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[New Course] APSIP Essay by K Siddhartha Sir starts 2nd April 2017

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  • After the successful evaluation of 2 Super Sunday Open Essay review programs, we requested Sir to help conceptualise a comprehensive Essay Preparation Program on similar lines of APSIP – GS1 [the course is running on main and mini module]

    Sir opines that unlike GS papers where students seldom cross 100+ in the IAS Mains, it is relatively easy to get 120+ and in some exceptional cases, even  140+ in the Essay examination. We plan to train you for the 140+ milestone. 

    Essay and Ethics Papers are like black box and an above average performance in these two not only balances the rough edges off other GS Papers but also smoothens out the uncertainity wrt. optionals papers.

    The course has been designed keeping in mind the proximity of IAS Prelims 2017 and the 15 mock paper schedule is spaced out in a 5 + 10  manner. 5 before Prelims and 10 post Prelims.

    Target group:

    Students who have done their coaching classes but are in urgent need to undergo transformation and mentoring. This course is for such students who leave Delhi for their hometown as well as those who want to join a separate ESSAY programme.


    To help students comprehend the theme, philosophy and essence of the essay. How to structure and organize their information, process and and present it as per expectation of the UPSC as it reveals the candidate’s attitude and administrative acumen. This course aims to improve the attitude behind the comprehension of the topic of the essay, and help the candidates to understand themselves and their flaws in expression, language, presentation and then to transform them to develop their writing smoothly as per UPSC requirements..

    Essay does not have any syllabus and a meticulous preparation requires knowing a lot of things unknown, as well as understanding oneself. The aim of the Essay programme is to help candidates

    1. Develop comprehension over the topic of the essay or Developing a proper understanding of the topic.
    2. Writing and expression improvement and identification of glitches.
    3. How to follow Intra and Interdisciplinary approach and make it perspective based rather than problem solution based.
    4. Mastery over handling various types of essays like abstract, philosophy based, knowledge based and Contemporary issue based.
    5. A team of most Experienced faculty under the mentorship of K. Siddhartha (, an Earth Scientist, educationist and author of over 40 books to offer you an opportunity to have a complete command of the aforesaid topics


    1. Concept development
    2. Test Conduction
    3. Test discussion & one-on-one feedbacks
    4. Model Structure

    People behind

    The programme is under the guidance of Sri K. Siddhartha, who will set the mindset, attitude and tone of the examiner as per the UPSC guidelines.

    1. Academic Head- Dr S. Mukherjee, Director ENSEMBLE
    2. Chief Examiner- Dr Brajendra Narayan
    3. Examiners- Dr Pandey ex UPSC examiner
    4. Examiners-Dr A. Padmanabhan
    5. Chief of Administration-Kamlesh Kumar, Kumar Brijmohan

    Important Details

    #1. Click to download the Detailed APSIP – Essay Module Framework

    #2. Course Fee = 5997 [inclusive of all taxes] Click2register

    #3. Other courses launched by Sir [already LIVE]

    APSIP GS1 – Click2register

    APSIP GS1 Mini – Click2register


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  • Profile photo of Root Root @root

    @all –

    1. Submissions for APSIP GS1 and Essay programs should be made to instead of – We have made a dedicated email id so that your get an acknowledgement and revert in time

    2. K Siddhartha Sir would be back by 21st – expect your individual reviews post that.

  • Profile photo of Ensemble IAS Ensemble IAS @ensemble-ias

    Dear Students,
    We are happy to get such a good response for essay writing and see your sincere hard work.
    We would like to inform you that Siddhartha Sir is outstation and facing some technological issues in getting your answers & evaluating it.
    Therefore we would be able to provide the model answer and corrected copies as well as recording only after 21st when he will come back.
    We assure you of our best efforts in improving your preparation for civil services. But meanwhile please co-operate this delay.

    With best wishes

  • Profile photo of Dheeraj Yalamanchi Dheeraj Yalamanchi @dheeraj-yalamanchi

    Is the course entirely online ? Any provision to attempt offline @Ensemble IAS centre in Delhi.Please clarify.

    • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

      @dheeraj-yalamanchi, there is no offline centre as of now. The instructions on how to write the test and submit it to us have been mentioned in the framework document.

  • Profile photo of Shashank Verma Shashank Verma @shashankverma833

    I will join after july.

  • Profile photo of Sharanya Sharanya @sharanya-raju

    Is there a last date to join or we can join after prelims also?

  • Profile photo of kundan thakur kundan thakur @kundanthakurfiem

    Sir I want to join this essay test series as it seems to cater to my needs and requirement.but I have two things to ask:
    First shall we get the recorded video of essay discussion after test .
    Second,whether there will be one essay or two essay to write in each test.

    • Profile photo of Ensemble IAS Ensemble IAS @ensemble-ias


    • Profile photo of Dheeraj Yalamanchi Dheeraj Yalamanchi @dheeraj-yalamanchi

      can I attempt the essays offline at your centre in Delhi.Please clarify.

    • Profile photo of Suraj Peddi Suraj Peddi @surajpeddi

      Thats right, it is not clear whether each test will have one or two essays?
      CD, plz clarify

  • Profile photo of Ajay Jaiswal Ajay Jaiswal @ajayjaiswal

    Sir, will their be essay test series after prelims also?

  • Profile photo of Suraj Peddi Suraj Peddi @surajpeddi

    Excellent initiative CD

    so true that Essay and Ethics Papers are like black box

    Any plans to start Ethics test series too in near future?


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