[Video] Types of IAS Interviews & Dos and Donts

Lecture 3 of the Interview Series is out.

VP Sir brings out a very focused session on precisely what are the different kinds of interviews and the dos and donts for the same.

Must watch for everyone to understand UPSC better.

Relevant link for the program are present here –

Community for Mains Qualified Candidates. 
Lecture 1. UPSC Interview Overview
Lecture 2. Importance of DAF
PDP Interview Program



Interview Program – 5 reasons to join the exclusive telegram group


The Interview Program is in Full-Swing. The complete details are mentioned here.

Last year we created a Telegram group exclusively for students appearing for the interviews and mentors. These proved to be immensely beneficial. We request all students who have cleared mains to email us on hello@civilsdaily.com for access so they could join the community efforts.

Here are some snippets of what happened last year –

1. Real-time experiences were shared. These gave everyone an idea of the kind of questions that were asked and what different boards were looking for. Click on attached screenshots.   

2. Students were able to predict standard questions being asked by panelists. They then brainstormed the most appropriate answer. This made students more confident. 


3. Important Study Material was shared and discussed 


4. Important issues discussed. See below the discussions on AFSPA and other important topics. 


5. BONUS  – V P Singh Sir asking students to pull up their sleeves.


And finally, the good news followed!


This year’s program takes it to a whole new level. Click here to see the details. 

Launching Mock Interviews + Personality Development Program(PDP) for Interview Round