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Samanvaya – Don’t be afraid to ask for help

  • We have all had those days when it’s been hard to motivate ourselves to hit the books and just study. It happens to the best of us sometimes and for some of us, it happens more frequently. And it is understandable, Civil Service preparation is long and often lonely process. Every aspirant, from toppers to those who have quit have been overwhelmed by this process at some point of time.

    Lack of motivation is perhaps the biggest enemy of all of you in achieving your goal. All of you have sacrificed something or the other to be a part of this Civil Service selection journey – long and arduous as it may be. And we all need a bit of help to remind ourselves of why we got into this. Some people talk to themselves, some to their friends and family and others read posts online. We at CD are aware of your long hard road ahead and we would like to help.

    For those of you who are struggling with one or the other phases of this exam, Samanvaya presents you an opportunity to discuss your problems with us and implement well meaning suggestions from people who have been through this grind. An experienced mentor who has either cleared the examination or given multiple interviews will be your guide. Your mentor will help you with the what, where, when and why of your preparation.


    Essentially there are 4 kinds of association being offered here:

    Study Plans Discussion: For those of you appearing for the first time in 2018, this would be a good starting point. This would help you structure your time and divide it according to Prelims preparation, Mains preparation and Optional prep.

    Our mentors will help you to craft a plan unique to your needs and time commitments over a phone call. They’ll guide you on what module takes how much time and energy and when should you ideally study it for maximum benefit.

    Answer writing would be tackled as well and we would encourage you to actively participate on the ‘Target Mains’ initiative.

    Strategy Discussion: Some of you have already appeared for Prelims earlier and for whatever reason, failed to qualify. This could be due to a variety of factors – lack of adequate prep, jitters  in exam hall, in adequate revision, lack of practice of test series or just a bad day at work. Tell us what you think went wrong and we’ll figure out a way to get you over the line next time.

    Addressing particular weakness: Some of you might feel that you are not very confident of a particular subject – say History. Our mentors will take into account your unique challenges and figure out a way to address those. This could be via giving you weekly goals in the form of reading material and tests and analysing your progress based on those.

    Overall Guidance: Our mentors will work with you to address your weak areas and suggest reading material or tests to correct those. Additionally Test Taking strategies would be hashed out which you can try in your chosen series and see if it helps you get better results.

    What’s the Catch:

    This is the part where people hesitate and wonder why would we do this. We have a stake in your success as it is through you we would be known. And we want to help you achieve your goals.

    We have realised through our experience of last 3 years that the thing most aspirants need is constant motivation and a patient ear. Working alone is monotonous and many people struggle with ‘What went wrong’ after 2-3 years of hard work. We are asking you to tap into the valuable experiences of people before you who underwent the same grind and realise the pitfalls and the shortcuts. Those people would be your mentors and all we ask of you is to honestly follow their advice.

    Needless to say, on a weekly basis we’ll be asking each one of you if you are satisfied with your mentor and your feedback would further help us to help you better.

    The catch is then to be honest with your mentor about your study patterns, follow their advice and participate in tests or assignments that they set for you. Think of it like a gym where your instructor can give you diet plans and help you with your exercises but ultimately you’re the one who has to lift the weights.

    If you haven’t already,  Sign up here

    We’ll be connecting with all of you starting December. Obviously we’ll schedule the call beforehand over email. Best of Luck!

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  •  Mohit Raj @mohitraj

    Is it really going through? Never receive any call. Did anyone ?/

    •  Confused Billi @confused

      Hi Mohit,

      The calls are going through. Yours is number 239 on the list and it takes some time for a mentor to go through a call, resolve issues and put out a follow up path. That could be one of the reason for the delay.

      Sometimes these calls go upto ~40 mins or so and there is a follow up email sent to recap the major points of the conversation that stay with you…

      We will get onto you as soon as we can.

    •  Subhajeet Chakraborti @subhajeet-chakraborti

      Sir I didnot receive either any mail or any call yet.

  •  BHASKAR SINGH @singh96sb

    sir i didn’t start yet preperation for optional but i am giving my full effort . sir i want to know that can my prepration would be complete if i start from now for optional .

  •  Orclboy Dev @orclboydev

    Sir, do we have to write Questions also in mains answer sheet or directly answer, mentioning question number?

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      Only the answers. Questions are printed on each page and 2-3 pages are provided to write the answer.

  •  Subhajeet Chakraborti @subhajeet-chakraborti

    Sir, I didnt receive any emails yet.

  •  V @kavya-sri

    good sir

  •  Subhajeet Chakraborti @subhajeet-chakraborti

    Incredible effort sir. Much obliged.

  •  Ashish Mishra @ashish060890

    Sir, i am ot able to find test series in Hindi..Please suggest the link

  •  Cruise Nishant @cruisenishant


  •  Utkarsh Deep @utkarshdeep

    Great afford from the CD team. Thanks a lot….

  •  Narayana Sarma @narayanacbe

    Thanks a lot CD team!

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