Civilsdaily Founder & UPSC GS 2017 Topper Sajal Sir on The Indian Express || GS-1 MAINS 2021 PAPER ANALYSIS|| Read Now

Sajal sir in the past 7 years has mentored over 400 students who went onto become UPSC toppers. Apart from this, his course SMASH Mains 2020 had a turnover of 80% interview recommended candidates. Based on this he was invited by The Indian Express as an expert to analyse the 2021 Mains Papers

Here is the Excerpt from New Indian Express —

In the Indian heritage and culture, questions were majorly asked from medieval India from topics like the Bhakti movement and Modern India like socio reforms. Modern India questions were directly from standard books while questions on world history and post-independent India were asked after a gap of 2 years.

Sajal Singh, Founder, Civilsdaily said, “Paper was on predictable lines and nothing unusual was asked this year. A lot of questions were interdisciplinary in nature. For eg: the mining industry question had an element of geography and economics. Similarly cryptocurrency question had an element of science and society.”

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