Civilsdaily Prelims 2017 TS: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

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  • Target 120+ in IAS Prelims 2017 [Paper 1]

    As we all know, the cut-offs for IAS Prelims have been on the rise for the last 2-3 years. Irrespective of the unpredictable UPSC’s paper setting, we have seen a consistent rise in the cut off levels.

    What does it mean?

    Sincere students are not taking their IAS Prelims for granted. As a sincere student at Civilsdaily, you should not too.

    Gone are the times when IAS Prelims did not need any dedicated practice and many top rankers used to brush it aside a by-product of one’s IAS Mains preparation. With the neutralisation of Paper 2 [CSAT made just passing], the Paper 1 has aquired an unprecedented importance. Your competition is more dedicated and is bound to leave nothing in their way of the IAS Prelims. So should you.

    Q1.) What’s the right time to join a test series?

    Unlike other competitive examinations, owing to the huge influx of current affairs in IAS Prep, there is no defined syllabus. Understandibly, this tends to overwhelm a student and he/she procrastinates on joining a test series to the last 2 months in a hope of getting more familiar with the syllabus.

    We say with 100% surety that this is not the right approach.

    One should join a TS the moment he/ she is thorough with basic NCERTs of most of the syllabus.

    Test yourself while you are covering the syllabus. The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.

    If you are reading this FAQ and you still haven’t join any TS, give it a very serious and sincere thought. There is an old saying, “What gets measured, gets done.” Unless you know your gaps, know your standing (AIRs) across subjects and students – how will you improve?

    Q2.) How does Civilsdaily TS prepares you for the IAS Prelims?

    “Practicality” and “Retention tools” form the core of all the modules (Free or PAID)  at Civilsdaily.

    1. Daily Newscards have added N4S and B2B so that you know why the current affairs are relevant and what questions you may expect in prelims/ mains/ interview
    2. Full GS courses developed at CD have a comprehensive coverage of NCERTs, CCRT, NIOS and traditional reference books so that they form the final revision layer of your study routines
      • Indian Art & Culture – Click2Know
      • Indian Geography – Click2Know
    3. Prelims Daily – The free daily Q&A initiative reinforces yesterday’s news into your revision schedule + important previous years’ Prelims papers


    The Flagship, Advanced & CA only TS at Civilsdaily focus on covering all the traditional text books +UPSC specific current affairs and aim at developing the “Art of intelligent guessing = Tikdam” among the aspirants!

    There is so much to read and memorise and unless and until you study intelligently, no amount of TS splving is going to help you in the actual Prelims.

    To make things very practical and revision oriented, our explanations have elaborate theory on the questions & 20% of them are supplimented with Smart Hacks (Tikdams).

    Special #1: To read our Q&A level analysis on IAS Prelims 2016 – click here

    Special #2: To understand the Art Of Tikdams and how you apply them in solving IAS Pre questions – click2download the FREE PDF

    Q3.) Which Civilsdaily TS should I join?

    • CD offers 3 kind of annual test series with special focus on the Flagship TS.
    • All are online only
    • We have a dedicated PRELIMS portal [Click here to launch]

    #1. Flagship TS: If you want to test yourself on your understanding of basic NCERTs and wish to have a call/ email correspondance with our mentors after your revision tests – we would request you to join our Flagship Program [Join any batch – 1 or 2]

    • Flagship students get Basic tests + Advanced tests + FLTs (Full Length Tests) + Monthly CA tests
    • Total tests = 32 + 3 [Previous year’s Prelims papers]
    • Additional Material = Monthly Compilation of all the daily initaitves at CD in downloadable PDFs + Special Edition books [Eco Survey, Budget, Explainers compilation, Static GS courses etc.] + Previous Years’ study material

    Price: Rs. 5997 [incl of taxes] – Click here 4 Batch 1 | Click here for Batch 2

    #2. Advanced TS: Aimed at senior players who are confident in their basics and only wish to be tested on advanced books

    • Advanced students get Advanced tests + FLTs (Full Length Tests) + Monthly CA tests
    • Total tests = 26 + 3 [Previous year’s Prelims papers]
    • There is no online mentor guidance
    • Additional Material = Monthly Compilation of all the daily initaitves at CD in downloadable PDFs + Special Edition books [Eco Survey, Budget, Explainers compilation, Static GS courses etc.] + Previous Years’ study material

    Price: Rs. 3997 [incl of taxes] – Click here to pay

    #3. CA Only TS: Aimed at the students who have joined other test series but still wish to suppliment their confidence by attempting dedicated CA tests at Civilsdaily

    • CA Only students get 8 Monthly CA tests
    • Total tests = 8 + 3 [Previous year’s Prelims papers]
    • Additional Material =Monthly Compilation of all the daily initaitves at CD in downloadable PDFs + Previous Years’ study material

    Price: Rs. 1997 [incl of taxes] – Click here to pay

    Q3.) Can I join a Test Series midway? How do I make up for my lost tests?

    For every test series, we give you a time table to help structure your preparation. This is just an attempt to induce some discipline in your study routine.

    Time tables are provided in each module’s link above. Please click to see the detailed booklist per test and timeline.

    • All the Tests are available for attempt once they go LIVE.
    • It is not necessary to give the tests on the exact dates as provided in the time table. The tests do not lapse. 
    • You can attempt the tests only once – this has been done so that your AIRs reflect a true picture
    • After every attempt, you are sent a detailed explanation PDF which you can download and print for youre revision

    Q4.) Can I give all the tests in one go? how do I plan my study routine?

    Yes, you can give all the tests that have gone LIVE. Suit your temprament. If you are joining the FLagship or Advanced test series now, a lot of tests would be available LIVE for you. Make a personal timetable and follow it to give the tests.

    If you want help, you can take reference from our own structured time table for you – We would request you to visit the individual modules [Flagship/ Advanced] and download our Time table PDFs for reference.

    Q5.) What are some good benchmark scores?

    • For Basic tests – Target 150+
    • For Advanced tests – Target 120+
    • For CA tests [Monthly] – Target 110+
    • For FLTs – Target 120+

    Q6.) Does CD provide any practice for the Paper 2 [CSAT]?

    No we do not. Since Paper 2 is just qualifying in nature, there is not much to spend your time on. We recommend that you take up previous year’s paper 2 and attempt them. If you are comfortable in scorring above 40% – you sould be good in the exam hall as well!

    Q7.) After joining, how do I get all the monthly PDFs?

    • Please go to the portal and login with your username and password
    • Go to documents tab and download all the released PDFs till date
    • Monthly PDFs are available every month (After 10th of the month or so)

    Q8.) How does the Flagship student get online mentoring?

    Once you finish your basic tests, you get an idea about your study habits, patterns, whether or not your study is exam oriented or not etc. If you are scoring close to 150 in the basic tests, consider yourself “A GRADE”

    If you think that you lack some skills or are not able to cover the syllabus as per UPSC’s needs, we would request you to email us after your TS6 [Revision Test] and tell us about your experience.

    We will ask you to fill a google form/ questionnare to know you better and then will give you a call/ resolve your testing issues over email.

    Hope this FAQ solves most of your queries.

    We like the inspiring wisdom found in this old Chinese proverb:

    “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

    Join in and start your final lap towards IAS Prelims 2017 with CD

    PS: For the junta appearing for IAS Prelims in 2018, please wait for our announcement around April.

    If you have any questions, need for clarifications – do reach out to

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  • Profile photo of KEERTHI ALAGENDHI KEERTHI ALAGENDHI @akeerthikalai

    hello CD, PLEASE i had paid the payment for test only but no upcoming events in log in please help …..

  • Profile photo of ashan clent ashan clent @ashanclent26

    Hey CD, are you guys planning to provide separate FLT Test Series like last year which comprised of 5 tests?

    • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

      @ashanclent26, yes. There will be a 8 FLT TS launched soon.

    • Profile photo of ashan clent ashan clent @ashanclent26

      Thank You. I have been waiting for that because last year, of all the test series I had attended, yours was the closest to UPSC level. I appreciate your efforts in helping us. The sooner you lauch, the better for us.

    • Profile photo of Rankers Guide Rankers Guide @rankers-guide

      You can also check few questions on under blog section

  • Profile photo of Aniket Patil Aniket Patil @aniket-patil

    Hey CD, its almost one month since Economic Survey has bee released. Plz provide your awsome coverage of Economic Survey with the cross linkages. Eagerly WAITING !!!

  • Profile photo of Mona Mudaliar Mona Mudaliar @monamudaliar

    Hello,May i know from where can we access sunday current affairs?

    • Profile photo of Arun Muradnar Arun Muradnar @arunmuradnar65

      Actually, we are not providing CA on Sunday.but, we add CA of Sunday on Monday.
      So,read it through.

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