AWE – Reminder – Enrolments Open for the Month of December


November has been a terrific month for the AWE program. We’ve reviewed over 1000 answers sent to us via comments and emails. Many students wrote back to us saying they are getting more and more comfortable with time and have really appreciated how precise the reviews have been.

We request all students to renew their subscription for the month of December. Let’s keep the Momentum going. 

Paying a small fee not only helps us maintain quality but also ensures that you are regular and that you make the most out of this program. At Rs.9/answer it is a no-brainer. 

Monthly Rs. 1k + taxes: Click2Join

Yearly Rs 8K + taxes: Click2Join


Check the details by clicking below.

[Joining Links Available] Civilsdaily’s Answer Writing Enhancement (AWE) Program under the guidance of a UPSC veteran

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