[150 Schemes] Govt. Schemes 2016-17 for Prelims @Quick Reference Excel Sheet

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  • Hello everyone,

    Inspired by the unmoderated yet healthy discussions on this [PRELIMS-2017 Revision Mode] Current Affairs – Subjectwise Topics list thread started by Arun and ably managed by the community, the team has come up with a novel way of revising Prelims specific factoids.

    About a month back or so, Nooreen worked on a series of static theory listicles – Prelims listicles so that you get quick reference tables which have High Yielding Prelims worthy information, classifications and statistics in one place.

    While doing so we realised that such one time efforts suffer from a twin problem of:

    1. Lack of frequent updates: Schemes, Reports, Committees, MoUs etc. need more agile monitoring and timely edits to maintain their relevance
    2. Missing out on crowd wisdom: Your intense activity on the Prelims 2017 Revision thread made us re-affirm our faith in the idea of collective intelligence. We realised that if we could take help of some tools and enable you to pool in together, not only will we be able to multiply your efforts but also be able to compile them better for re-use and ease of retention

    So, this is what happened 5 days ago:

    Here’s what our effort has yielded:

    Click to access the google excel [It is shared on view only mode] so you will have to download and save a local copy

    This is still a WIP but at least it is in some shape that we could release a part of it to you and take your feedbacks.

    Here’s how it looks:

    All info in horizontal one line span + Ability to filter across ministry + Added N4S

    Appeal to all:

    1. Do let us know in comments if you find this representation useful. If not, why? That will help us come up with something better
    2. We need students who can help us with more such prelims worthy listicles. While we complete this govt. schemes excel – we want to work upon more such useful stuff which mimics UPSC’s trend. Pranav mentioned about some useful compilations here
    3. Please comment on if you would like to actively support. If you have some ready reference material, let us know that as well! We will reach out to you. Don’t leave your email or number here. We will ask you later.

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  • Profile photo of Basist Nandan Basist Nandan @basist-nandan

    HRIDAY scheme – ministry is given as Tourism Ministry.
    It should be Ministry of Urban Development.

  • Profile photo of Alpha Beta Alpha Beta @alpha-beta


  • Profile photo of Alpha Beta Alpha Beta @alpha-beta

    Attached snapshot of the error getting while opening the file after downloading it as xlsx.

    • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

      Click on ‘Yes’ to repair. The workbook opens just fine. The issues with the excel are inscrutable right now.

  • Profile photo of Upsc Prelims Upsc Prelims @upscprelims

    open nhi ho rhi

  • Profile photo of Manisha Subedy Manisha Subedy @manishasubedy

    unable to doWNLOAD IT

  • Profile photo of harjot singh harjot singh @harjot-singh1

    all pib links posted by nooreen are of leading to only one artice on pib..rest is fine

    • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

      PIB urls are hard to fetch. It was becoming an exercise in vain to be that meticulous. Don’t worry!

      Thanks for pointing out anyway – we should remove the reference links.

  • Profile photo of Mohit Raj Mohit Raj @mohitraj

    Not able to download in any format…:-(
    Please fix it..Thanks

    • Profile photo of harjot singh harjot singh @harjot-singh1

      copy paste it in microsoft excell

  • Profile photo of ABDUL RAHIM SHAH ABDUL RAHIM SHAH @lionshah111

    do u provide any test series for upsc …how can i join…reply on lionshah111@gmail.com

  • Profile photo of Srikant Agrawal Srikant Agrawal @srikantagrawal934

    You doing great job for upsc aspirants.
    Thank you CD

  • Profile photo of Anuradha Halder Anuradha Halder @anuradhahalderdgp01


  • Profile photo of mihir bhatawadekar mihir bhatawadekar @mihirb76

    This is beyond awesome. Thank you CD and all those who have worked for it. Its amazing.

  • Profile photo of Haru Sharma Haru Sharma @harmankings

    Kindly update rest of the ministries in prelims listicles..A sincere request..

    • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

      Can you elaborate? This excel has all the important, not so important schemes across ministries.

  • Profile photo of TAPAS PATRA TAPAS PATRA @gudboytapu

    thanks a lot…great job

  • Profile photo of Yoganathan R Yoganathan R @yoganathanravi


  • Profile photo of shankara shankara @prd2bkhatriya

    this is amazing..thanks a lot!!
    considering current affairs on environment as equally important, if there can be a similar excel on it, can be really helpful 🙂

  • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

    We are adding Importance levels and N4S tags to over 150+ schemes now. That should help a student understand the relative importance of the schemes in the UPSC parlance.

    Please go through this excel carefully and drop in your comments if you have any queries/ suggestions on the compilation.

    • Profile photo of Simran Bains Simran Bains @simran-bains

      Read all the schemes keeping the importance level in mind! Great efforts CD, and very easy to revise too. Thanks much. 🙂

    • Profile photo of Pranav Pranav @pranavce15

      This is incredible. thanks so much!!

  • Profile photo of ANJU ANANTHAN ANJU ANANTHAN @anju-ananthan

    Thank You so much. A must read considering the on going UPSC trend.

  • Profile photo of iam insane76 iam insane76 @iam-insane76

    thank you sane people!!!

  • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

    Thanks everyone for the appreciation.

    We have ~100+ schemes and the team is completing a thorough check on data and details.
    Once that is done – we will assign importance level to each scheme (H, M, L) wrt. Prelims paper. This will be done by tomorrow EOD.
    UPSC generally quizzes you in lesser known schemes (so that will be our ‘H’ category)

    PS: Do share the link of this thread with your friends so that they may mention in the comments if we have missed any scheme.

  • Profile photo of Osho Ram Osho Ram @oshoram03

    CD team did an excellent job.keep doing so.Advance congrats and thanks for your upcoming materials.

  • Profile photo of Simran Bains Simran Bains @simran-bains

    Super, this is! I’ll be revising schemes this weekend, and I’m going to refer just this compilation. Thanks CD! 🙂

  • Profile photo of Kavi Gautam Kavi Gautam @kavigautam

    @discuss kindly tell me how to read it in a perfect manner. Coz in phone its not readable effectivly….

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      Read it on a laptop/ desktop. This compilation is best read in a landscape mode (in case you wish to use phone).

  • Profile photo of Niyathi Rao Niyathi Rao @niyathi-rao

    Thanks a ton!

  • Profile photo of Jayansh Singh Jayansh Singh @jayanshsingh22

    I find it helpful. Good way to revise all these important schemes.

  • Profile photo of Pranay Dude Pranay Dude @pranay-dude

    Excellent endeavour. Thank u very much

  • Profile photo of Harsh Bhadouria Harsh Bhadouria @bhadouriaharsh

    Great initiative…smart way to cover them all

  • Profile photo of Kavi Gautam Kavi Gautam @kavigautam

    Good idea…
    It will help us a lot.

  • Profile photo of Butterfly Butterfly @sunita-khola

    Very useful 4 prelims.thnks

  • Profile photo of apoorva gupta apoorva gupta @apoorvagupta4348

    very use full initiative, one point solution for the Current affairs as well.

  • Profile photo of guddi kumari guddi kumari @santosh-kumar5

    very useful initiative

  • Profile photo of Satendra Prakash Sharma Satendra Prakash Sharma @sachchu83

    Nice initistion. It will be Verry useful.

  • Profile photo of Manish singh Manish singh @manish-singh3

    Nice initiative

  • Profile photo of satish kola satish kola @kolasatish02

    Nice initiative
    Try to compile listcals of treaty & mou’ s with various countries & organizations
    Like DTA’S FTA’S Tec
    I would like to support this initiative

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