Ethics Mini | Q05 | Gender discrimination is very complex & subtle. It get manifested in different forms. Do you think it is more due to attitudinal problem? Suggest some measures to change such attitude.

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  • 5. Gender discrimination is very complex & subtle. It get manifested in different forms. Do you think it is more due to  attitudinal problem? Suggest some measures to change such attitude.

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    Gender discrimination is differentiate(Negatively) on the basis of one’s gender whereby a person(usually women) is deprived of the opportunity to develop one’s personality. in our society it gets manifested at various level for eg. lower status of women,male domination, wage disparity,Poor representation of women in parliament etc.

    However a lot of this can be attributed to attitudinal problem.For eg. A child learns by observing his/her social environment.He/she sees in homes,On TV,in advertisements,the functional role being performed by a women ( working in kitchen ,doing housing chores etc) ,thus forms an attitude of discrimination which he/she carries forward later on.

    Further to think of women as weaker sex is also attributed to attitudinal problem. For eg. a boy child is scolded and ask not to cry like a girl (Difference created artificially by elders). This attitude further leads to discrimination in assigning jobs and roles to women. for eg. Indian navy only recently allowed commissioning of women in certain roles which were earlier barred for them without any rationale.

    Similarly objectification of women is also attributed to attitudinal problems on the part of male dominated society.

    Thus Some measures to change such attitude can be opening up the services hitherto barred for women, perception management, intensive campaigning on the part pf civil servants,promoting women leaderships ,international co-operation etc.

    However,External factors are of limited impact. A change should come from within(from women) to weed out the problem of gender discrimination from society.

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    The poisonous roots of gender discrimination are very deep in our society.Its the biggest hurdle in our growth .Gender discrimination is manifested right from the foetus ,the decrease in sex ratio of children in age gap 0-6 is a testimony to it.Gender discrimination at home reduces the growth and development of a child . she is given less care,less love,less nutrition from the very beginning .
    In educaonal institutes there is higher dropout rates of female students .They are sexual harassed , not given proper living conditions in hostels,threats of falling grades toward female students made by male faculty if students refuse sexual avances,negative attitudes towards girls and women pursuing training and scholarship opportunities.
    There are gender stereotypes in career options even . They are segregated for health professional cadres such as nursing and teaching professions
    In workplace also they suffer from gender discrimination .They are asked different interview questions,given lesser pay,abstained from more responsible or decision making roles,no provision of proper restrooms,deduction in payment for leave due to pregnancy.
    In household affairs they are thought to be suitable for less important roles.
    A women throughout her life is an emotional partner in each of her relationship . But hardly she gets just behaviour towards herself.
    The problem is mainly attiudinal.In the male dominated patriarchal society she is always a second class. There is a huge discrepancy between the values that we cherish about women and the attitude that we show her.
    Schemes like beti bachao beti padhao are efforts in the right direction . Changes are needed in the home and school itself. Media also can play an important role by bringing in the exposure effect
    In school curriculum several chapter need to be introduced which acknowledge the contribution of women in the growth and development of the country ,their contribution in the freedom struggle of our country,their roles in building the society . Women need more education and financially stablity . they themselves have to fight for themselves . the resignation of a chief minister for political empowerment of women is a sorry sight. Continuous efforts need to be done to overcome this vice.

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    Gender discrimination or the discrimination against the women is a blot on the face of society. When the forces of nature made these two genders on an equal scale, giving different strengths and weaknesses to each among many features, the masculine gender of this society tended to overpower the feminine gender. It was oversighted that both have their own spheres of strengths and weaknesses. Incidentally it was legitimised under the umbrella of culture that one gender has to be subjugated by the other and thus this wrong has been carried over through centuries.
    This attitude has to be changed through following reforms:
    Teaching kids to respect each other.
    Providing equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of any differences.
    Historical wrongs have to be corrected by giving special treatment to women.
    Ensuring safety and security of women from evil elements of society

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      Content is lacking….. please go through earlier comments and then try to attempt again…..make a good combination of facts and analysis….at the same time deal all parts of question

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    The difference between simple and complex is the additional dimensions which we fail to acknowledge. The main reason of any discrimination is for classification for understanding and organizational purposes and not to shame or defame. It was similar to division of power and mandate of judiciary and executives.

    Division of task based on caste or gender had the same purpose but now it has crystalize in something which was not intended. It has become attitude that men should not do this work and women should not do that work.

    Measure to change the attitude:
    1) Since division of task was the main reason of discrimination, we should share every task and burden in each and every field, wherever possible.
    2) Interaction among girls and boys from the very beginning should be encouraged. In schools there is a practice of division of seating arrangement. Girls and boys don’t sit together. It should be stopped, let them interact.

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      Please see earlier comments on different answers and then revisit question…..write again..

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    Since time immemorial we have been witnessing gender discrimination around us be it economic,social,political,administrative or professional spheres.Right from the foetus to the last breath of women,she has been a victim of gender discrimination,beginning as a girl child-denial of good education,nutrition in the notion that what will she do after getting education.She attains adolescent carrying the burden of the decisions imposed on her and then marrying her at an early age.With new house and new people ready to harass her in name of dowry and being so called daughter-in-law,there too she faces mental stress ,domestic violence,etc ,used as an object,she turns into mother,again tortured after delivering a girl child.In between this whole cycle,she always gives emotional support to everyone but when it comes of her own,no one is ready to even listen her.Her freedom of thought and expression gets blocked.
    This is all because the attitudinal problem which has now become the culture of our patriarchal society,being a male dominated society it is seen that physical strength has tried to overcome and dominate her aspirations and hopes.she is actually facing a crisis of identity due to the egoistic nature of man.
    However, this is not the scene of every house but most of the house.The mindset is getting changed due to the intervention of laws and positive examples set by the girls and their families themselves like Indira Nooyi,Sudha Murthy,Amrita Preetam,Saina Nehwal,Sania Mirza,Amrita Shergil,Deepa Karmakar,Priyanka Chopra,Malala Yousufzai,etc.Various awareness programmes and values inculcated at school level,documentaries and parallel cinema will serve the purpose.It should be accepted that men and women are just like two eyes of mother nature.That’s why educating them,allowing them to take decisions,proper nutrition,care, supporting her in achieving her dreams and most importantly respecting her is all what she needs.

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      Well attempted…but I think it is bit longer
      Complexity of the issue is due to superimposition of economic, cultural, religious,political, psychological…


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    Gender discrimination and suppression of women is the most drastic problem India faces today.” India will be free only when her daughters can walk free even in the midnight “.These were the words of Gandhiji. India ,fast forwarding in its path to be a super power can never aheive its aim,if it decides to keep half of its population away from mainstream.
    *** Gender discrimination begins from birth itself.Sex selective abortions and female infanticides has resulted in a lower sex ratio .At home,boys are given better nutritious food,and girls has to satisfy themselves with left over food.Boys are given with more education, while girls drop out earlier to do household chores or to be married off.gender discrimination at work is evident when men are given more salaries,and females not hired owing to potential maternity leaves.sexual exploitation at work places are also not unheard of.Women has restricted freedom of movement and choices,and always being judged based on their dress and attitude.Dowry,honour killing are others r social menaces against women.

    *** Society often fails to realise that respecting and nurturing women are very essential for the healthy growth of society.The attitude toward women must be changed and that should start right from childhood.Young boys must be asked to treat their fellow girls with respect and equality.Proper sex education should be given in adolescence,so that men does not a distorted sense of sexuality from internet and other unreliable sources.Equality in education and employment should ensured.Respecting the choices of women in marriage and work can liberate them.Inheritance of property should not have a gender bias.Institutional framework for addressing women s issues must be strengthened,complaints redressal should be made a priority.

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      – good…..just need to make intro more precise and talk about complexity of the issue…. please see earlier comments


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    Gender discrimination make one marginalised section of the society vulnerable by applying some rules, laws , regulations, etcetera.
    Example: Triple talaq , women’s temple entry, no permanent commission in the army, biological difference,etcetra;
    Wiston Churchill said”ATTITUDE is a little thing that makes a big difference “.
    It is more in the society due to attitudinal change because our traditional society have such type of orthodoxy and this is a legacy of that tradition.

    There are some measures to change such attitude:
    1. Awareness about gender equality, penal provisions.
    2.Political developments: Recently there is an initiative taken by Ministry of women and child development to end this discrimination- #WeAreEqual
    3. Government policies: more lucrative schemes and reservations and laws like equal property rights for girls .
    4.Role of NGO’s: like Naz foundation promote gender equality
    5.Role of Movies: like Dangal which shows the strength for girls.
    6. Various TV advertisement
    7.Social media campaign

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    Gender discrimination make one marginalised section of the society vulnerable by applying some rules, laws , regulations, etcetera.
    Example: Triple talaq , women’s temple entry, no permanent commission in the army, biological difference,etcetra;
    Wiston Churchill said”ATTITUDE is a little thing that makes a big difference “.
    It is more in the society due to attitudinal change because our traditional society have such type of orthodoxy and this is a legacy of that tradition.

    There are some measures to change such attitude:
    1. Awareness about gender equality, penal provisions.
    2.Political developments: Recently there is an initiative taken by Ministry of women and child development to end this discrimination- #WeAreEqual
    3. Government policies: more lucrative schemes and reservations and laws like equal property rights for girls .
    4.Role of NGO’s: like Naz foundation promote gender equality
    5.Role of Movies: like Dangal which shows the strength fo girls.
    6. Various TV advertisement
    7.Social media campaign

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      – you mainly focused on attitude…..other parts are ignored
      – don’t use etcetera too much…. strictly not for sensitive issue like this, ghat shows your casual approach


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    Ans-5. Gender discrimination is indeed so subtle that most people would not even notice while it gets manifested in day to day life frequently. And it is so ingrained in society, that it gets complex to point it out and correct it.
    It is truly an attitudinal problem with a patriarchal society. From northeast-where it is said to be matriarchal society – there was violence over reservation for women. To USA – that present itself as the beacon of human rights – where there have been no women President.
    Measure to change such attitude.
    1. Education of women: As we see, dowry becomes less prevalent in middle class, if the girl is educated.
    2. Ensuring financial independence: Through job opportunities, safe work conditions, crèche facilities etc. And awareness about their rights.
    3. Celebrity campaign eg, by PM –seflie with daughter.
    4. Public addresses by successful women in small cities
    5. Ticket to women in politics
    Government decision to make women as the household head for providing welfare schemes, is thus a step in right direction.

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      – all parts of question are not dealt
      Please see earlier comments


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    Gender discrimination is a social evil prevalent unfortunately even in modern times due to the wrong attitude of the society which views women and transgenders unfavourably as inferior to men as this attitude keeps getting reinforced from generation to generation. To change this attitude, we need to tackle all the components of attitude formation in a person. The affective attitude can be taken care by making people exposed and aware of the reality of gender discrimination and the evils, which women and transgenders go through due to this discrimination. For instance by seeing the plight of a child bride or a rape victim first hand or reading about it, people will develop a negative attitude towards gender discrimination. Similarly, seeing and knowing about successful women/transgenders will generate positive feelings in people who will consider them to be no less than men. Behavioural component of attitude can be changed by reward and punishment theory. By giving scholarships and incentives to girl child and stricter laws for punishing violence against women and transgenders, this can be achieved. Finally, cognitive component needs to be changed by making people more educated and sensitive towards gender issues.

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      – write simple & short sentences….
      – be specific & precise and develop answer logically according to question & sub parts of question
      – tackling different components of attitude is innovative and good
      – explain manifestations of inequality & discrimination


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    Gender Discrimination manifests in various forms. Recent declaration of Nagaland ULB elections as null and void where women were granted 33 percent reservations was an outright and open gender discrimination. Apart from such open discrimination, most of gender discriminations instances are hard to spot easily and are subtle. These are rooted in very attitudes of societies as a whole to individual attitudes of both man as well as women. Men from day one, are brought up to treat and see women as sidekick. General attitude of men is based on pillars of physical weakness, intellectual inferiority and sensitivity (seen as feeble mindedness) of women lacking tools to face harsh realities and take tough decisions without safety net provided by male counterpart.
    To change such attitudes which are ingrained deeply , early interventions in childhood through schools and colleges by sensitising students about gender equality. Family especially women in rural areas need to be targeted and make them realise potential of women. Strict and speedy enforcement of laws relating to gender equality and crimes against women will send out clear signals. Various religious and other group heads should be integrated in sensitising communities.

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      – mention subtle manifestation, you just gave it’s passing reference
      – define gender, complexities and systematically enumerate solution


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    n India, discriminatory attitude towards men and women has existed for generations and affects the lives of both genders. Although the constitution of India has granted men and women equal rights, gender disparity still remains. Gender discrimination violates human rights. Women are themselves the enemy of women. Happenings like dowry, female infanticide, barring education to women are someway or the other helped by the women. The family which demands dowry also has a women in the groom’s family. Women have to empower themselves by their own. The patriarchal mindset has to be changed among the women also. A moyher gives different education to hrr son and to her daughter. Differentiating between your own children breeds the very discrimination itself. Education and awareness can only be the process through which this societal evil can be disposed off.Economic independence and self sufficiency of every women is a must for voicing their concern. They must skill themselves through their guardinas or self help grpups or through government endeavor so that they can maintain themselves financially.

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    n India, discriminatory attitude towards men and women has existed for generations and affects the lives of both genders. Although the constitution of India has granted men and women equal rights, gender disparity still remains. Gender discrimination violates human rights. Women are themselves the enemy of women. Happenings like dowry, female infanticide, barring education to women are someway or the other helped by the women. The family which demands dowry also has a women in the groom’s family. Women have to empower themselves by their own. The patriarchal mindset has to be changed among the women also. A moyher gives different education to hrr son and to her daughter. Differentiating between your own children breeds the very discrimination itself. Education and awareness can only be the process through which this societal evil can be disposed off.

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      – basic content part is fine but divide your answer according to the sub parts of question…fot example – first define gender, types & magnitude of discrimination, reasons and finally solution part in points


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    Gender discrimination implies the denial of rights, privileges or even basic facilities to a person based solely on the criterion of gender.It has severely hindered the progress of the opposite gender in public and personal life.Given its manifestations in different forms and at various levels of society, it has become an increasingly complex problem to solve.

    In my opinion gender discrimination is deeply connected with the attitude of the people.Generally established social norms(Example: a girl child being a burden on the family) and stereotypical gender roles assigned to men and women lead to a belief of supremacy of one gender over the other. Further low public life participation for women develops an attitude among males wherein the opposite sex is assumed to be weaker and fit for only specific roles in society.This is then expressed in subtle ways in day to day interactions among men and women.

    Measures for correction of attitude:

    1.Increased representation of women in local and national politics and policy formulation
    2.Balanced gender narratives in public discourse especially education
    3.Widespread public campaigns to celebrate a girl child(Example:Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Campaign)-Employing social persuasion
    4.Ensuring economic independence of women through Self Help Groups, bank accounts(Jan Dhan Yojana) etc
    5.Improved healthcare facilities for women and increased accessibility
    6.Stringent laws to ensure safety of women

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      -explain clearly different types and levels of discrimination
      – why it is complex


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    Considering one gender superior or inferior than other is gender discrimination.It is women who have been and are still being discriminated on the basis of gender in almost all the societies of the world all around the clock.Root of gender discrimination can be traced in the attitude of men towards women.Man thinks that he is physically and mentally stronger than a woman and thus he has better ability to take all the decisions and has the natural right to exploit women.
    As the problem of gender discrimination is connected with the attitude.We need to change the attitude towards women.someone has rightly said “women are not born,they are made”.This quotation points out that problem of gender discrimination is rooted in mentality of society which starts with the birth of girl child in the family.This mentality is caused by the ignorance and illiteracy.Thus education is the key to solve this problem.Apart from this women need to provide sufficient reservation in the Parliament and Legislative Assemblies so that they can contribute effectively in formulating such policies which contribute towards overall development of women.
    Though change of attitude is an herculean task but we are going in the right direction and hopefully soon gender discrimination will become history .

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      – explain magnitude & different types of discrimination
      – explain the difference between gender and sex : explain how nobody is borned as women but they become
      – better if solution were written in points


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    One of the evil of our society is prevalence of gender discrimination from time immemorial. This discrimination occurs in various ways. For ex. – female feticide, lack of female education, lack of employment opportunities to women, inadequate political representation, rising violence against them and so on.
    The very basic cause of this discrimination is the patrichial mindset and attitude rooted in the society. For ex. recent Nagaland violence against reservation for women in local bodies, and Bangalore molestation on newyear is testament to this attitudinal problem.
    Such attitude can be changed through following measures:
    1. Bringing public awareness that how gender discrimination can harm the society. For ex. declining child sex ration and its effect on marriage and family system of the society
    2. Highlighting the achievements of women in different areas so as to show equality between men and women. For ex. Mother Teresa, Kalapna Chawla, rani Lakshmibai and so on
    3. Stressing different role a woman plays in her life which need to be respected. For ex. as mother, sister, wife and so on.
    4. Endorsing Celebrities, political leaders as well as NGOs and civil societies in campaign against gender discrimination
    5. Highlighting achievement of the societies which followed gender equality. For ex. some western countries
    6. Using our ancient religious practices such as vedas, Qurans and stories of Buddhism and other spiritual leaders to show that respect and dignity of women is paramount to any particular religion
    7. Following examples like Clean India campaign where open defecation has been mocked through advertisement
    8. Strict deterrence in crime against women may help in long run in changing the behavior of the society.
    Following these measure may help in bringing attitudinal changes in the society where women can walk together with men holding their head high.

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      – solution part is good
      – support magnitude of discrimination by data


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    despite the reservation policies,schemes for women empowerment,stringent laws, gender dicrimination is still prevalent in different forms.the answer lies in our ‘attitude’ towards the other gender.
    Patriarchal mindset of our society tend to avoid giving them any get reflected in glass ceiling in promotion,pink culutre ,etc .
    To address gender discrimination we need to bring attitudinal changes in the society.following are the measures:
    1.persuauing the people through short movies,nukkad natak.
    2.awarding the people who didn’t discriminated their daughters ,to set as examples and encouraging others too.
    3.using religious leaders to give message of gender equality .
    4.changing the curriculum of primary schools and making it gender neutral.
    5.promoting the campaigns like #100women,selfie with daughters,heforshe,etc.
    According to Mckinsey global institute,gender parity reduce GDP of a nation by 3-4%.So by discriminating we are not only damaging our society, but also our economy.

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      – solution part is good
      – but intro is not according to question….you have also not dealt other parts of question


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    Gender discrimination is a universal problem. it manifests in different cultures in different forms. In western countries on pay scale, reproductive rights-prochoice vs prolife debate. In middle east-women representation in public life is dismal. In India in form of declining sex ratio, polygamy etc. These things has been occuring inspite of legislation against few of them.So this suggest it is more a attitudinal problem than anything else.
    Measure to deal with such attitudes:
    1. Strict implementation of acts. For instance prenatal pre-diagnostic medical pregnancy termination act is poorly enforced. This need to be corrected. It serves as a negative reinforcement of such attitudes.
    2. Debate and discussion in constructive way. It helps in countering negative attitudes and misguided opinions to be removed.
    3. Enhancing the visibility of success stories. For instance In India’s Mars orbiter mission some of the women scientists played a great role. By showcasing such incidents it helps in countering that women have low IQ levels etc.
    4. Education with values, sensitising children from childhood, creating proper social atmosphere to grow helps to counter myths like women are responsible fo birth of girl child etc

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      – solution part is good but I think you have overemphasized on it at the cost of other parts of question
      – explain gender and it’s broad meaning
      – explain clearly magnitude of discrimination, it will be good if you can substantiat with data


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    Gender discrimination is a very common thing in our society.Some say it is our old tradition and culture which was driven us there,then they are wrong .As in our old tradition and culture we found many a story of powerful women who stood with man many a time wether it may be a warzone( in Ramayana kaike gone with dasratha to fight),wether it may be in feild of knowledge women in past do marvel to society.But in recent time it become a way of life since the birth of child (in some case even before taking birth too) to discriminate with girls.So in my opinion it is more attitudnal problem than traditional one as said by some.To overcome this problem we need to overhaul our society’s attitude since the birth of girl child .Equal chance of education, nutrition,healthcare,job opportunity and in social status make this change.Many scheme run by govt are making this truth such as Beto Bachao Beto padao,Sukanya smridhi gonna, reservation to women in job opportunity in election are the some way to improve the condition of women so that this gender discrimination to be abolished from our society.

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      – need to be specific & precise
      – need to write according to the demand of question…..explain why it is complex and show subtle manifestation


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    In manusmiriti, manu in one shloka wrote “Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devata” means favorite abode of gods is the land where women are honored and at the same time in other shloka he wrote ” Na stree svaatantryam arhati” which means women does not deserve freedom , hence we can say that from the ancient time only prevailing concept of gender equality is complex. Gender discrimination is not limited to female foeticide, or dowry tortures and molestation but its complexity varies with every strata of society. for ex: In middle class, girls are treated as liabilities and they are brought up to be a good marriage material, in poor sections where parents do not have sufficient money for basic amenities, they prefer feeding the male child first, sending them to schools. Females members prefer eating at last etc. Hence gender discrimination is certainly a attitudinal problem because of years of patriarchy prevailing in the society. Since it is an age old problem it will take some time once people start changing their belief of considering women as low class, which can be done by cooperation of government and society itself.
    Few measures to change the attitude of people:
    Education with inculcation of sensitivity towards such issues , making women aware of their rights, providing them with just and equal opportunities for employment , policies like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao , DBTL (LPG connections on the name of female members) , Sukanya Samridhi Yojana.

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      – good….. but I think you need to work on representation part: you have written complete answer in one go

      – make short para, you can also use points


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    India is a patriarchal society and gender discrimination is deeply ingrained in the minds of people affecting both male and female alike and in small villages to big cities.Gender discrimination is crippling our society and there is a need to bring changes in the society.
    Gender discrimination is purely an attitudinal problem.Men and women are born equal.They are equally human and are capable of doing any task irrespective of their gender.Gender comes into play only in the sphere of reproduction.But we tend to apply it in all other areas of life.
    Gender discrimination has manifested in the following forms
    1. preference for son over daughter that leads to female foeticide and infanticide.
    2. Denying education to girls.
    3. Marrying them off early and seeing them as a burden and disgrace.
    4. Not giving equal pay for equal work
    5. Denying them the freedom to make decisions for themselves like imposing dress code, time code, place code on them.
    6. Denying dignified life to widows.
    7. Men are discouraged from showing emotions.they are always expected to act tough.
    8. Men are not protected from gender violence.
    Measures to cahnge such attiutude
    1. gender parity should be taught at school so that kids grow up to respect men and women equally.
    2. Education leads to empowerment.Hence compulsory education for kids is necessary.
    3. Ensuring the safety of women.
    4. spreading awareness about huamn rights that are above the notuons of gender.
    4. Not restricting the scope of gender discrimination to women but also extending it to men.
    in this way there will be gender parity and not one gender will be superior over the other.

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      – very well representation of manifestation of inequality
      – make intro more precise & specific,though it is still good
      – bring out some more innovative solutions


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    Gender discrimination is all pervasive in the world which is the true hallmark of an attitudinal deficit among women to not stand for their own cause. Male on the other hand at times makes it worse by forcing their domination on women.
    It’s manifestation is seen in forms of patriarchal societies that flourish since ages around the world and in contemporary time coining “feminism” as an aggressive movement.
    The measures require certain attitudinal changes that manifests in public behavior as
    -Banning reservation of women in legislature over time by mandatory electing women in 50% seats.
    -Women be selected as the face of any social and political change.
    -Political, Social,Non-governmental organization truly adhere to democratic principles that itself calls for due share of women in world.

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      – need to simplify, very good points are implicit but could not come out clearly
      – use simple & short sentences, you can also use point form representation


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    Gender discrimination refers to inequality in status, opportunity and treatment meted out with particular gender. It is highly complex in nature and many a times become evident only on closer inspection of the issue.

    Various form of it’s manifestation includes discrimination based on sex in respect to payment of wages, employment conditions, educational opportunities, safety, access to basic public services, opportunity in political field, glass ceiling, etc.

    Attitude refers to the way we perceive the situation around us. It is not completely innate, but depends on the society in which we live. Patriarchal society has negative impact on the attitude of the person. This attitude, which considers women to be weaker and subordinate gender, is the main cause behind gender discrimination.

    This attitude can change only if a person is made to respect the rights and freedom of every person irrespective of the sex of the person. As children grab what they see more quickly, they need to be taught lessons of equality of gender.
    Strict punishments on contravention of gender specific laws can act as deterrent for the people having such attitude problem, forcing them to change it.

    Respect for women is the bedrock of the sustainability and progress of the society and hence gender discrimination should be ended as envisaged in the constitution of India and dreamed by sculptures of free India.

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      Good intro & logical development of answer,
      a little work required in solution part


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    5. Gender discrimination has been and is a big problem for our society. It is mainly due to the attitudinal problems. Our myopic views of the spaces occupied by girls and boys are so well defined. We have been witnessing such scenarios from our birth and hence cannot visualize a situation otherwise. We all saw our mothers and aunts cooking for the family, confined to the kitchen. We cannot gauge a situation where the lady of the family might go out to earn and the man stays behind minding the house. The bare thought is revolting to our senses. We have always seen a girl getting married and going to the boy’s house to stay. We cannot think of a situation where the opposite might happen.

    Some measures that might be adopted would be:-
    i. Give equal importance to both genders. As kids, the views that are given to us stays with us. If we teach the neutrality of gender to kids, this attitude might change a bit.
    ii. Changing some stereotype sayings. We always use sentences derogatory to the female gender, mostly unconsciously though. We utter “Don’t cry like a girl.” “You fight like a woman.” Or “Be a man.” We can try to reduce utterance of such gender specific sentences.
    iii. Giving equal opportunities to grow. Education can go a long way in erasing the gender discrimination. By this, I don’t mean that education alone will solve it. Education in a conducive environment where everyone is respected.
    iv. Removing biases. Giving no special preference and the like can also be inculcated in kids and adults alike.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – try to be more specific and precise….intro is bit deviated
      – you have certain good points but you need to represent them in logical way
      – before writing answer first try to make broad structure of answer in mind only

      For content enrichment please see earlier comments


  • Profile photo of Arnav Khagta Arnav Khagta @arnavkhagta7

    Gender discrimination has been a major issue all across the globe from a very long time now. Its existence has been manifested in the fact that women were always held accountable to men.
    It does get manifested in different forms.
    In India , the practice of Sati and prohibition of widow remarriage are prime examples.
    In the West, the fact that women were not allowed to vote and had no voice in the process of child birth are enough arguments against gender discrimination.
    It has been an attitudinal problem as human society has generally been a patriarchal one where men were always considered as bread earners. This has rapidly changed over the past few decades where women have shown themselves equal in performing nearly every field which was once held as the forte of men.
    Some measures that must be inculcated to change the patriarchal mindset ar
    1) compulsory education for all children
    2)Highlighting women achievements
    3) Honoring and felicitating women achievers in all fields
    4) Providing employment opportunities for women to excel.
    5) Most important is to make parents realize the value of a girl child.To ensure that girls are not treated as a liability

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – well attempted
      – but did not explain why it is complex
      – define gender & differentiate from sex
      – gender is broad term
      – enumerate more specifically magnitude of discrimination, it will be good if you can support by data


  • Profile photo of Srishti Srivastava Srishti Srivastava @srishtisrivastava

    Gender discrimination does not only refer to female foeticide or dowry deaths. It can also be seen in more subtle and complex forms as the glass ceiling effect, opposition to reservation for women, male domination is media, lower female representation in nearly all walks of life etc.
    It is certainly an attitudinal problem due to years of patriarchy which has made these subtle forms of discrimination a “new normal” warranting no intervention or remediation.
    The solution therefore lies in breaking this cycle of reinforcement that perpetuates this notion by:
    1. Reorienting the reward and punishment mechanism towards welfare of women by applauding and rewarding instances of women welfare and decrying acts of discrimination.
    2. Behavioural nudges by films, advertisements, books, plays etc.
    3. Brand Ambassadors for drive in this message
    4. Early education needs to be gender sensitive
    5. Focus on success stories of women

    Attitudinal change requires convergence between several segments of the society and persistent efforts in this direction. Patience and will hence become imperative in these endeavours.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – overall fine but it would be better if substantiat magnitude of discrimination with sone data & comparative study with other countries: sex ratio, maternal mortality rate, representation in parliament, etc

      – in solution point 1 is getting complicated, need to wrote in simple way

      – issue is complicated because it is superimposed with various other types of discrimination…… please see my earlier comments


  • Profile photo of byaktiranjan pattanayak byaktiranjan pattanayak @byaktiranjan-pattanayak

    Gender discrimination is very well an offset of our attitude. an attitude against female, anti female. Right from the birth of a girl child to cremation ground( where a son is asked to carry out the last rituals and not a daughter), a girl is considered a liability. Parents sole motive after her birth is her marriage.
    Due to this societal attitude towards women, they face discrimination in all aspects of life , be it be health, education, employment and personal front as well. She is deprived of good food and nutrition. She faces violence and many heinous crimes are directed towards her such as rape, acid attack, dowry death, workplace sexual offence etc. She is made to do all household chores and is not recognised for the same.Female foetuses are aborted and baby girls killed after birth, leading to skewed sex ratio and those who survive face discrimination, prejudice, violence and neglect all their lives, as single or married women. The deep rooted patriarchy and widespread misogyny are responsible for such pitiable state of women.
    Measures to change the attitude-
    1)Education- education will make women aware of their rights.
    2)Role in decision making- Women should be involved in taking important decisions be at home or in workplace and should shed away the role of follower.
    3)Freedom- She should be free to decide what she wants to do, what she wants to wear, who she want to choose as life partner and what work she want to pursue.
    4)Early days- In the childhood, the children should be taught to respect everyone irrespective of gender.
    5)Parents- They play a major role and they shouldnot distinguish between a son and a daughter.
    Its high time, we do away with gender discrimination.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – well attempted…. though intro needs to to be more coherent

      – define gender as a broad term

      – to change attitude we need high level of persuasion skills


  • Profile photo of Ritika Joshi Ritika Joshi @ritijoshi92

    “The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind”-William James
    Governance has immense potential to change mindset,influence pattern and behaviour and hence can eliminate social injustice.
    Gender discrimination is the perpetuated unequal status of women in society which gets etched in mind through daily experiences. For instance,unequal status of women within family,sexist advertisement and portrayal of women in social media,treatment of women as second class citizens etc.
    1)Coercive power- stricter implementation of laws.for instance, PCPNDT Act,dowry prohibition act,prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace act etc.
    2)by reward- by awarding not only meritorious girl students but also their parents, exhibiting girls as youth role models, financial incentive for girl child in academics and sports activities etc.
    Hence, attitudes can be altered and problem as complex as gender discrimination need change in perception of general public.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – could not appreciate intro, it is not according to the demand of question

      – magnitude & sensitivity of the issue has not been dealt properly

      – solution part is ok but is it only govt which needs to do something ?
      Statement in the intro could be best utilized in conclusion.


  • Profile photo of directionless arrows directionless arrows @vtripathi284

    Attitude is the way we think and feel about something and Attitudinal problem occurs when someone is hostile and uncooperative. I think Gender discrimination is more of a stereotypical and social problem which has lead to attitudinal problem. Various stereotypes exist in society like female is seen as generous, emotional, kind, polite, sensitive, fashionable, crave for ornaments, gentle, soft and is the follower of her male counterpart.
    In modern world these stereotypes are more complex as women are assumed to be better HR manager, fashion designer, secretary, school teacher, more marketable as a model than males while males are assumed better as site engineers, fire fighter , police , cadet than female, male normally acts as heir of property, Tripal talaq issue etc all this causes subtle discrimination so to change this following measures can be taken-
    *Religious and educational base of a person needs renovation
    *Prejudices held by people needs to change by proper upbringing , child rearing and teaching importance of gender equality
    *Women empowerment programmes needs vehement execution eg give more direct subsidy , allowances to women’s account
    * Inculcating women in decision making at authoritative level in family and parliament.
    *Strengthen legislature for women eg make girl to share property of her parents equally with males incase of division of property

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – deviated from the main demand of question
      – Complexity & magnitude of the problem is not properly dealt, in fact logical & sequential development of answer is missing
      – solution part is fine

      Read question again


  • Profile photo of Kumar Harsh Kumar Harsh @kumar-harsh

    “One is not born a woman, but rather becomes a woman” by Simone De Beauvoir( a feminist philosopher,), possibly sums up the complexity and subtlety in Gender discrimination(prohibited under Art 15 of Indian Constitution). It gets manifested in multiple forms, initiating even before a girl child is born with practices like female foeticide, continues with her education and job and becomes even worse after marriage.

    It is complex because it is an interplay of many factors-archaic laws, social norms, egoism as well as fear of male gender and most importantly patriarchal attitude. It is subtle because it is so much ingrained in the minds and attitudes of people(not to forget that it was Eve who was the first sinner, not Adam), that not only males but even females fail to notice the discriminations.

    Attitude is thus the major cause, and to change the attitude the first target should be the children and the young as it’s tough to bring a change in elderly.
    Education, Persuasion, Exemplifying success stories of women(eg Sakshi Malik, olympian medalist was made the brand ambassador for Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao scheme), Emotional appeals(eg via Man ki Baat), Deterrence via punishments and fear arousal(stricter implementation of laws like PCPNDT Act).

    Gender is a spectrum and any measure must include the Transgenders too. Also, the principle of gender-equality entails equal treatment for Males too. But positive discrimination should be made for women to ensure gender-equity. Such measures are imperative, by uprooting pre-dispositional tendencies towards discrimination, with gradual change realizing a more gender-neutral and gender-equal society.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – good

      – try to work on representation part : some parts of answer could be given in points
      – need to be more specific in solution part


  • Profile photo of सु कु वि सु कु वि @subodhvishwakarma

    Sex ratio,sex literacy ratio,employee sex ratio and represent in legislation are some examples that show necessary need of upliftment of woman in society but how is a big question.
    Different forms of gender discrimination existing in our society –
    1.mental discrimination- male child got more love,affection,care,support and freedom than a female child this led moraly disturb.
    2.physical discrimination-domestic violence,rape,kidnapping and even dowry murder.
    3. Social discrimination-child marriage,primary education only,clothing prohibits, marriage dowry etc.
    4.economic discrimination-pocket money only for male child,non-economic work etc
    5.political discrimination- low representation Panchayat to Parliament, lack of protection law,low budget for woman welfare
    Patriarchal society have attitudinal as well as contemporary problems since grand father is doing it so the father now time is changing it is need of hour that we must have welcome half society to the mainstream.
    Quality education,freedom of doing everything,give a chance to see world closely, bigger responsibility to her and she will make us proud this will also change dirty attitude.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – well representation of manifestation of different forms of discrimination
      – but need to work on logical development of answer.. try to develop things sequentially


  • Profile photo of Shalique M S Shalique M S @shaliquems2

    Discrimination be it based on religion, caste, gender, wealth is detrimental to the progress of a nation. It is indeed a matter of shame that discrimination against women still exists in the society. The lessons of gender equality should begin from every home, because it is those that leave a lasting impression on an individual mind. It is surprising to see “boys schools” and “girls schools” in such a progressive society. Indirectly we instil a feeling of separation right from childhood. These at first induce doubts on gender superiority which later on turn into perception and perception leads to action.
    We need to question what factors shape behaviour of an individual. These factors can be tweaked so that a young man/woman in the making remains immune to the subject of gender or any discrimination. Right from the cartoons that kids watch to the advertisements and movies need to be censored not only for obscene contents but also for portrayal of any forms of discrimination.
    It is also interesting to note that recruitment ads specially encourage women applicants explicitly. Aren’t these epiphanies of discrimination? If men and women are to be considered equal, the quota for women/men in employment only etch the difference in the minds of people. That means we need to check the spreading messages of discrimination through such tacit statements.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – I think you have deviated from the main demand of the question… between you try to come on main theme but then again deviate

      – in intro you seems to get emotionally carried away

      – it is always desirable to read question properly and have a glance on the question after every para

  • Profile photo of Arc Arc @arkajyotibiswas

    Gender discrimination is the tilt of balance or favour towards a particular gender. The presence of this social evil can be attributed to the attitude of the person who discriminates since it is through his knowledge and discretion that this vice is propagated.

    A girl child, ever since she has seen the light of the day is subjected to inferior treatment by patiarchal families. She is deprived of proper nutrition , education and chances of self-development and higher education. even the pious institution of marriage gets marred by dowry and domestic violence coupled with pressure of sacrifting career progress for nurturing her family. That every day a case of sexual harrassment is registered validates the presence of power play by men. Even men face gender discrimination when he is expected to chase high paying jobs and social stabilty at an early age and be the bread winner for the family. Registering of false cases of rape present the other side of story. Though a lot of awareness has been spread for the transgenders, they continue to face hardships.

    The best solutions to address the problem is to nip on the bud.
    1.EDUCATING PARENTS to stop treating girl child as bad luck which will also do its bit to control population.
    2. ROLE OF TEACHERS in developing the conviction among young minds that girls are not inferior to boys and providing self defence training to girls.
    3. ADOPTION OF APPRPRIATE SOCIAL SCHEMES Beti Padhao Beti Bachao and Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana must be taken seriously and put to proper implementation.
    Therefore, attitudinal change is a must to solve problems of gender discrimination and the best way it to train the attitude of new generation.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      Good…..need to work on representation part eg short para, using points format wherever required : while narrating magnitude of discrimination you could have written in points
      – complexity of the problem has not clearly laid down


  • Profile photo of Siddharth Dhapola Siddharth Dhapola @siddharth-dhapola

    Gender discrimination is intricately mixed with our behaviors that sometimes, we cannot even notice it. A simple act of a sister working in Kitchen but not her brother, when both of them need equal time for studies, is a gender discriminating. This problem is due to our conservative understanding of gender roles and potentials. It is a attitudinal problem.
    Some ways that ca be used to change such attitude are-
    1. Awareness among the masses using role models. We have enough role models, such as Kalpana Chawla, Sakshi malik, susha Swaraj in almost every field.
    2. Creating favourable environment for women in workplaces and schools, by taking care of their special needs.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – content is lacking (eg complexity of the problem, magnitude of discrimination )

      Potential to write good answers….work on your knowledge/content base

  • Profile photo of Rajdip Das Rajdip Das @rajdipdas60

    Attitude is psychological tendency to show some degree of favour or disfavour to a particular object, like people, thing, place, issues etc. Gender discrimination indeed is an attitudinal problem. Centuries of prevailing patriarchal society throughout the world creates this negative attitude and India is no exception.
    The strong misbelief in the society that the men are superior than the women is the root of the gender discrimination and it gets manifested in different forms. For example, women are not suitable for higher authorities and critical decision making in an organization, sexual violence are due to the revealing dresses of women which tempted men, banning women to enter in certain religious places etc.
    Gender discrimination not only hinders growth of a nation but also growth of a race. We must follow the ways to change such attitudes, like:
    1. Proper education with gender neutral syllabus from the primary level. Nurturing the feeling of equality of men and women from the childhood in very effective measure to change the attitude of people.
    2. Proper implementation of government schemes to empower women like, beti bachao beti padhao, anti-dowry act, ban on pre-natal sex determination act, gender-budgeting, scholarship for one girl child etc.
    3. Encourage greater women participation among working professionals, sports, media, politics.
    4. Following great role models from ancient to modern time, like, Gargi, Moitraye from vedic age to Jyotiba phule, Sarojini Naidu, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi etc.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – starting was bit vague (no need to define attitude) but then picked up well

      – why & how it is complex…. substantiat discrimination with facts


  • Profile photo of PRINCIKA GUPTA PRINCIKA GUPTA @princika-gupta

    Gender discrimination is the prejudiced behavior towards the women that compromise their DIGNITY and basic NATURAL RIGHTS.
    Subtler element of gender discrimination got its reflection in day to day language like boys do not cry they are brave, women cannot drive,Certain professions belong to womens only(nursing and carework) and practice of dowry. Complex nature of gender discrimination got its expression when get manifested in different forms like :

    1.ECONOMIC $ EDUCATION DISPARITY : Unequal access to education further results into unequal pay and labourworkforce participation,financial exclusion ,unpaid carework, Glass cieling issue.

    2.DOMESTIC VIOLENCE $ POOR HEALTH :Unilaterlal divorce (TRIPLE TALAQ),Malnutrition, Rising MMR, forced sterilisation, declining sex ratio.

    Gender discrimination is more due to attitudinal problem and root of which lies in Patriarchal mindset.

    1.PERSUASIVE and ETHICAL ROLE should be played by Men for making people morally aware and responsible towards women equality and Farhan akhtar was appointed UN,s ambassador for womens right .

    2.ATTITUDINAL SHIFT can be ensured by tilting the mindset in POSITIVE direction like role that women can play in boosting the economy, bringing more credibility and transparency in administration and how their disempowerment can result into unequal and unsustainable growth.


    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – very good
      – need to work in solution part : be more specific


    • Profile photo of PRINCIKA GUPTA PRINCIKA GUPTA @princika-gupta

      Thanks a lot Sir for Review and feedback 🙂 …will work over solution part.

  • Profile photo of Simran Bains Simran Bains @simranbains

    India is a progressive society, adopting modern values, but the prevalence of gender discrimination in the society presents a blot on the bright picture.


    The wife in the family eats only when her husband is done having his meal. Women, “labelled” as “bad drivers”, given less salaries no matter how hard they work, are some of the areas where discrimination is subtle, yet complex. The attitude that a particular gender is weak and inferior is deeply ingrained in the behaviours.


    Measures to change the attitude,

    1) Educating young minds- So that they believe in equality of sexes and pay respect equally to everyone.

    2) Short movies and documentaries should be made depicting empowered women reaching new heights, so that women and daughters feel the courage to break shackles of gender discrimination.

    3) Celebrities from different fields should be used for persuading people to shed vices they have against opposite genders.

    4) More campaigns like “Selfie With Daughters” so that parents of daughters feel pride in having a daughter and can become inspiration for others and facilitate attitudinal change.


    Changing attitude of gender discrimination which is deeply rooted is not a easy task but with persistent and collective efforts, it can be changed and society can be made a safer and healthier place for everyone.

    • Profile photo of Abhijit Gupta Abhijit Gupta @abhijit-gupta

      Measures were good.
      Gender discrimination and attitude could have been defined in a single line. I would suggest you to open your answer with definition of keywords.
      Overall a good answer.

  • Profile photo of neelesh kumar neelesh kumar @neeleshomania

    Gender discrimination is complex in a sense that it is difficult to pin point who is getting discriminated a male, female or the third gender. It is subtle in the sense that it is very much visible and yet we are OK with it.
    There are could manifest in various forms of like:
    1. Man being more capable than woman.
    2. Male dominated society.
    3. Women always needs guidance from men.
    4. Unequal pay for same work.
    It is more due to attitude but not completely.
    This is for a fact that men and women are anatomically different. This leads to some inherent gender differences which are quite subtle.
    But complex part lies in attitude, where one tries to dominate other.for example taking care of a kid is not just women’s job but men’s too. Similarly earning bread for family is not just men’s job but women’s too.
    There could be few steps which might help in attitude change:
    1. Awareness in family values as at grassroot level it is the family where attitude starts building up.
    2. A system of equal participation in corporate sector via corporate governance as envisioned by the Company Act 2013.
    3. Gender budgeting by government can reduce disparity.
    4. Awareness initiatives like beti bachao beti padho, nukkad nataks etc.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – Well attempted…..need to put more dimensions in solution part
      – you could be more specific in manifestation of discrimination…. substantiat with data


  • Profile photo of nishat anjum nishat anjum @nanjum148

    Gender discrimination has been a chronic problem in indian society and even today, it manifests itself in complex yet subtle forms. There are many households where even today women eat after feeding the whole family. Discontinuing of jobs to take care of their children or even in matters related to family planning, (where women are notionally expected to undergo surgery), gender discrimination is glaring.
    The issue has a close link with attitudnal and mindset problems. The patriarchal notion of confining women to the household, or burdening them with the ‘family honour’ or even practices whereby men have observed the women in their family being ill-treated has permeated down in vicious form.
    People need to evolve their thinking and widen their horizon and realise that women today have not left any field unconquered.
    Widespread social message of women awareness, women rights and women empowerment must reach the masses, especially in areas where gender bias is rampant.
    Incentives for female education, literacy, employment should be enlarged to encourage the involvement of women.
    Ethical and moral significance of treating women equally as their counterparts in society should be undertaken and men should be encouraged to act responsibly in this regard.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – good …..factual/different dimensions can be written in points
      – there was very good point in recent hindi movie : it was argued that it is boys who are in danger/our boys need to be saved…. Need to change attitude of men


  • Profile photo of Arjav Jain Arjav Jain @arjav-jain

    Over the past two decades, women empowerment has been increasingly recognized as a crucial factor for any country’s holistic and sustainable development. Gender discrimination is not just a gender issue that affects women, but it is also a socio-economic issue that adversely affects development. Global Gender Gap Index ranks India low at 87.

    Looking at the discrimination through different stages of a women:-
    a) as an infant:- infanticide, health care.
    b) as an adolescent:- malnutrition, child marriage, school dropout, trafficking.
    c) as adult women:- domestic violence, rape, abortion etc.

    Thus there is a need to adopt certain measures:-
    1) Gender Budgeting is a positive step in this direction which scrutinize the budget from the gender lens and bring out the gender differential impact.
    2) Creation of ‘SheCabs’ like in Hyderabad where employment, empowerment is possible.
    3) Visible policing, Checks at public places, night patrolling, increase in women staff, separate women police station to ensure the safety.
    4) Strict implementation of laws like prevention of sexual harassment at work place.

    Reducing gender disparity can lead to improved macroeconomic performance.A country like India which aspires to be a leader cannot ignore such inequalities towards half of its population which is vital for its all round development.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – in intro , actually you are answering the question :why gender equality/women empowerment is important?

      – dimensions of inequality and discrimination is very good

      – solution part is ok …..try to include more points….
      “Educate, agitate, organize”
      “agency, autonomy, empowerment”
      “women should shed their inferiority, do not underestimate, develop self confidence”

      Please refer to class discussion

    • Profile photo of Arjav Jain Arjav Jain @arjav-jain

      Thank you sir for the feedback. I will work on it

  • Profile photo of Manish Mishra Manish Mishra @manishmishratapmi

    The very basis of gender discrimination is gender identity. The idea that along with people, acts, mannerisms, responsibilities , professions ,possibly everything in the world belongs to one of two genders is an omnipresent yet fallacious along with limiting and dangerous belief that is shared by most if not all of us. Since we all are indoctrinated into it by our society and parents from a very young age hence differentiating between right and wrong in this matter is very difficult and complicated for us.
    From pulling a chair and holding a door for someone, to ideas of who should pay the bills and who should be evacuated first from a sinking ship are all dictated by the gender of people involved.
    The human mind feels comfortable in viewing the world in dichotomies like Good/Bad, Right/Wrong and Male/female. This identity is the cause of gender discrimination as invariably male is considered good and also any identity outside of the male-female binary is considered weird and queer.
    The only solution is widespread educational intervention for gender identity(most important) and gender relations. Right from secondary schools, to nukkad nataks and public broadcasts via TV/Radio, we need to communicate that masculinity has nothing to do with boorish aggressive and criminal behavior and femininity isn’t necessarily being docile, passive or submissive.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      Clarity is missing…. probably there is lack of coherency between thoughts and writing..

      No problem ,you revisit/think again and then write

  • Profile photo of Pranav Pranav @pranavce15

    Attitude is an innate/developed disposition to something. Gender discrimination too due to the widespread and intergenerational patriarchy becomes a natural attitude. Ex, abhorrent acts of sexual violence is usually attributed to dress of women, parents of bride expected to show fawning attitude during weddings, etc.
    Measures to change:
    • Correcting the Ethical compass of young through education, evoking equal respect among sexes
    • Fighting stereotyping in pop culture as well as media
    • Proper implementation of laws coupled with social backing to give women their due (Dowry banned but prevalent)
    • Reforming religious practices (eg Temple entry, equal say in marriage & divorce)
    • Furthering role models of women like Anna George Malhotra and Kiran Bedi
    • Reforming the “this is our culture, this is how it is” attitude

    Since, attitudes are made and not existent at birth, they can be corrected and we should as a society and a polity vow towards the same. (155)

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – intro should have been more elaborative….it seems you are in very hurry

      – need to define gender & sex – cultural and biological concept

      – why it is complicated…..for example — rape of dalit women , now in this example issues are – upper caste/lower caste, affulent/poverty, patriarch mindset, male chauvinism, overflowing sexualism/lust…

      Point is, it is not mere women discrimination….hence complicated, need to tackle it at various fronts

      Complications further increases because women herself is discriminating : desire of male child

      – slogan for solution should be – educate, agitate and organise….women herself need to come forward


    • Profile photo of Pranav Pranav @pranavce15

      Thank you very much Sir..I shall try to be multi-faceted in my approach..

    • Profile photo of nishat anjum nishat anjum @nanjum148

      your answer is really nice and crisp. got to learn alot from it
      all the best 🙂

    • Profile photo of Pranav Pranav @pranavce15

      Thanks so much.. All the very best to you too 🙂

  • Profile photo of zafar imam zafar imam @brdszafar

    gender discrimination is really complex and subtle which is a hindrance in the overall development of society and is sensed very tricky as earlier hard works was not assigned to to handle to the women.
    it has manifested in different forms like favoring child selection and in competitive post allocation.
    yes it is more due to attitudinal problems and lack of sensitivity to wards other gender.
    yes and due to traditional mindset too.
    measures that can be taken as reservation to women candidate in job. and ladies first attitude of officers. moral education at the grassroots level .

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – explain why it is complex & how it is subtle

      – various dimensions of the issue are missing…..need to be more specific


  • Profile photo of Atif Hussain Atif Hussain @atifhussain1894

    Gender discrimination can take the form in very subtle things which are unnoticeable but are result of decades of patriarchal norms & the resultant inculcated attitudes along with it.
    Forms it can take apart from the noticeable ones like less participation in parliament or less labour force participation rate. When a man feels awkward sitting behind a woman on a two wheeler or when a man takes the wheel of the car & makes the woman sit very politely. These are subtle but ingrained attitudes which we do unconsciously.
    Measures to change such attitude-
    1) Education builds a base for children. First thing is to bring children to school. And if they come change the course to remove sexist references & inculcate the habit of challenge which both genders do. For e.g. currently girls sit during sports periods & boys play whereas girls draw during art period & boys sit. This stereotyping needs to be nipped in the bud in the young years itself
    2) Publicise events where males are prominent by bringing women in such fields e.g. high paying jobs, etc., to show that both have the capabilities of the same thing
    3) Govt. support through policies which is taking place e.g. beti bachao, beti padao abhiyan.
    4) With a highly religious society we can rope in educated religious leaders to spread deep knowledge of religion so that the orthodox ones who use religion as a garb for their patriarchal norms fail. No religion leads to discrimination, the followers cause it to be.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy


      – need to define gender in broad terms…..though it is predominantly refers to women discrimination

      – why it is complicated….. actually in general social discrimination especially gender is more complicated than economic or political because of superimposition with various other factors – religious, cultural, economic, male chauvinism, etc

      – solution part is good


  • Profile photo of Anshi Anshi @kataraanshi

    Gender discrimination has prevailed in societies all across the world and India is no exception to this sad practice , Unfortunately discrimination has become so profound in society that many a times people do not even realize that they practice gender discrimination .Right from choice of clothes a girl wears , to profession she chooses gender discrimination is prevalent everywhere and this is more of an attitude problem as people minds are conditioned to think and react in such a manner
    Some of step which can be taken to change attitude of society
    1) Healthy campaign and advertisements : Many add campaigns have tried to increase sterotypes recently Women development asked a brand to change its campaign and show food product is for all children and not specifically boys , this is welcome step, Similary Star Plus with Aamir Khan has come up with an advertisement which celebrates daughters this can help to change attitude of many people as television is a medium of change and one which reaches millions of Indians
    2)Providing incentives and involving important personalities : BBBP campaign has started showing its result in many gender skewed districts , involvement of successful and important personalities like Sakshi Mallik will help change sterotypes of what is suitable profession for women and what is not
    3) Providing scholarships and schemes like UDAAN : Various government organisation and also scheme like UDAAN have been launched to encourage women towards science and make a career in it
    4) “He for She ” campaign : The campaign involves male members and ask them to be supportive of their women counterpart this is another brilliant initiative which will sensitize male members and also make them part of women’s struggle
    To change attitude of society at large a lot of work is required and today many organisations along with government are working towards same , women themselves are standing up and proving prejudices wrong , a lot more needs to be done before a gender sensitive society is created but the steps have been firmly laid

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy

      – first define gender, a cultural/socio concept
      – solution part is good but to more hammering at the root of problems
      – deal properly reasons & forms of discrimination
      – why gender equality is important
      – also discuss various approaches to tackle it eg various feminist movements


  • Profile photo of Akash Agarwal Akash Agarwal @akashagarwal2009

    Discrimination has always been a part of evolving society, be that racial,gender or economical.An evolved society get hold of such discrimination in believes in values of equality and justice. In contemporary society all other discrimination have been arrested except gender . Such discrimination comes out in various form like,
    a) stereotypes: A set mentality about certain gender forms stereotypes and promotes discrimination. eg: A man do not cry, who does so is a child or impotent . another example numbers and girls do not go together which makes it tough for women to get core engineering jobs.
    b)Traditions: In the name of traditions and customs discriminations are preserved. eg: women are good at home and men are good working outside. widows are despised .
    c)religion: dogmas and superstitions attached to religion makes life of menstruating women tough. eg: sabrimala temple entry restricted to women of certain age for protection of celibacy of god.
    d)sexuality: transgenders and other LGBT group face discrimination even at home due to their sexuality.

    Overall it seems be an attitudinal problem. Such attitudes develop from lack of rationality and illiteracy. to address this problem focus should be on inculcating a habit of reasoning from early childhood. Any tradition which do not have explanation should be discarded. Study of history should be mandatory to understand how through the ages, discrimination has ultimately harmed society and nation. Films like Mary Kom , dangal, Ki & Ka should be more frequently made to target gender stereotypes.As last resort help of law should be taken to force attitudinal change (Transgender bill is a right step).

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy

      – intro should be very specific & precise
      -bring more clarity in solution suggested
      – give magnitude of discrimination in the form of sex ratio, mortality rate, job opportunities, adolescent birth rate,etc
      You can also make comparison within India and with other countries


  • Profile photo of Kunal Aggarwal Kunal Aggarwal @kunalaggarwal

    Gender discrimination is deeply ingrained the societal values. It is a part of daily normal for most of us. It gets manifested in vapours forms like choice of dresses, colours of rooms, taking style and behavioural values. A female is expected to be kind, gentle, submitting nature whereas a man is identified with masculinity, braveness. Even with in the modern society, the work is distributed between females and males.

    It is a part of attitude towards women which is inculcated since the childhood. The discrimination begins at one’s home and family and is carried forward by society. An egalitarian society can be established through change of attitude for which following needs to be done:
    – Subtle references of discrimination needs to be removed from educational books such as a female shown to work at home and boy to go out and earn
    – Awareness campaigns through ICT, Newspapers and NGOs would help in long term
    – TV Shows, Bollywood should be used for inculcating such values in older generation

    Along with awareness and education, an effective deterrence against discrimination and promotion of women in public sphere would help build an egalitarian society.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy

      @kunal :
      – not defined gender,g.justice & discrimination
      – give more concrete manifestation of discrimination….why it is complex & subtle
      – try to handle every part of the question, in fact key terms mentioned in the question should be used & explained in the answer
      – for systematic representation you can give heading/subheading/points
      – solutions should be more hammering and hit at the root of problem


  • Profile photo of Rushal Garg Rushal Garg @rushal-garg

    Despite various constitutional provisions, legal and international measures gender discrimination still exists in India. It manifests in the form of sex selective abortions, lack of access to basic education, lack of economic opportunities and financial empowerment. It also reaches heinous stages in the form of crime against women.The measures to remove gender discrimination are “necessary” but not “sufficient” because the core of the problem lies in attitude of the society towards the women. Women are considered as weaker, less intelligent than men and economically less productive. Institutional measures seldom overcome attitudnal problems as rightly said that CCTV cameras can be installed in the streets but not in the minds of the people. Some measures to change the attitude –
    a) Education is the most powerful tool to change attitude of people. Including gender sensitization in the pedagogy can be the first step
    b) Within the family gender discrimination has to stop as family is the first agency of socialization and has a life long impact on individuals
    C). More role models like the Phogat Girls should shape positive attitude towards girls
    D) Availing women equal voice in cultural, social, economic sphere starting right from the family level and progressing it to the national level

    Gender discriminating attitude is socially,culturally, morally, economically debilitating and has serious repercussions on the progress of our country.

    • Profile photo of Mitra Sir Mitra Sir @mitraphilosophy

      @sahil: gender is a broad term, need to define it
      – how & why it is complex is not answered : actually social,more specifically gender discrimination is superimposed with many other discrimination such as patriarch mind set, male chauvinism, economic, religious,etc.
      – various approaches to tackle like liberal feminism, radical ,post modernism, etc
      – till now all approaches are centered on women’s dos & don’ts but problems are created by mind set.


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