Revision Schedule for Prelims 2017

Less than 2 months are left for Prelims 2017. Click here for a Revision Schedule for the next 5 weeks.

Revision schedule for Prelims 2017

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  • Dear Students,

    Now there are less than 2 months left for Prelims 2017. Many of you may have studied hard the whole year, and some of you may be thinking that you should have studied harder. But here is one thing which you all should do now – Study everyday for the next 2 months.

    This is the only way that you can maximise your performance and have the best chance of clearing Prelims 2017. Sadly, we all know this, but still we waste many days thinking that TODAY we will start studying hard. And before we know it, 2 months has become 1.

    Why does this happen? We believe that it is due to a lack of structure and feedback. We discuss both of them below.


    Lack of structure because we just randomly move from one topic to the other. So we say, “today I will study Union executive”, but once we finish that we don’t know what to do next. We keep thinking “hmm, maybe I should study modern history”. This lack of a daily schedule and structure wastes a lot of our time. Hence, we thought, why not make a simple daily schedule for everyone? This schedule is given below –

    Week 1 – 23rd April to 29 April – Aug + Sept CA + 1/2 Polity + 1/2 History + Tests

    Week 2 – 30 April to 6 May – Oct + Nov CA + 1/2 Polity + 1/2 History + Tests

    Week 3 – 7 May to 13 May – Dec + Jan CA + 1/2 Geo + 1/2 Eco + Tests

    Week 4 – 14 May to 20 May – Feb + March CA + 1/2 Geo + 1/2 Eco + Tests

    Week 5 – 21 May to 27 May – April + July (2016) CA + Science + remaining Env + Any other remaining topics not covered before + Tests

    After 27 May – finish June 2016 CA if possible. Revise any topics left out. Start final revision and memorising factual stuff for prelims.

    If you click on each week, you will be taken to a daily schedule. Here are some properties of this schedule –

    1. Schedule start from 23rd April. Make sure to start that day. If you want to make your own schedule then you can share those here – Link.

    2. These are daily targets. As you can see this goes all the way end of May. So only if you study EVERY day will you be able to finish your revision

    3. We are not suggesting the sources given in the schedule. They are only for reference. Everyone has their own sources. E.g. someone is reading Laxmikanth and another DD Basu. Just make sure to finish the relevant portions. If you want to ask people where to study something from, you can ask here – Link.

    4. Some will say “Sir, where is international relations and bodies like BRICS?”. All such topics come frequently in news. So when revising your CA see which things you don’t understand, note them down and find info about them. Or budget them in some way in your schedule.

    5. Week 5 says remaining env topics, since many env topics come in other subjects. E.g. env bodies like IUCN in CA, air pollution in science,  vegetation in geography etc. If you want to classify them separately then note down the schedule and make it more detailed according to your liking. Don’t just think about it, do it!

    6. Two subjects to be studied every week. 1 subject for 3 days. This is so that you don’t get bored after studying the same thing for the whole week. Also mixing up the subjects should keep you in touch with them more.

    The important thing is that all of you have your own sources. So note this schedule down and make it more detailed by yourself.

    Don’t have the mindset of “I can revise history in 1 day itself, and hence I have a lot of time left”. Just have the attitude of “I am not going to stop unless I finish my revision” (not saying you sit for 12 hours straight, only that you should not slack off).


    Many of us are sitting in our rooms somewhere and studying. By ourselves we will keep wasting our time on the laptop or phone and at the end of the day we will get stressed out. Then we will study a few hours and go to sleep without finishing all that we could have in one day. Why does happen? Because we feel no pressure or commitment when we are alone.

    What can help? Committing to each other that we will study continuously and meet our targets. Seeing that other people are studying. Realising that by not studying everyday we are falling behind.

    Hence, each day, go to that days thread and give a comment after finishing your daily target “I achieved my target for today”. Study with the aim that you will be able to write this comment at the end of the day if you finish your target. The satisfaction of doing this will be a huge motivator in helping you to study continuously instead of in fits and starts.

    Seeing those comments in the morning will help you realise that everyone is working hard, and so should you.

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  • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss
    • Profile photo of Aman Aman @janiaman93

      @discuss it is quite difficult to revise whole modern history in just three days!!

    • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

      @janiaman93, try to, otherwise you will need to make up for it on subsequent days. Hope you have highlighted the important parts in your book, and made a note of important dates, events, leaders etc. This will help you revise quickly. Remember that if you have these notes, then you can revise it all quickly in the last 2 weeks also.

    • Profile photo of Aman Aman @janiaman93

      @discuss Ok will try to complete as per the schedule.

    • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

      @janiaman93, try to finish as much as you can. We just want to be sure that you are studying consistently. It is natural that things take more time than they are supposed to.

  • Profile photo of Aman Aman @janiaman93

    I achieved my target for polity, 30 chapters done. Will start history today!!

  • Profile photo of Butterfly Butterfly @sunita-khola

    I hv completed yesterday goal

  • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss
    • Profile photo of Kavi Gautam Kavi Gautam @kavigautam

      Yes @discuss i m completing my daily schedule. Forget to mention here..
      Surely do from today

    • Profile photo of Sheeba Syed Sheeba Syed @sheeba810

      Team CD, affirmative… I did complete my yesterday’s goal, today should end on a positive note too!

  • Profile photo of Subhajeet Chakraborti Subhajeet Chakraborti @subhajeet-chakraborti

    Thanks a lot team. Please if possible, do conduct the weekly tests too. It’d be a great benchmark.

  • Profile photo of Kavi Gautam Kavi Gautam @kavigautam

    @discuss is there no need to revise may ’16 and may ’17 CA?

    • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

      @kavigautam, strictly speaking something is a CA issue until it becomes irrelevant/outdated. E.g. a treaty signed by BRICS 2 years ago can come in prelims, because it is still relevant. However strictly speaking no one has the time to go back 2 years. So here’s the thing – finish CA from July 2016 to April 2017. And keep reading the May 2017 news. If you have finished everything then you can go back further than July 2016.
      Here is another viewpoint – If you saw BRICS in the news, then the proper way to prepare CA is to research it by googling or going to its website. If you make good notes this way then you won’t be surprised by the questions that UPSC makes.

    • Profile photo of Kavi Gautam Kavi Gautam @kavigautam

      Thnku so much….
      Will keep these thinhs in mind.

  • Profile photo of Mihir B Mihir B @upscmihir

    Thanks CD for the initiative.

  • Profile photo of Sammil Khan Sammil Khan @sammilkhan

    Sure… Thanks a lot :d

  • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

    Guys, make sure to read the “Feedback” section too and not just the “Structure” section. Feedback is what is intended to help you keep working continuously.

  • Profile photo of directionless arrows directionless arrows @vtripathi284

    @discuss If possible can you add one test of CSAT paper -2 on the Dashboard for students of your prelims test series so that we can judge ourselves in that paper at least once.

  • Profile photo of Rishi ranjan Rishi ranjan @rishiranjan04

    Can’t thank you enough for this!!! Brilliant!

  • Profile photo of Ashutosh Narayan Ashutosh Narayan @ashutosh-narayan1

    nice initiative @CD

  • Profile photo of Sheeba Syed Sheeba Syed @sheeba810

    Is your team for real!!! Brilliant initiative.

  • Profile photo of Kunal Aggarwal Kunal Aggarwal @kunalaggarwal

    This is great and helpful. Thank you @discuss 🙂

  • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

    Dear Students, hope you are studying hard for Prelims 2017. The information in this thread is designed to help you study consistently for the next 2 months. Hope you read it and find it useful.

    • Profile photo of Butterfly Butterfly @sunita-khola

      Thnkooo so much discuss.its a vry good effort.i must do it regularly nd consistently

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