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    Geo-politics, geo-economics and geo-social changes directly or indirectly affect the internal affairs of the country. Same with the India. Anti-colonial struggle in India can be attributed to some political, social and economic developments in the world.
    Political development:-
    • After 1917, Russian revolution which led the formation of socialist party in Russia was a major setback to western countries. This Russian revolution boosted Indian socialist and communist supporters like CR Das, Bhagat Singh, S C Bose etc. They see this revolution as a victory of east over west.
    • Japan defeating European powers and making its presence as global power boosted Indian revolutionaries.
    • In UK, change in the political regime from conservative to labour party also motivated against anti-colonial struggle. Because Indians living abroad raising voice for India in the foreign land which was creating pressure on England government.
    Economic Development:-
    • After WW-I, there was beginning of global depression. Intelligentsia class exposed the weakness of global economy. They propagated about the malicious activities of Britain which rose the sentiments of common people.
    • Germany giving stiff resistance to west in terms of trade and commerce as well as weapons also motivated Indians and gave them hope that on becoming self-reliance we can also eliminate foreign rule.
    • This time European power was suffering from economic crisis. This can be substantiated from assistance given by USA through Marshall Plan. This crisis increase the bargaining power of Indians and for getting support of Indians, Britain sometimes forced to adopt liberal measures.
    Social development:-
    • Change in the social status of people through education by inculcating spirit of enquiry motivated Indians to enquire about British administration.
    • France constitution has given idea of “liberty, equality and Fraternity” which motivated many freedom fighters and thus now there was demand for fundamental rights.
    • With coming of leaders like Gandhiji, Nehruji etc. mass mobilization was possible. These leaders saw that American revolution, France revolution all was successful only due to mass participation. Thus they adopted these practices here also.
    It can be said that, changes take place world-wide work act as a catalyst and fuelled the Indian freedom movement.

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    Answer of GS-1 (As the link is taking to GS-2 question)

    Various revolutions and rebellions in different parts of the globe motivated Indians to strive for the cause of freeing India from the yoke of British oppression.
    1. Political Motivation:
    – Unification of German and Italian: inspired the minds of the Indians to unite as a nation.
    – World War-I: was another important event that triggered a chain in the Indian polity. The treatment of Turkey by the victor nations, motivated the Khilafat movement and subsequently the Non-Cooperation movement.
    – World War II: was an important event in the history of the world as well as India. English dragged India into the WW-II, causing a continuous exchange of ideas between the freedom fighters and the world. The adventures of the Azad Hind Fauj, became a source of inspiration for generations.
    – The rise of USA: as a major power in the international politics, and displacement of the Britain as the ‘Workshop of the World’ had many repercussions for India leading to anti-colonial propaganda in India.
    – The era of Decolonization: also inspired the Indian masses to further the drive against colonialism. The period of 1940s witnessed a growing crusade against colonialism.
    2. Economic Motivation:
    – Great Economic Recession was a major blow to the international system. Not only it lead to dismantling of the international economic order, but it also exposed the vulnerable nature of the colonial powers.
    – Role of Indian Expatriates: lies in transmitting the message of freedom and rights. Persons like Dadabhai Naoroji championed the cause of India with his “Drain of Wealth” theory, and inspired the generations of early leadership in India.
    – Rise of Japan, US and Other Powers: gave an opportunity to Indians to increase international engagements with the rest of the world, and shrink the dependence on the English.
    3. Social Motivation:
    – French Revolution: Ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity became the main principles on the basis of which the freedom struggle was fought.
    – Western Education: played an instrumental role in arousing the nationalist sentiments of the masses.
    – Communist Movement: was an important source of revolutionary ideas. Communism carried a message of freedom and anti-colonialism.
    – Home Rule Movement: of Ireland also inspired the anti-colonial freedom struggle in India.
    These, all factors had helped India in fight with Colonialism of British Rule.

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      Noted few points from your answer.. Thank you..

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      Keep writing and reviewing!

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      exhaustive and well-covered
      well done 🙂

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      this unification of germany and italy point was good one. and best was turkey point which led khilafat….
      overall good answer….nice..

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    sir while clicking on GS-1 question page for GS-2 question is opening. please rectify the matter.


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