[New Launch] You may never feel ready for your IAS Prelims Mocks and that’s OKAY

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  • Any behavior pattern that you repeat can take over.

    You are not a procastinator. You have a habit of procastination. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE when you think like that.

    You are not a lazy student who hasn’t bothered to write Prelims mocks. You just want to be sure of completing your syllabus before you enroll yourself into a TS. Notice the BIG DIFFERENCE when you re-word your actual issue.

    Most of the time, we do not have anyone to help us with rewording our pet and set notions and so even when deep inside we know that we are up against a GIANT of a syllabus of UPSC Prep and we can never be sure of our prep levels (LEST WE TEST THEM), we are not able to convince ourselves of taking a leap of courage and joining a TS and start hitting the mock tests.

    We spend way to much time on trying to manipulate our mind into changing how it feels, waiting for it to give us a confidence signal of “YEA, NOW YOU CAN JOIN THE FLAGSHIP COURSE AND SCORE 120+” and that seldom ever happens.

    Let us let you in on a little secret.

    You cannot control how you feel. You cannot control what triggers those bouts of inspiration, motivation and that’s fine.

    You think you need to feel confident and courageous before you get started. YOU DON’T. YOU ACTUALLY JUST HAVE TO START. AND THAT’S THE RIDDLE OF THIS UPSC PREP.

    If you accept the fact that you may never feel ready and you may never feel motivated and that’s OKAY… but you can still push yourself forward.

    What happens over time is that let’s say you are not fully convinced of your preparation level yet you join a test series and you push yourself towards testing harder and harder… you start seeing yourself as a person who takes action, gets himself evaluated even though your preparation is not completed and your scores aren’t that good… GUESS WHAT HAPPENS

    You build courage and confidence for REAL and you get start taking control of all.

    With about 3 months to go for the IAS Prelims 2017, we bring to you Advanced Prelims Batch 2

    This is the second batch of Advanced Prelims Course. Read below to know more. The module starts on 25th March 2017.

    Click2Download the Time Table of Advanced 2

    Register Here: Click2Join the Advanced 2

    What’s the difference between Batch 1 and Batch 2?

    Same tests, same questions, same syllabus & same freebies but with a compact timeline so that you catch up with the advanced students fast.

    Advaced 2 calls for a dedicated 2 month testing process where each test is spaced out by only 2 days. This high speed testing timetable merges with all other batches at the FLT-3 begining 5th May 2017.

    Who is this course most suitable for?

    Senior Players who want ONLY advanced practice: Both Static + Dynamic Current Affairs are pegged at a level where it creates a compelling testing exercise for you. We assume that you are thorough with the basic books and are looking for something more challenging

    NOTE: If this is your first attempt at IAS Prelims or you wish to consolidate on your basics before going for advanced testing – we would like you to consider Flagship 2 – [click here to read FAQs on our Prelims Modules]

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  • Profile photo of Amit Sankhla Amit Sankhla @crazyamit1985

    Hey root, I have joined AD2 TS, will you guide me as where to find 25th tests mat. Yojana and all that news cards. M not able to find it., plus can you explain about CD explains annual compilation & same not downloadable.and wht is #11 Oct & #12 Oct. Difference. Thanks.

  • Profile photo of Amit Sankhla Amit Sankhla @crazyamit1985

    Hello root, I have just one query, although I have completed all my basics and CA ( from August onwards) but still I need to cover CA of prior to August, plus need to revise all other subjects bcz my personal schedule is going on, can I give tests on my own pace ? I am not worry much about ranking but to correctly attempt the questions. Will that be possible in TS?

  • Profile photo of Amit Sankhla Amit Sankhla @crazyamit1985

    Hello root, one query, as my classes are still going on, so how do i cover the test topics, and will I get all CA immediately after joining or as when test date come closer? Plus if i need to update some basic, will CD provide any stuff for that say for example geography or polity.

  • Profile photo of Kanav Bansal Kanav Bansal @kanavbansal07

    Ive joined CA test series. Is there any concession for me on any of the test series?

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      If you wish to upgrade CA TS to Advance, drop us a mail at hello@civilsdaily.com – We will arange for you to pay the difference and get you in.

  • Profile photo of deepak singh deepak singh @deepaklodhi123


    • Profile photo of Amit Sankhla Amit Sankhla @crazyamit1985

      Hello deepak ..this is amit…I need to clear a concept will you provide ur number or email id so that I can ask?

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      go to documents tab and download the PDFs and test time table. Tests will appear as per time table.

    • Profile photo of deepak singh deepak singh @deepaklodhi123


  • Profile photo of Amit Sankhla Amit Sankhla @crazyamit1985

    Thanks Root for replying.. another query I have is,that why SnT portion not included in the TS.? And I don’t have CA of june-july,and yojana too. Will you provide all relevant stuff for test? Plus that senha mam flashback series will that be included?


    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      S&T gets covered in monthly CA tests which are very, very meticulously designed.

      Monthly magazines will be provided from 1 year back. Don’t worry.

      Sneha Mam’s Flahsback series is online only. We can’t comment on whether it will be forged into a PDF. If it is done that way – advanced and flagship students will get a copy of it

  • Profile photo of Amit Sankhla Amit Sankhla @crazyamit1985

    I have following queries
    Q1. If someone not able to complete test before deadline will he/she allow to give test next day?

    Q2. What about test rankings?
    Q3. How would we get all CA ?
    Q4. What is the cost of test series?

  • Profile photo of nagu mailari nagu mailari @nagu-mailari

    I don’t yet start practice csat give plan me

  • Profile photo of Rishi Ranjan Singh Rishi Ranjan Singh @rishiemailid

    I want only test series how much should i pay?

  • Profile photo of Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne @bruce-wayne

    I could not clear mains..:/,tell me the most appropriate plan to join?

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      Join advanced.

    • Profile photo of Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne @bruce-wayne

      Thanks Root. Wishing CD family a very happy holi.
      BTW,I hope the sources of the tests aren’t constrained just to standard books?

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      You have cleared Pre once. Make sure you target 120+ in all the advanced tests. Advanced tests will tend to much beyond standard ref text book. We will test you rigourously.

    • Profile photo of Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne @bruce-wayne

      Thanks Root. BTW,I hope the sources are not constrained to standard books?

  • Profile photo of Viana Viana @shridevi-f-y

    Hey root! I already have subscribed to this, don’t seem to find the test monthly mags, PDFs and tests on my dash!
    Do I wait till the 25th?

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      You should be having access to all PDFs via the Documents tab. Did you check up there? Use your login and find them again.

  • Profile photo of Pranav Pranav @pranavce15

    Hi Root, I had already signed for advanced 1, may I just follow this Time table? Do the tests remain the same or otherwise would you consider shifting from advanced 1 to 2?

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root


      Tests remain the same. You may continue to be in 1 and accelerate your progress and catch up.

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