New Indian Geography Module

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  • Hi everyone, over the past few months we have devoted a considerable amount of effort into creating an Indian Geography module. Today, we are publishing the following chapters – Introduction to Geography of India, Geological Structure, Physiography, Drainage System and Climate. We will be publishing Natural Vegetation and Soils chapters in 1-2 weeks.

    You can access the Module through the tab on the left sidebar.

    Why a geo module?
    Although NCERTs are considered the bible for UPSC preparation, but too many times in NCERTs there are entire paragraphs about mountains and features which are never shown on a map. There are terms which are not explained well. At the end, a topic which should have taken 3 weeks, ends up taking double the time. Finally the student concludes that he will have to join coaching.

    This module is a small effort from our side to help you prepare for geo on your own. We have tried to create maps and images that will clearly indicate where certain physical features are. We have tried to present information in an easy to understand manner. Also given in the module are previous years mains and prelims questions.

    In short, this is a comprehensive module, designed to help you save time and energy. We hope this module is as useful to you, as we hope it to be.

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    Thank you civilsdaily very much

  • Profile photo of Nagesh S Nagesh S @nagesho768

    Sry sujithra Ramesh..

  • Profile photo of Nagesh S Nagesh S @nagesho768

    Thank u sujatha Ramesh…good information…

  • Profile photo of sujithra Ramesh sujithra Ramesh @sujithra-ramesh
  • Profile photo of Suraj Mishra Suraj Mishra @surajmishra17

    Dear Team,
    This is my humble request to you that can you please provide me the Indian Geography module in PDF format. I need to print it but I got frustrated trying to convert it in PDF.
    Please help…..

  • Profile photo of Millo Nanya Millo Nanya @millonanya

    Sir where is the continued part of the Indian Geography module? Only the introduction part I came across. Please continue with the sequence. Your effort is appreciated.

  • Profile photo of Nagesh S Nagesh S @nagesho768

    Thanks a lot for ur initiative sir..

  • Profile photo of @rkchaluvadi777

    Please provide pdf sir.

  • Profile photo of GR Choudhary GR Choudhary @grchoudhary93939

    Thnku sir…request provide Pdf of this module so that notes can be made accordingly. It will help me understanding geo as a self study subject

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  • Profile photo of Bhupesh Kumar Bhupesh Kumar @bhupesh-kumar

    Thank you for this initiative….
    will definitely save time….
    Now waiting for Physical Geography Module….
    Thanks in Advance…..

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