Samachar Manthan | Weekly CA Enforcer + Writing Assessment Program- Starts 17th December

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Samachar Manthan | Weekly CA Enforcer + Writing Assessment Program

  • Programme starts 17th December

    Under the overall guidance of Vipin Garg, IAS (AIR 20, UPSC 2016)

    What’s the program all about?

    Goes without saying that CA dominates both prelims and mains exam. Hence, it has always been a focus area at Civilsdaily
    We’ve paid great attention towards enhancing our Newscards, Back2Basics, Note4Students, stacking them under relevant stories so students can understand CA better. Over 1L students open our app daily for their CA preparation
    Despite our efforts, we regularly receive emails and calls highlighting the following issues
    1. Unable to manage time for newspaper current/affairs
    2. Unable to understand the news
    3. Unable to decide whether the news is relevant. Should I skip an item, read it once or make notes and revise it again and again
    4. Whats important for pre and whats for mains
    5. How to prepare notes
    Our meticulously designed program not only intends to tackle all the above issues but also help you develop your style to USE CA effectively in prelims and mains
    CD’s innovations in organizing information give it an edge over all other similar courses in the market

    What are we offering and how is it unique?

    1.Weekly coverage of current affairs
    We will primarily focus on the developments happening in the current week
    Eg. Triple Talaq is an ongoing issue
    This week, a draft law was in news. So we will focus more on the draft law and briefly touch on the historical aspects. Students will be shared additional information to develop conceptual clarity. This way you will integrate CA with core GS subjects
    2.Weekly Test and Evaluation by our team of subject experts
    Mains level questions with feedback
    Answer Enhancement
    We chose the Question & Answer format because it is perfectly aligned with the requirements of the exam. Having information is very different from presenting it in an answer with a proper structure. This will help in better retention of prelims specific information and prepare a solid ground for your mains prep
    3. Video lecture that will cover the test + other important op-eds/news items that you shouldn’t have missed at all cost
    A 2-2.5 hour packed video discussing the major happenings ensuring that there are no gaps in your concepts
    Also available offline. Details to be shared soon.
    4. Mentorship – Samanvaya
    Mentorship is the highlight of our program
    After every 2nd test you attempt, you can reach out to our mentors for personalized attention
    You will have access to all modules included in our Mentorship program – Study-plan, strategy discussion, specific weaknesses, overall guidance
    Since our mentors will have information about your attempts, they will be in a better position to guide you better
    5. Guest Lectures on specific issues by Dr. Vipin Garg, IAS (Rank 20, UPSC 2016) and our distinguished mentor K.Siddhartha
    Besides the above, you will have access to our monthly magazines and weekly notes/links to important news/external material

    What are the intended gains?

    CA will no longer remain your pain point. Instead, it will become your competitive advantage. You will have clarity on how to use CA in both prelims and mains
    The program will ensure that there is continuity in your CA prep
    Besides giving you an edge over others in prelims, you will have a ready database of 400 good questions exhaustively covering important topics for mains
    The cost-benefit ratio of joining the program is the best. It covers the most important CA in a time-bound manner

    How will the program work?

    1.The program is divided into 2 phases
    >June to November
    >December to May
    This is done to incorporate changes in the program based on changes in the prelims exam. Also to help students who don’t want to pay the yearly cost upfront.
    2. 20 sessions will be held in each phase
    3. Tests will be posted on Sundays (You can submit your answers in any format you want. Handwritten or typed, mailed or uploaded publicly. Publicly uploaded answers will have advantages of peer review)
    4. Attempts to be uploaded by Wednesday Midnight 
    5. Video session every Saturday at 9 AM (Videos can be watched any time as per your convenience)
    6. Mentor calls after every 2nd test
    7. Sources covered: The Hindu, Indian Express, Livemint, Economic Times, Business Standard, PIB

    How much is the program for?

    The Flagship Prelims Test series and CA weekly program combo comes for – INR 9000 + taxes: Join here
    Students already enrolled for Flagship Prelims 2018 test series will have to pay INR 3000 + taxes to join: Pay here
    Students who only want to join CA weekly programme can join by paying INR 5000 + taxes: Join here

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  •  Nikhil Sukumaran @nikhil-sukumaran

    Can you share the detais regarding the offline course?

  •  hitesh kumar sharma @hitesh-kumar-sharma

    9000 for entire June 2017 to May 2018?

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      The 9000 combo includes both prelims test series and CA weekly initiative. CA of June to November will be covered in tests of Prelims test series. Questions based on important issues will be asked in Mains answer enhancement initiative under CA weekly program.

  •  SD @sangeetadhiman05

    Does CA weekly programme include weekly tests and mentoring?

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      Yes, it includes weekly tests. Mentoring will be once in 2 weeks.

  •  crazybubbu2007 @crazybubbu2007

    i am a flagship ts student and already enrolled for the programme. I got a receipt of instamojo but no credentials as such from civilsdaily. Did I miss an email?

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      You will receive a detailed email soon.

  •  Sandeep Biswas @sandeep-biswas1

    Please put some light on 2 Phases.
    Will both phases cover the same topics?
    What will be the difference between the 2 phases?

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      No sandeep. The topics will be different. June to November will cover CA of those months and December to May will cover CA between december to may.

    •  Sandeep Biswas @sandeep-biswas1

      Is that mean that we have to pay again for the 2nd phase?

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      Yes, you will have to. This is done to incorporate changes in the program based on changes in the prelims exam. Also to help students who don’t want to pay the yearly cost upfront.

    •  Sandeep Biswas @sandeep-biswas1

      Thank you.

    •  Sandeep Biswas @sandeep-biswas1
  •  vamsy krishna @vamsy-krishna

    Sir i would like to join in your 9000rs course. Pls contact me, i have some doubts, thank you.

  •  Kapil Kumar @kaps545

    Paid money will I get any credentials

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      You will get all details over email soon. Hope you have received a payment confirmation email from instamojo.

    •  Kapil Kumar @kaps545

      Ya I got. Thank you very much

  •  Parvathy @parvathy2490

    🙂 You always do have innovative methods to keep aspirants on track 🙂 Thank You..

  •  Chanakya Pagadala @chanakya281

    This is chanakya sir. Wrote mains this year.i need personal feedback for my answers sir. Please enroll me. Thank-you

  •  Dheerendra Patnaik @dnkp3676


    Please let us know if we would be required to type in our answers or do we have the option of writing over paper and scanning and uploading the same – this would be preferable, as it will give us the real experience and would save time.
    So please clarify.

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      You can submit your answers in any format you want. Handwritten or typed, mailed or uploaded publicly.
      But, publicly uploaded will have advantages of peer review.

  •  KSG @kgedam87

    Sir/Mam please clarify
    1) The 2 sessions are from December 17 to November 18?
    2) Can we watch the Video session scheduled every Saturday 9.00am at any other time?

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      The first batch will be from December ’17 to May ’18. The second one from June ’18 to November ’18. Both will be separate and each batch will cover entire syllabus and CA part.

      You can watch videos any time as per your convenience.

    •  Mohammed Azeem @mohammedazeem27ma

      I have two queries..
      a)2 seperate batches?
      Does it mean that CA guidance and mentorship is not accessible after clearing prelims2018?
      b)”there is offline option also”..
      Where will be the classes held..and can i communicate directly to the mentor at offline centre?

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      The programme will be accessible after clearing Prelims also. But you’ll have to enroll to batch 2 for continuing the membership.

      The offline classes will be held at Ensemble IAS, Karol bagh, Opposite sir gangaram hospital, New Delhi

      Mentor will be available after each lecture for doubt clearing session.

    •  Sandeep Biswas @sandeep-biswas1

      After clearing prelims 2018 we have to pay again for June ’18 to November ’18?

    •  Mohammed Azeem @mohammedazeem27ma

      Can i visit there and pay offline..i have some issues regarding online payment

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