20 Mar 2017 | GS 3 | Privacy Rights activists in India question the appropriateness of Aadhar. What is Aadhar scheme? Critically comment on its appropriateness.

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    Privacy Rights activists in India question the appropriateness of Aadhar. What is Aadhar scheme? Critically comment on its appropriateness.  


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    AADHAAR has for long been hailed as the solution to contain the leakages in the Targeted Public Distribution system in India. Aaadhar Scheme is a scheme under which the biometric details of the person is captured along with his basic details and stored in a database controlled and monitored by the government.The government, on many occasions, tried to portray Aadhaar as the proof of one’s citizenship and therefore, the truthful beneficiaries of various welfare schemes run by the government. The SC, on the other hand, has made it very clear that Aadhaar can not be considered as a proof of citizenship neither can it be made mandatory for availing the benefits of PDS.
    The activists have often doubted the appropriateness of Aadhaar calling it an infringement of the privacy of the individuals. The consent required by the individuals to the UIDAI while enrolling for Aadhaar contentious in a way that the scope of this consent has not been clearly defined under the scheme. The fact that the information about an individual would be stored in a database, which would be accessible by the government at any time, puts these activists against the use of Aadhaar.
    However, the government’s stand on the use of Aadhaar is not ill conceived. The success of DBT, Jan Dhan yojana, through the use of Aadhaar, significantly tells us about the benefits associated with the possession of Aadhaar. Given the fact, the biometric details of two persons can not be same, the duplicacy is ruled out. And therefore, it becomes easier for the government to track the beneficiaries of its schemes if the Aadhar is linked to his/her bank account. The government has been regularly sensitising the banks to encourage linking of Aadhaar with the bank accounts of the customers to avoid any wrong payment.
    The appropriateness of Aadhaar has to defined through the identification of the limits and control that it puts on the citizens of India in availing benefits. To make it mandatory for availing any benefits entitled under government schemes, would limit the reach of benefits. Unless the enrolment is 100 %, which in itself is a big task, poor might continue to miss out on these benefits. Government also needs to assure and ascertain the citizens as well the court that the information stored with it through Aadhaar is safe and would not be misused. However, the linking of Aadhaar to one’s bank account can definitely be voluntarily encouraged because it would enable govt to rightfully identify the true beneficiaries under this schemes on the basis of the transactions in the bank account as well.

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