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I have a doubt regarding President's speech to Governors on 5th Jan

Profile photo of Kiran kumar Viswanathan Kiran kumar Viswanathan
  • The President said while he appreciates the thrust on transition from entitlement approach to an entrepreneurial one for poverty alleviation, he is not too sure that the poor can wait that long.

    Can I get an explanation about the entrepreneurial aspects which he mentions? Is he mentioning about various schemes of government such as Skill India, Stand Up India, Make in India, etc??

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  • Profile photo of Pranav Pranav @pranavce15

    I think he was referring to let’s say DBT as opposed to direct PDS same as LPG subsidy and talks about doing that for fertilizers.

    here’s something you might find useful. An opinion piece in The Tribune

  • Profile photo of Rahul Rahul @rahul-sangwan

    I think so. I guess you can compare it to schemes like MGNREGA, in which you are hired, instead of helping you start something or training you.

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