Civilsdaily Founder & UPSC GS 2017 Topper Sajal Sir on India Today || Ace through UPSC Mains with this new-age Formula: Toppers’ Answers vs Average Answers || Read Now

Sajal sir in the past 7 years has mentored over 400 students who went onto become UPSC toppers. Apart from this, his course SMASH Mains 2020 had a turnover of 80% interview recommended candidates. Based on this he was invited by India Today as an expert to help UPSC aspirants prepare for the Mains Examination

Here is the Excerpt from India Today —

Here’s the new-age formula to ace through UPSC Mains and crack the civil services as explained by an expert. We have here the toppers’ answers vs the average answer to 5 questions for examples.

Now that the UPSC CSE prelims is over, it’s time to start practicing answer writing for UPSC Mains. Many aspirants think that merely reading and revising is enough for UPSC Mains preparation.

What’s the difference between a topper and an aspirant? It’s the same difference between ordinary and extraordinary — the little extra. They always manage to get that little 2-3 extra marks in their answers which eludes others.

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2 years ago

IAM poor people sir help me


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