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Economics Optional

Profile photo of Kishan Kumar Kishan Kumar
  • Hi Admin, Do we have any economics optional daily initiative or group ?
    Kindly Guide.

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  • Profile photo of Yudi Jain Yudi Jain @yudijain

    Please reply @adityapratap @nanjum148

  • Profile photo of Yudi Jain Yudi Jain @yudijain

    @adityapratap @nanjum148 I have requested the group @econsiasprep to allow me to be a member ! But they are not responding since 2 to 3 months ! It is still showing request pending approval ! Please help me out

  • Profile photo of Rajesh Kadrekar Rajesh Kadrekar @rajeshkadrekar085

    hello my opt is eco, kindly add me if there is any group or mail me

  • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

    @kishan6oct, @shikhar-sachan and @nanjum148 – you can use this as the thread itself All optional threads are made and maintained by students themselves.

    @nanjum148 – there should be plenty of economics optional students 🙂 In fact if you are interested in finding out how many, you can download the UPSC annual report. It carries detailed data regarding composition of students according to age, attempts, optional etc etc. Only thing is they print them with a time lag.

    • Profile photo of nishat anjum nishat anjum @nanjum148

      Yes sir, I agree there are loads but i guess for some reason or the other i haven’t found any suitable forum for discussion.
      I hope this thread helps in a fruitful daily initiative.
      Thankyou for the enlightening number on candidates persuing eco, I hope more of them join this thread 🙂

  • Profile photo of Shikhar Sachan Shikhar Sachan @shikhar-sachan


  • Profile photo of nishat anjum nishat anjum @nanjum148

    There is no official thread for economics optionals.
    I think we do need one but i doubt there are anymore economics optionals candidates.

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