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    Q.1) Consider the following statements regarding the ‘‘Nirbhaya Fund’:

    1. It was created in 2016.

    2. It also gives support to NGOs.

    Which of the following statement given above is/are correct?

    a) Both are correct

    b) 1 only

    c) 2 only

    d) None is correct



    Q.2) Which of the following statement regarding the Chabahar Port is/are correct?

    1.The Chabahar Port is located in the Gulf of Oman.

    2. It serves as Iran’s only oceanic port.

    Select the correct option using the codes given below.

    a) 1 only

    b) None is correct

    c) 2 only

    d) Both are correct



    Q.3) Recently, the Centre has asked the SC to reopen the debate whether personal laws can be brought under the ambit of Article 13. Article says about

    a) Protection of interest of minorities

    b) Freedom to manage religious affairs

    c) Laws inconsistent with or in derogation of the fundamental rights

    d) Freedom from attending religious instruction


    Q.4) India’s goods trade deficit in April, the first month of FY’18, has widened to $13.2 billion. Considert the following statements regarding the concpet of Trade Deficit:

    1. Initially, Trade deficit is not always a bad for Economies.

    2. Initially, it reduces the threat of inflation.

    3. Over time, a trade deficit creates jobs outsourcing.

    Which of the following statements given above is/are correct?

    a) 1, 2 and 3

    b) 2 and 3 only

    c) 1 and 3 only

    d) 1 and 2 only



    Q.5) Recently, the ‘ransomware’ cyberattack has hit as many as 200,000 victims in over 150 countries. Where did the first documented Ransomware originate?

    a) Germany

    b) England

    c) USA

    d) Brazil


    Q.6) Which of the following is the chief characteristic of ‘mixed farming’?

    a) Cultivation of both cash crops and food crops

    b) Cultivation of two or more crops in the same field

    c) Rearing of animals and cultivation of crops together

    d) None of the above


    Q.7) A particular State in India has the following characteristics:

    1. It is located on the same latitude which passes through northern Rajasthan.

    2. It has over 80% of its area under forest cover.

    3. Over 12% of the forest over constitutes Protected Area Network in this State.

    Which one among the following States has all the above characteristics?

    a) Arunachal Pradesh

    b) Assam

    c) Himachal Pradesh

    d) Uttarakhand


    Q.8) Consider the following crops of India :

    1.Cow pea

    2.Green gram

    3.Pigeon pea

    Which of the above is/are used as pulse , fodder and green manure?

    a) 1 and 2 only

    b) 2 only

    c) 1 and 3 only

    d) 1,2 and 3


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  • Profile photo of Harinder Sidhu Harinder Sidhu @harinder-sidhu

    1c 2d 3c 4 5c 6c 7a 8d

  • Profile photo of jitendra singh jitendra singh @jeetusinghjitendra

    1 c
    3 c
    4 _
    5 c
    6 c
    7 a
    8 d

  • Profile photo of Poonam Yadhuvanshi Poonam Yadhuvanshi @poonamyadhuvanshi


  • Profile photo of Saravanan N S Saravanan N S @saravanan-ns

    1-B. Created in 2013. Schemes under Nirbhaya Fund – One Stop centre , Mahila Police Volunteer, Abhaya Project – for Safe transport , CHIRALI scheme etc
    2-A. Other ports like Bandar e Abbas , Busher etc
    5-C. Farming along with livestock.

  • Profile photo of Kunal Aggarwal Kunal Aggarwal @kunalaggarwal

    1 – b [Created in 2013 after the Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi. It supports work of both govt and NGOs]
    2 – a
    3 – c
    4 – a
    5 – c [It emerged in USA in 2005]
    6 – c [allied activities along with crop cultivation]
    7 –
    8 –

  • Profile photo of Vivek Singh Vivek Singh @viveksingh



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