an early stage.

    1. Root


      If you wish to write at length, use the forum (on the homepage) and start a thread with a suitable title.

  18. Harsha Premdev

    Today’s news relevant to UPSC exams compiled

    SC dismisses plea seeking LoP status for Congress, says party can appeal for itself if it wants

    The Supreme Court rejected a Public Interest Litigation seeking Leader of Opposition status for the Congress in Lok Sabha.

    Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge is currently the leader of Congress Parliamentary party.
    The BJP after coming to power had refused the LoP status to Congress stating that the party did not have requisite number of MPs in the Lok Sabha. Congress is the second largest group in the Lok Sabha with 44 seats after BJP’s 282 and has been insisting that it should be given the status of leader of opposition.

    Earlier in 2014, the Congress demand for being given the status of LoP to its House chief Mallikarjun Kharge in Lok Sabha was rejected by Speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

    The Speaker had taken the opinion of Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi who had said the Congress did not have numbers so its floor leader could not be granted the status.

    The Speaker had conveyed to the Congress she was not in a position to give the leader the status because the party fell short of the minimum 55 seats required for staking claim to the post.

    Mahajan is said to have cited precedents in 1980 and 1984 when there was no leader of opposition.

    Till date the rule that a party should have a minimum of 10 per cent seats in the House (for being accorded the status of LoP) has not changed .

    The Leader of the Opposition is the politician who leads the official opposition in either House of the Parliament of India.
    it received statutory recognition through the Salary and Allowances of Leaders of Opposition in Parliament Act, 1977 which defines the term “Leader of the Opposition” as that member of the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha who, for the time being, is the Leader of that House of the Party in Opposition to the Government having the greatest numerical strength and recognized, as such, by the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha or the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.
    However, in order to get formal recognition, the concerned party must have at least 10% of the total strength of the House (55 seats in the Lok Sabha). If any party fails to get 10% seats in opposition, the House will not have recognized leader of the opposition.
    A single party has to meet the 10% seat criteria, not an alliance.
    The Central Vigilance Commission Act, 2003,provides for the leader of the largest opposition party to be inducted as a member of the selection committee in a scenario where the lower house of parliament does not have a recognized leader of the opposition

    Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley inaugurates the Non-Tax Receipt Portal (NTRP)

    Arun Jaitley inaugurated the Non-Tax Receipt Portal (NTRP), developed by the Office of Controller General of Accounts (CGA).

    The portal provides a one-stop platform to citizens /corporates/other users for making online payment of Non-Tax Receipts to Government of India.

    The annual collection of Non Tax Receipts is over Rs. 2 lakh crores.

    Presently, non-tax revenues (NTR) flow mainly through physical instruments such as bank draft/cheque/cash,where as the direct and indirect taxes are largely collected using the e-payment mode,

    It also helps avoidable delays and remittance of these instruments into Government account as well as eliminate undesirable practices in the delayed deposit of these instruments into bank accounts.

    A depositor can make online payment to the Government using either a Credit Card, a Debit Card or through Net Banking with the Payment Gateway Aggregator (PGA).

    What is non tax revenue or receipt?

    Non-Tax Revenue is the recurring income earned by the government from sources other than taxes.

    The most important receipts under this head are interest receipts (received on loans given by the government to states, railways and others) and dividends and profits received from public sector companies.

    Various services provided by the government — police and defence, social and community services such as medical services, and economic services such as power and railways — also yield revenue for the government.

    Though the Railways are a separate department, all their receipts and expenditure are routed through the Consolidated Fund.

    What is Controller General of Accounts ?

    Controller General of Accounts is the principal Accounts Adviser to the Government of India and is responsible for establishing and maintaining a technically sound management accounting system.

    He prepares a critical analysis of expenditures, revenues, borrowings and the deficit for the Finance Minister every month.

    He also prepares annual Appropriation Accounts (Civil) and Union Finance Accounts for presentation to the Parliament.

    Sri MJ Joseph is the CGA

    Judicial hierarchy comes under strain as Madras HC judge ‘stays’ his transfer!!!
    The judicial hierarchy turned turtle on Monday when Justice C. S. Karnan of the Madras High Court ‘stayed’ the Chief Justice of India’s proposal to transfer him to the Calcutta High Court, forcing the Supreme Court to authorise a freeze on his functions as a judge.
    In an unprecedented development which threatened institutional esteem, a Bench of Justice J.S. Khehar and Justice R. Banumathi was informed by the Madras High Court that its sitting judge, Justice Karnan, has passed a “ suo motu judicial order” ‘staying’ the Chief Justice of India’s recommendation to transfer him.
    Justice Karnan’s “order”, dated February 15 and a copy of which is with The Hindu , directly addressed the Chief Justice of India (CJI).
    Addressing journalists, Justice Karnan claimed he was being targeted because he was a Dalit. “I will direct the Chennai Commissioner of Police to register cases against the two apex court judges under SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities Act),” he said. Justice Karnan said he was ashamed of being born in India and would not hesitate to move to a country where caste discrimination does not exist.

    Government unveils National Capital Goods policy
    The government unveiled a National Capital Goods Policy to give an impetus to the capital goods sector and a leg up to the Make in India initiative.
    This is for the first time that a national policy has been framed for the sector.
    The policy would drive growth for Capital Goods sector, and a part of Government’s commitment to help realise this vision of turning India into a world class hub for Capital Goods.
    Any tangible assets that an organization uses to produce goods or services such as office buildings, equipment and machinery.
    Consumer goods are the end result of this production process.
    “Capital Goods” sector comprises of plant and machinery, equipment / accessories required for manufacture / production, either directly or indirectly, of goods or for rendering services, including those required for replacement, modernization, technological upgradation and expansion. It also includes packaging machinery and equipment, refrigeration equipment, power generating sets, equipment and instruments for testing, research and development, quality and pollution control.
    Capital goods sector is extremely crucial for the development of the country’s economy for the following two important reasons: –
    1.Capital Goods is considered as a strategic sector and development of domestic capabilities is essential from a national self-reliance and security perspective .
    2.Capital Goods sector has multiplier effect and has a bearing on the growth of user industries as it provides critical inputs, i.e., machinery and equipment to the remaining sectors covered under the manufacturing activity.
    The capital goods sector contributes 12% to the total manufacturing activity (which is about 15% of the GDP).
    It is a large and diverse sector in India with a market size of INR 2,50,000 Cr in 2013–14 and a domestic production of close to INR 1,92,000 Cr.
    The sector is estimated to grow to a market size of approx INR 4,65,000 Cr in 2016–17 with domestic production of approx INR 4,00,000 Cr.
    The sector is a major employer, with close to 13,00,000 people employed across various sub-sectors.
    The sector has grown at the rate of 15% per annum over the last decade.
    Heavy electrical and power plant equipment is the largest sub-sector contributing to approx 65% of total capital goods requirement.
    The sector contributes significantly to exports with over Rs 52,000 crores in 2013-14 which have grown at approx 20% per annum over the last decade.
    The sector also imports to the extent of Rs. 1,14,500 crore, which is 37% of the total demand of capital goods.
    The capital goods component in industrial production has lagged in recent years due to slow pace of domestic demand leading to growing dependence on imports and following slow growth in the world economy.
    Further, in the globalized world and as trade barriers in the form of tariffs are reduced, not all capital goods manufacturers have been able to tap the global opportunity.
    Key Issues:
    Imports continue to address ~35-40% of domestic demand for capital goods with the proportion being significantly higher in “critical components” segment for each subsector.
    Machine tools, heavy electrical and power plant equipment are sub-sectors that are particularly weak in self reliance with ~40% of demand being met by imports.
    Indian share in global exports in the capital goods sector is still low, ranging between 0.1% and 0.6%, across various sub-sectors. In contrast, share of global exports for China ranges between 7.7% and 16.3% depending on the sub sector.
    The prospects for growth of the capital goods sector in India have always been projected to be good. Basis this, industry has invested significantly in capacity while the market 3 growth has not been commensurate with the same. This has led to large blocks of underutilized capacity, waiting to capitalize on the latent demand in the market.
    Beyond 4-5 large players, the market is fragmented with the majority of operative units in the SME sector. These SMEs are challenged vis-à-vis large foreign competitors with low operating scale and issues related to access to capital.
    Historically, lower appetite for capital investment in R&D and limited know-how of process technologies, the technology profile of domestic products ranges from basic to intermediate.
    Support facilities, technology development institutions and skilled man-power continue to lag behind global standards
    Cost disabilities such as higher cost of power, finance and infrastructure leading to higher operating cost.
    “To increase the share of capital goods contribution from present 12% to 20% of total manufacturing activity by 2025”
    Become one amongst top 10 capital goods producing nations of the world 4 – Raise exports to a significant level of at least 40% of total production.
    Creating an Eco-system for globally competitive Capital Goods Sector.
    Creation and Expansion of Market for Capital Goods Sector
    Promotion of Exports
    Human Resource Development
    Technology & IPR
    Introduction of Mandatory Standards
    Focus on SME Development
    increasing production of capital goods from ~Rs. 230,000 Cr in 2014-15 to Rs. 750,000 Cr in 2025
    raising direct and indirect employment from the current 8.4 million to ~30 million.
    Policy Envisages:
    The policy envisages increasing exports from the current 27% to 40% of production while increasing share of domestic production in India’s demand from 60% to 80%, thus making India a net exporter of capital goods.
    to facilitate improvement in technology depth across sub-sectors, increase skill availability, ensure mandatory standards and promote growth and capacity building of MSMEs.
    Enhancement of competitiveness of Capital Goods Sector by increasing budgetary allocation for increasing scope to further boost global competitiveness in various sub sectors of Capital goods
    Launching a Technology Development Fund , upgrading the existing and setting up new testing & certification facilities, making standards mandatory in order to reduce sub-standard machine imports

    Special Investigation Team (SIT) Asks DRI( Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI)) to Verify if $ 505 Billion Left the Country Between 2004–2013!!
    Special Investigation Team (SIT) has, in its various reports, observed that Trade Based Money Laundering is major source through which illicit money is taken out of the country.
    SIT had recommended that there should be institutional mechanism through a dedicated set up which examines mismatch between export/import data with corresponding import/export data of other countries on a regular basis.
    The SIT has also recommended that wherever possible, especially in case of commodities, a system for cross checking of prices of imports/exports with international prices may be done.
    The Global Financial Integrity, in its report, “Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries 2004–2013” has estimated that illicit financial flows out of India for the period 2004–2013 to be the tune of $ 505 billion.
    Most of the illicit financial flows were found to have come from High Net-Worth Individuals and private companies, as well as India’s large underground economy.
    The latest report, Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2002-2011, found that developing countries lost $946.7 billion to outflows in 2011,
    The report found that the total deposits by non-residents in offshore centers and secrecy jurisdictions was nearly $10 trillion
    The Special Investigation Team (SIT) obtained detailed calculations of country–wise illicit financial flows for each of these years from Global Financial Integrity.
    Thereafter, the details have been sent to Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) on 8th February, 2016 and DRI has been asked to verify the extent to which the calculations are correct.
    Global Financial Integrity (GFI) is a non-profit, research, advisory, and advocacy organization located in Washington, D.C..
    GFI produces research on the scale, impact, and attributes of illicit financial flows—the proceeds of crime, corruption, and tax evasion—with a particular focus on developing and emerging economies.
    The organization also advises developing country governments on policy solutions to curtail those flows, and promotes transparency measures in the international financial system as a means to global development and security.
    Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI):
    It is an Indian intelligence agency.
    The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence functions under the Central Board of Excise and Customs in the Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue.
    The Directorate is run by officers from Central Excise and Customs.
    DRI has been successful in combating the menace of fake Indian currency by making effective FICN (Fake Indian Currency Note) seizures.
    It enforces prohibition of smuggling of drugs, gold, diamonds, electronics, foreign currency, counterfeit Indian currency, etc.

  19. Anmol Phutela

    hey admin,
    gr8 work seriously.
    but i think you can improve on the monthly magazine by having a proper index rather than putting news as it is as on the app,so that one can revise thoroughly after the end of each month.but

  20. bijay thakur

    is in sencond aatemt can i field prelims forms as 3rd year aapering i fail to clear my 3rd exam last year

    1. Sumer Shah


  21. Sneha Sodhi

    Awesome website. I have contributed 1000 bucks.. will keep on contributing some amount every month but keep the awesome stuff coming.

  22. Chandresh Parmar

    Hi sir
    Civildaily is good app but I requested to civildaily hindi app

  23. N GURU MOHAN REDDY oe14m045

    first version of app was better

  24. Jitu Soni

    Sir want hardcopy if magazine.. Can u tell from where I can buy? I want to subscribe

    1. Rini Sen

      Unique publisher ki website pe I think.

      1. Jitu Soni

        Will u please send link? I couldn’t find it

  25. ninad kharkar

    difficult to read offline android version, first version of this app was better.

  26. greengian green

    How to delete comments in this website. I am trying to delete a comment posted by me but not possible. Plz help in this issue

    1. Root

      It should ideally be possible. I think you can edit comments right. Just edit it to write something gibberish!

      1. Jitu Soni

        Sir share link from where I can buy hardcopy of magazine

  27. venu gangadhara

    how can i download the current affairs from CD. please help me……….

  28. Pritam Karmakar

    I have some questions about Current Affairs. I read the current affairs mainly from CD, IAS and many websites. I do not make any notes and do not read those in details as it is time consuming. It may help in preliminary stage. But my question is Will it help for mains? If one suggest to make notes in khata then there are lots of topics regarding current affairs. How can I choose what to note or what not to note?

  29. abhishek parmar

    i m preparing for ssc cgl and banking exams.the cd app is good for me?

    1. Amal Roy

      Abhishek… CD summarises new and connect the dots…. pad ke dekh lo… current affairs aata hai kya SSC CGL mein?

  30. shivam singhal

    I think newscards can be combined under subtopics of syllabus or imp issues that will be way more convenient in magzine and by the way explainers were really good……thanks

    1. Root


      answered your suggestions in parts in the answer below.

  31. Sheikh Imran

    Dear CD,
    I have gone through your Edition#0.

    The articles entitled “Explainers” are indeed remarkable, wholesome and sufficient for the examination.

    However, the topic-wise section entitled “Newscards”, despite being full of high merit, is a hail-storm of news-pieces which have fallen from the sky, neither with a begining nor with an end! They create more fear and frustration as the reader has to do the tough labour to track its origin and also keep a follow-up.

    Newsbytes/Newscards/CD Stories are best learned online, with each story incubating like an embryo with time.

    My humble request to the Team CD is to develop your print-magazine in a holistic form (a one-stop solution), which would provide wholesome articles like “Explainers” rather than cluster bombing with Newscards!

    If you feel that my critique has crossed the line, please forgive me (without bashing)!

    Sincerely yours’

    1. Root


      Thanks for the detailed comment. We understand your point of view and it does make sense at some levels.

      The App & the web has grown and evolved over time. We have seen 3 major overhauls of the app and the latest one is going to have more and more features added onto it (including the oft demanded night mode!) and so, we will sit out and revisit the magazine’s structure as well in due time.

      Right now, our idea of aligning newscards together was that while it doesn’t give you the whole context (in a way that story pages do), juxtaposing newscards & b2b cards would do best for that particular newsbyte to be understood in full.

      Yes it looks like a hailstorm! But trust us, it’s much much better than the traditional magazines which have stories running across pages with no regards to user retention.

      That said, innovation has no end and we will try to keep it up here as well.

  32. Kiran Gundlapalli

    Hi CD Team,
    Thanks for opportunity; I made my contribution (500). Can you please let us know where we need to register for magazines? Address, contact details etc.

    1. Root

      Hey Kiran, thanks for pitching in.

      We will let you know about the offline magazine details as soon as we get more clarity on it. We will put up a fresh blog, don’t worry with all details.

  33. Debasattam Baishya

    Happy New year to the CD team. I have contributed Rs.500 as mentioned here.I would like to know whether I can get the magazine through courier as it is more convenient to read than e book…

    1. Root


      Thanks for pitching in. We are almost in the last stages of finalising the offline magazine’s distribution – tied up with the publisher and they have printed this month’s magazine under their banner. It will be available via courier/ bookstores and we will update everyone as soon as we get more info on that.

  34. Priya Kathir

    I appreciated the quality of content you guys have been providing. I use this contribution as an opportunity to thank you guys for making my preparation easier and also to acknowledge the work you guys have been doing since March. Kudos to the team!

    1. Root

      Thanks Priya,

      It is heartening to see you guys coming in and pitching for us. No site should expect such generosity from its users! But now that we do, it only strengthens a resolve to make a more compelling community around aspirants!

      1. Priya Kathir

        I just wanted to acknowledge the work you guys have been doing. Trust me, the quality is super stupendous. I heartily wish the best for you guys to get benefited through this start up for all the hard work you guys put in. Killing it!

  35. vani ijaz

    This is something i always wanted CD to provide oll aspirants
    Really very happy
    I would like to contribute as soon as possible
    Thankyew once again for this xtremely fab initiative

  36. Prashant Jadhav

    grt work by CD team….hats off to ur efforts for making upsc aspirants life easy….
    bt i hv a question…will u guys also provude material for exalms like CAPF/CDS/APFO …..

    1. Root

      Hello Prashant,

      No, by and large the material is only for Civil Services exam.

  37. Ramassamy Sadhish Kumar

    sir, edition#0 covers the current affairs of nov or dec?
    Edition #1 is for which month?
    This can be also mentioned in the magazine.
    Kindly keep the good work going&its useful for aspirants far away from delhi and where there are no coaching institutes!
    #pondicherry aspirant

    1. Root


      Edition #0 is for the month of November. Edition #1 will cover december 2015 and then so on…

  38. Ankur Yarazarvi

    Done! Finally, I plan to donate the first profit of every month from Discogs to CD. Be it any amount. It will be a good amount, mind you 😉 $$$
    Good Luck.

    1. Root

      Hello Ankur,

      Thanks for coming forth 🙂 What’s discogs!

  39. Arun Prabu

    Thanks for the New year gift….
    great effort appreciable…..

  40. Veerabhadra Rao

    Sir i have been ur app for my civil preparation and it has been very useful and i want thank u for providing the newspaper information concisely. But i am not able to find information which are published in editorial cloumn and information related to international realtions. Sir i request u to kindly provide gist which may help me the required information.

    1. Root


      We do cover news across the categories. For heavier articles, you might find them in the BLOG section on the website.

  41. Saubhadra Limbani

    Sir can you please help me how to download magazine in mobile app…?

    1. Root

      I think your question was answered before. The magazine cannot be downloaded within the app. You can download it as a pdf from the website (on mobile) and read it within a pdf software.

      1. Saubhadra Limbani

        thank you sir!!

  42. Gaurav Kumar

    Well I have’en using CD for 2 months. Your Quality and Management of Content in Terms of Compact Yet Maintaining Rich Quality is Truly Commendable. Pl accept my heartiest wishes.

    Wish the entire team a very happy new year 2016 and hope you guys will continue making such informative and quality content.

    Really is useful for those who can’t afford coaching classes or don’t find coaching time because of Jobs.

    I will definitely contribute to support your selfless support to UPSC CSE aspirants

    1. Root

      Hello Gaurav,

      Thanks for the comment. Looking forward for your continued support and participation.

  43. akshay mahajan

    glad to hear these words that cd will be available on amazon..plz make it delivery free via amazon (no delivery charges should be there ) and also make it deliver via good seller so that it is available in every nook and corner of country..also make an option of subscription right in your website for annual or semi annual basis one time payment (not ordering every month)..hope u listen and reply positively.

    1. Root


      The magazine would be available via an alternate publisher & distributor and I think they are going to have a courier facility + extensive distribution hub.

      We will update the details on the web as we get to know more.

      1. akshay mahajan

        thank u cd team @root.god blesss u guys godsped and great going iin now no need to go to orn or mukherjee ngr…

  44. akshay mahajan

    sorry wrong comment posted by mistake tried to copy paste

  45. akshay mahajan

    To add to the monstrosity, we have Liberals who argue people should not be arrested for making ProISIS
    slogans. They argue that People should not be arrested for making slogans for any organization. So
    apparently, it is insane to imagine that people who shout ProISIS
    slogans might indeed go on to commit
    acts of terror in the name of Islam and we must wait till they kill a few people before we arrest them. It’s no
    wonder then that sensible people are sick and fed up of Liberals providing cover fire for the Extremists.
    A global phenomenon has emerged where Jihadists use the very privileges that Liberal ideas have granted
    them to attack the very foundations of Liberal Democracies. Anjem Choudhary in the United Kingdom who
    openly makes statements along the lines of “We want Sharia, not Democracy,” while residing in the UK
    itself gets away because his hatemongering is protected by ‘Free Speech.’ And it is astounding that the
    Brits are busy signing a petition to ban Donald Trump from entering UK when they had no compunction
    after the court let out the rabid Jihadist Anjem Choudhary out on bail.
    We must realize that protecting Free Speech requires measures which aren’t always Pro Free Speech.
    And needless to say, the protests against Kamlesh Tiwari started from a Mosque. It’s not even surprising.
    We must look at how France is conducting a massive crackdown on HateSpreading
    Mosques which
    radicalize youth and so far their suspicions haven’t been unfounded. We must ask ourselves, “Are We
    going to wait till we have another attack on the Scales of Paris and Mumbai or are we going to act now and
    take drastic steps?”
    There were thousands of Muslims who took the streets during the funeral of Yakub Memon, a terrorist
    responsible for the murder of scores of Indians. And thousands of Muslims were consumed by a
    Murderous Rage by Kamlesh Tiwari. So we see a situation where a terrorist gets tons of sympathy from
    followers of the Religion of Peace and another person gets death threats for passing a comment on their
    prophet. Like a person said on Twitter, if they are willing to kill you for cartoons, it’s worth asking yourself
    what else are they willing to kill you for.
    And what is worse, the One Lakh Muslims in Muzzafarnagar and the thousands of Muslims in other parts
    of India who took to the streets against Kamlesh Tiwari, all of them have political power and the power to
    influence the policies of the nation. All of them can and will vote for candidates which appease their vicious
    agenda and I cannot imagine them voting for a candidate who promises to put the Indian Constitution
    above Quran and the Hadiths.
    Asaduddin Owaisi and others have come out during the farcical Intolerance Debate and claimed India is
    the best and the safest country for Muslims. Well, of course it is! In India, an Islamic Cleric can get away
    with inciting people to behead Kamlesh Tiwari and nobody bats an eye. Muslims have their separate Civil
    Laws and Subsidy for Hajj and openly mourn terrorists and the ones criticizing their insensitivity are
    deemed to be Islamophobes. Of course it is the safest country for Muslims!
    The worst part is Radicalization is a two way process. It’s inevitable that some portion of the Hindus will get
    radicalized witnessing for themselves the preferential treatment given to Muslims and Liberal Muslims will
    12/27/2015 The 2015 Intolerance Debate Current
    Affairs UPSC
    2014 & 2015
    latest 2/2
    be caught in the crossfire. And then we will have Liberals and the Left parties screaming about Hindu
    Intolerance without even addressing the core issue of radicalization. The supreme authority of the Indian
    Constitution must be asserted and it must be asserted NOW to prevent the escalation of matters any more
    than they already have. Or else, the consequence WILL prove to be disastrous.

  46. Sujit Tamboli

    great wrk sir htsofffffffff just need more back to basic and blogs thnks a lot keep it up


    Wating 4 physical booklet….

    1. Root


      physical copies would be available from the next edition onwards which is round the corner. We are tying up with a major publisher & distributor and we will update everyone soon enough.

  48. Vinod Reddy

    I Love Civils Daily, Really awesome Work and I Congratulate for your new initiative to meet its success. Thank you for all what u gave.

    1. Root

      Hello Vinod, hope you have updated the app. Now you will find most of the blogs on the app itself.

  49. Yogesh Meena

    I lke ur soch and ur approach…keep doing these superb stuff….??

  50. Aparna Menon

    Thank you civilsdaily 🙂 keep up the good work. Please accept the contribution 🙂

    Anyone here with mathematics optional?

    1. myaimisupsc@gmail.com

      Yes aparna, I got maths.

    2. Root

      Hello Aparna, thanks for the lion share 🙂 You should go check out the new android update that we released this evening. We are sure that you would come to love it!

  51. Shailesh Ghanmode

    Did my bit..hope this bonhomie continues…Thank you guys for your efforts…You r assisting us in our preparation big tym….

    1. Root

      Hello Shailesh,

      Your acknowledgment is much appreciated! Best of luck 🙂

  52. Dewesh Kumar

    I did my bit, contributed some amount on 31st December.. We can never adequately pay for the knowledge we earn from the site, however, please accept our contribution as a token of gratitude..

    1. Root

      Hello Dewesh,

      Thanks for the amazingly kind words. Made our day 🙂 Hope you like the Edition #0 of the magazine we launched. The online only Edition #0 has been made complimentary for all the users because of the appreciation received by you guys.

  53. Ram Srinivas

    Dear CivilsDaily,

    Enjoying the benefits of a tree and not feeding in time, expecting to get the same amount of quality and quantity all the time makes no sense. Hence, I have contributed an amount of 516 Rs. Also, I have felt that it’s better to donate the people who work for us without expecting much rather than spending on girls and unnecessary things which won’t give anything in return! I appreciate your hard work and patience. BTW, my small request is to develop the app for iOS and Windows OS. It will give you a footprint leaving no stone unturned and hope it will be done – people are really waiting! Remember my name, When I become an IAS, I will promote you the next level and spread your efforts to reach the aspirants who cannot afford much. Thanks for everything. You became a part of my Life 😀

    1. Root

      Hello Ram,

      Quite a philosophy of life that is! We have plans to reach out to everyone (across platforms, languages) but being a small team we have to prioritise on features and updates. Right now, you should go and update the android app if you are using that. We released an amazing version out today.

      Thanks for such kind words.

  54. Abhijeet Shukla

    I have donated a small amount of Rs. 100. I will make monthly donations of the same amount or more .

    1. Root


      Think nothing of it! Your acknowledgment is all that makes our day. Hope you have downloaded the edition #0 of the magazine above.

  55. shivam singhal

    Please release offline edition also

  56. Srinu Msr

    hi its worth supporting yar… my contribution of 551- just now/-

  57. Vishwanath Reddy

    I liked your way of appeal for crowd funding. Well, you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up.
    PS: Apart from liking the appeal, donated 500/- too. 🙂

    1. Root

      Thanks for appreciating 🙂

  58. Karan Tyagi

    I contributed my bit..
    all those who really eye on doing good service to nation, society etc after cracking the exam, this is a right place to start, we ought to take care of those[CvD] who are helping us in this battle of CSE.
    Thanks so much for ur existence CivilsDailly..
    I m very grateful & hope CvD keeps on expanding.

    1. Root

      Thanks Karan,

      It’s amazing to see such level of maturity from prospective civil servants.

  59. Nitya N

    Fabulous new year gift…. just very small contribution from my side…amt deposited…

  60. Devesh Tiwari

    ryt now contributed small amount but it will be consistent every month 🙂 and happy new year CD ! keep helping us for more opinion based exposure 😛

    1. Root

      Hey Devesh,

      Thanks for your contribution. Happy new year to you too.

      We also looked through your comment on playstore – the original source is provided within the card at the bottom. Have a look and update your ratings.

  61. Ashutosh Singh

    Hi !
    At the risk of being called a party spoiler, I exhort you to disclose the owners of this website, other (if any) commercial projects you have undertaken and a declaration from the authorized signatory that the funds donated for CD would not be diverted into other purposes. Disclosures form the bed-rock of corporate governance and long term relationship with your customers and I’m afraid to say, I don’t find any here on this website.
    P.S. I support the good work your team has done so far and I’m still in awe of your magazine’s first edition.

    1. Root


      We should put up a declaration. Never really got the time to do so. Thanks for bringing it to our notice. At the same time would like to point out that regardless of the declaration, there is never a guarantee of what we are going to do with the money.

      You can only judge us by the work we’ve done so far and chose to trust us or not accordingly.

      1. Ashutosh Singh

        Thanks for taking a note. Declaration is the least of concerns I have brought forward. First, most pressing and crucial need is to know the owners and then, their other commercial projects followed by a statement that the money donated would be limited in application to this wonderful initiative you have taken (CD). I hope it is not too much to ask for, or is it?
        I do not intend to judge you, and your work speaks for itself. Further steps will embolden the trust your 70000+ followers have reposed in you.
        Warm wishes.

        1. Root

          You will get to know the owners in time. Declaration or not, we will write a dedicated post to the funda, philosophy of Civilsdaily and how we see this growing further.

          Don’t harp so much on a written declaration of funds or a utilization tracker. If documented promises were the way to go, we would have seen a lot of changes in the world already.

          We could only even think of doing a fundraiser when we were convinced that we have taken a few good steps towards creating a tangible impact. And fund raising is just a very small aspect of making this initiative financially viable.

          Right now, the most pressing and crucial need for you should be to update the brand new android version which we released this evening 🙂

    2. Devesh Tiwari

      bhai tumne to Hariyana ke gusse wale Taauji Ashok Khemka ki yaad dilaa dee 😛 … i guess they are using webservice like GoDaddy and payment gateway like Instamojo , so probability for diverting money for terrorist activity is negligible ! 😛 isliye dont worry ! 😀 😀 😛 anyways jokes apart, the content they are providing , at least 6-7 person are required for this work and its too small what we are contributing ! so…..

      1. Ashutosh Singh

        Well, if terrorist organisations could make such an awesome website and be so informative, terrorism is the last tool they would have used to spread their influence.
        Nonetheless, transparency only helps genuine endeavors in the long term. The measures I have suggested will attract those who believe in keeping education reasonably priced and within the reach of masses. If CD is truly in for a long haul, it will appreciate my concerns and address them irrespective of how small or big my contribution is.

  62. sach fed

    Hi CD, will donate 750 tomorrow. Amazing work ethic and quality from you guys.

  63. Peaceful Warrior

    Loved it guys. Super cool and Unique.

  64. Harsh Prasad

    Will your magazines be available through Flipkart and/or Amazon ?

    1. Root

      Harsh, the edition #0 is exclusively online. We are putting plans in place to get the subsequent editions offline. They shd be available via flipkart/ amazon and local booksellers.

      1. akshay mahajan

        glad to hear these words that cd will be available on amazon..plz make it delivery free via amazon (no delivery charges should be there ) and also make it deliver via good seller so that it is available in every nook and corner of country..also make an option of subscription right in your website for annual or semi annual basis one time payment (not ordering every month)..hope u listen and reply positively

      2. Harsh Prasad

        Thanks !

  65. shivam singhal

    Happy new year 🙂

  66. Bhupesh Kumar

    Donated 501 for CD Team.. You guys are amazing…will need you definitely ..want to see more Explainers from you guys…. You should complete all your Initiatives…
    one request from my side…


    1. Root

      Thanks Bhupesh, wish you best. Please come back to download the Edition #0 of the magazine. Link is on the top of the post.

  67. Susant Ias Aspirant

    Ur contribution is really great.But some aspirants like me r not in a position to donate 500 rupees…please consider our situation.Yes all aspirants can donate 500 but some are not.I must donate.

    1. Root


      Please think nothing of it! Monetary support is just one part of our growth. Do feel free to help out other members of the community with your inputs and experience as well. It goes a long way into making every discussion fruitful.

      PS: We have opened the gateway for contributions of all denominations. Check again.

  68. Madhav Puri

    Bro recognising your team’s support,quality,intent I am up for this totally and would linfact rope my friends (serious aspirants) for this cause.The benefits of this very initiative would be multiple for all sections of the aspirants.I would donate 551 by tomorrow for sure.
    Keep up the good work team.Do ask for more definitely if you feel cash starved any moment.
    Good luck.

    1. Root

      Hello Madhav,

      Thanks for the kind words! We try not to bug our readers with such calls but the feature would be on for voluntary support always.

      You would see a lot of quality articles in time to come and a lot more new initiatives from our side. Best of luck for your prep!

  69. rituraj choudhary

    501/- for your “saree, dawai & maruti”…;):)

    1. Root


  70. rajasekhar petla

    thank you for your priceless efforts friends………..deposited small amount…..happy new year and good luck

    1. Root

      Hello Rajasekhar,

      Thanks for your generous help. Do come back and get your copy of the CivilsDigest Ed#0 from the update above.


    Don’t worry about how much we love civilsdaily .just do it ,we r here behind you .u r doing 4 us because we can do ours dream come true ….
    Wish u very happy new year ,


      Done- 551/

      1. Root

        Thanks Abhinash, come back to this link and get your copy of Edition #0 from the post above.

  72. Tanmay Jajodia

    Donated 500 bucks ! Your Quality and Hardwork deserve ! Looking more to have more detailed and lucid infographic which will be easy to grasp ! Waiting for Magazine in Physical Form as soon as possible from Jan 2016 ! And keep sending exclusive updates in my email registered in Donation form !
    Ab SHANT GADADHARI BHEEM SHANT bolna nahi :p :p
    All the best for your resolutions of 2016 🙂

    1. Root

      Hey Tanmay,
      Your contribution is heavily appreciated. Best of luck for your prep ahead.

      1. Tanmay Jajodia

        Welcome 🙂 and Thank you for your wishes 🙂

  73. Kapil Kumar

    deposited as per financial position will try more next month. thank you team cd your service is priceless. thank you very much. wish you and your families a very happy new year…..

    1. Root

      Hello Kapil,

      Think nothing of it. Any contribution (big or small) is a testament to the fact that our sustained hard work has been appreciated. We look forward to see aspirants like you convert to services and then do greater and more awesome things.

      Would love to see you around.

  74. Naman Prakash

    done… 🙂 And All the very best 🙂
    Happy New year to the team.. and everybody else.. 😉
    thank you.. 🙂

    1. Root

      Thanks Naman, the cash register just rang a sweet hello 🙂

      Best of wishes for the new year ahead.

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    Dear Civils Daily team,

    You surely deserve this support from us as quality of content which you have provided till today is unmatched. Deposited 500 with many good wishes and thanks.

    1. Root

      Thanks a bunch!

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    I suggested two times to give option for donation on CD Website. I’m happy to see that you have implemented it. I’ve donated 500 INR today. But please remove the boundation of paying minimum 500 INR. Let people pay as per their wish. “Boond Boond se Ghada bharta hai.”

    Happy New year to your team and thanks for your efforts.

    1. Root

      Hey Siddhartha,

      Thanks for coming forth! You guys have been awesome throughout and we understand what you have suggested. Let’s wrap up the launch of Edition #0 & we will relook into the fund raising campaign.

  77. charan chand

    I have credited Rs 500/- , though my gratitude is far more for what u guys are doing, hope to credit the same amount every month,
    n a small piece of advice from me guys, i think there will be guys who may feel a credit of Rs 200/- or 300/- every month is a far better option than paying 500/- once n for all n being done with it, I’m just saying….

    1. Root

      Charan, thanks for the amazingly kind gesture. We will take note of your suggestion and try to come up with something where everyone can pitch in.

  78. Prateek Bharadwaj

    Rs.500/- credited for you. Thanks for helping us. 🙂
    Happy New Year team.

    1. Root

      Thanks Prateek and all others who are coming forward to stand by us!

      Wish you the very very best for the year ahead. We are working towards making the edition #0 a reality for you all today.

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