[Subscription] Civilsdaily’s Magazines Combo for 6 Months @price of 5

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  • Dear Students,

    We are now offering a 6 months subscription on our monthly magazine packages for the students appearing for IAS Prelims 2017 [June 2017]. 

    CD’s monthly magazines are available at our Instamojo Store [Click2buy]

    Monthly editions come around 10th of every month. 

    The monthly magazine set comprises:

    • CD = Civils Digest (75 INR)
      (Daily News & Op-ed Summaries with Note4Students & Back2Basics)
    • PD = Prelims Daily (75 INR)
      (~200 Prelims Ques & Rich Explanations on CA and Prev. Years IAS Papers)
    • PIB = PIB Newscards (49 INR)
      (Prelims Worthy PIB releases with Note4Students & Back2Basics)
    • TM = Target Mains (49 INR)
      (~100 GS questions from News & Op-eds of CivilsDigest)

    For combo packs, we have:

    • Mega Combo = CD + PD + PIB + TM [197 INR | Save 21% on individual buys]
    • CA Combo = CD + PIB [107 INR | Save 14% on individual buys]
    • QnA Combo = PD + TM [107 INR | Save 14% on individual buys]

    For long term subscription, we have rolled out a 6 month Mega Combo Pack

    1. One time payment and you are taken care of till the Prelims 2017 [June 2017]
    2. Coverage: December 2016 to May 2017
    3. Automatic delivery via emails once the magazines are published [~10th of every month]
    4. MEGA Saver: You pay the price of 5 months and save further on the Mega Combo [@985 INR]

    Click Here 2 Subscribe

    PS: In case you are a Civilsdaily Test Series student, you get all the monthly magazines and special edition PDFs for FREE.

    If you want to join the Test Series and know more about it – Click2Register for Flagship Program

    If you have any doubts about any of the paid modules, put in your comment here or email us at hello@civilsdaily.com

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  • Profile photo of Root Root @root

    Magazines for April 2017 will be released by EOD today (11th May 2017). Subscribers can check their mailboxes by late night.

    Previous subscribers will be given their private dropbox access details over email and they can download the mags from dropbox – http://www.civilsdaily.com/cds-paid-programme-access-page/

  • Profile photo of Neha Gupta Neha Gupta @fromnehagupta

    I didn’t get my March month link help me

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      Neha, we have added every subscriber on the dropbox private folder. Can you please check again for a mail from dropbox.

      If you don’t get any – send us a mail at hello@civilsdaily.com

  • Profile photo of tejaswi reddy tejaswi reddy @tejaswi-reddy

    sir ,iam going to appear upsc exam in 2018 so what will you suggest me like from when should i start taking the magazines ??

  • Profile photo of mahalingesh B U mahalingesh B U @mahalingesh-b-u

    Resolve the issue please immediately

    • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

      You would have got an invite to join the dropbox private folder for the magazine. Please go ahead and search for the email. All mags will be kept there.

      If you are not able to locate the email – send a mail at hello@civilsdaily.com

    • Profile photo of mahalingesh B U mahalingesh B U @mahalingesh-b-u
  • Profile photo of mahalingesh B U mahalingesh B U @mahalingesh-b-u

    I didn’t get March month compilation I payed for the 6 month combo

  • Profile photo of Root Root @root

    Magazines covering March 2017 will be released by tomorrow EOD. Students who have registered for the subscription course will get a dropbox link [official folder]. Rest can purchase from instamojo. Test series students will receive the mags under their prelims.civilsdaily profile tab as always.

    • Profile photo of Kaustubh Gade Kaustubh Gade @kaustubh2238

      haven’t received march combo

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      It has been updated on the dropbox folder which was shared with you over email. You should have got an intimation. Look out for it.

    • Profile photo of Kaustubh Gade Kaustubh Gade @kaustubh2238

      checked nothing is there,send it again

    • Profile photo of Kaustubh Gade Kaustubh Gade @kaustubh2238

      got it…

  • Profile photo of Root Root @root

    Test Series students – your magazines are on the prelims portal under the hood of “Documents”

  • Profile photo of Root Root @root

    Subscribers, check your emails for Feb 2017 magazine download. Look for email from – megacombo.

  • Profile photo of Neha Gupta Neha Gupta @fromnehagupta

    Sir, can I changed my combo pack from mega to only ca pack. Plz let me know

  • Profile photo of Neha Gupta Neha Gupta @fromnehagupta

    It will be more beneficial if provided in hard copy and I got my pdfs thanks👍👍👍☺

  • Profile photo of Rajat Pratap Singh Tomar Rajat Pratap Singh Tomar @rajattomar

    Economy section in January civil digest is that of December. Please look into that and provide the ratified version.
    A test series subscribed candidate

    • Profile photo of Root Root @root

      Download the bundle again from the portals. It has been corrected now.

  • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

    All subscribers (who joined in January) would have recieved an email with title – [IMPORTANT] Download your monthly CD magazines

    Download your Mega combos from that email’s link.

    • Profile photo of sam sam @sam-r1o

      You have provided old Newscards in section of Economy in Civils Digest of January.. provided only till 5 th January, please update it and make. Changes into it and how could you do so? Workload? Chill.! Provide updated version of civils digest ASAP..

  • Profile photo of pkgc nikmik pkgc nikmik @nikharpkgc

    what about unique civils magazine ? is it diff from civils digest pdf ? unique civils is also a product by civils daily, right ? its hard copy is available in my city so if it is similar to the digest i would buy that.

    • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

      We used to publish offline magazine via Unique Publishers under that name. But that got discontinued last year (~October 2016).

      Now, we only release monthly PDFs and the material is not shared with anyone for offline printing.

  • Profile photo of pkgc nikmik pkgc nikmik @nikharpkgc

    the material on civilsdaily website is really nice.
    pls publish magazines in hard copy as most of the aspirants like me prefer that.
    if u do so that would be of great help.

    • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused


      We have to work within some constraints hence lack of hard copies but you may take the print outs of the PDFs at your end.

  • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

    Magazines would be made to go LIVE today by 1 PM or so.

    The subscribers will recieved their magazines over email. New subscribers will recieve their magazines as they purchase the subscription.

  • Profile photo of Kaustubh Gade Kaustubh Gade @kaustubh2238

    has anyone received January combo?

    • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

      As mentioned above, magazines come out on 10th of every month. The subscribers will get theirs on their emails.

  • Profile photo of Mohit Gaur Mohit Gaur @mohitsingh103

    When will you upload January Combo? Want to try Your magazine.

  • Profile photo of Nitin Chaudhary Nitin Chaudhary @nitinchaudhary180

    Hii,,,,,,,what about mega saver 6 month prelims , prelims model qsn.is it consisting or not ??! Please explain

    • Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi @confused

      did you read the post above before commenting?

  • Profile photo of Subhra Pattnaik Subhra Pattnaik @subhrapattnaik

    Hi, are you publishing in physical format?

    • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

      Online [PDFs] only.

  • Profile photo of praveen singada praveen singada @praveen-singada

    Sir , Target mains dec magazine has only 6 pages dec 1- dec 10 ) , pib news cards dec magazine has 33 pages (dec 1- dec 21), pib news nov mains has 17 pages (nov19-nov 30 ) . I am flagship programme student . please upload the full pdf in documents section .

    Thank you ,

    • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

      The issue has been corrected. Please download the PDFs again from the portal.

  • Profile photo of Swatee Misra Swatee Misra @swatee-misra

    same here i have not got any link so far….

  • Profile photo of Siddharth Srivastava Siddharth Srivastava @siddharth1190jnp

    I have subscribed to the 6 months Civils daily magazine combo and have made the payment but I have not yet received the PDF’s.

    • Profile photo of Discuss Discuss @discuss

      After the subscription – you would have got an email with the download link for the first set. Please use that.

      The subsequent combos will be emailed to you once they are launched.

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