Monthly Current Affairs Prelims TS 2021

1383 students

Current Affairs Prelims TS 2021 

14 Tests (10 Current Affairs + 4 CSAT) + Civilsdaily’s Habitat

Download PDF for better visibility – Prime Prelims TS 2021 Time Table

Taking a leaf out of our Prime Prelims TS, our legacy product, we are offering Current Affairs Prelims TS. There are 6 key differentiators and 3 ‘Exclusive’ features which have been employed in these tests.

These tests will help you evaluate your Current Affairs preparation on an advanced and UPSC+ level. Focus is on conceptual clarity, coverage of syllabus, and developing a personalized strategy to attempt a UPSC Prelims paper.

A Test Series is more than just a set of 100 questions and solutions at the end.

Our philosophy – Mastering Prelims by guided yet Flexible Goal Setting

1. Evidence-based question making: UPSC level mocks

The 1400 questions you face in our mocks have their relevance established via UPSC’s trend analysis. We focus on themes that are important as per UPSC so that we maximize your chances of questions overlap with the actual UPSC Prelims.

2. Civilsdaily’s Innovation: Tagging

Tagging helps us to ensure balanced coverage of static and current affairs, setting optimum difficulty level, keeping the paper relevance to UPSC syllabus and pattern, and cover all important themes. It’ll help you to analyse and understand the expectation of the UPSC in a better way.

Subject/Sub-subject tagging ensures that a balanced paper is presented to you with an emphasis on important themes. It helps you discover your subject-specific blindspots and rectify them. We disclose our coverage. 

Question Type Tags: Helps you understand the mix of questions and equip yourself in multifaceted question forming. Learn about question types here.

Difficulty Level Tags, Conceptual/Factual Tags: These tags don’t leave you guessing about your weaknesses. If you miss a difficult factual question, it’s absolutely fine. In fact, it’s desirable as you don’t score a negative.

3. Tikdams for mastering the art of intelligent guesstimates:

Tikdam techniques is a very important skill which can boost your score by 30+ marks. It will prepare you and enhance your ability to perform under pressure (& lack of information). 

We not only impart but make you practice these skills in our Test Series.

Click to watch this video to know more about Tikdams

4. Civilsdaily’s Handholding and Habitat:

You’ll be assigned to an exclusive group on Civilsdaily’s Habitat, it’s headed by Sajal sir, Atul sir, Ravi sir, Zeeshan sir and Rankers like Dr. Vipin Garg (AIR 20), Swapnil Pawar (AIR 525) and others.

Habitat is where everything comes together: learning, doubt clearing, notes, references, mentors, and a focussed community. You’re going to learn and discuss like never before.

What is there on Habitat?

    • #DDS sessions – Dedicated sessions every day to resolve doubts in real-time. Never keep a doubt to yourself.
    • An ecosystem for co-learning and active learning.
    • A highly motivated community to bring flexibility and consistency to your preparation.
    • Daily news analysis and Op-ed discussion sessions on Habitat.
    • Other activities like revisions, quizzes, test discussion, CSAT, etc. are also planned.
      Prime Prelims Test series Civilsdaily IAS Current Affairs UPSC
      Civilsdaily’s Habitat- Mobile and desktop view

Program inclusion:

  • 14 Tests
      • 10 Current Affairs tests
      • 4 CSAT tests
  • Civilsdaily’s Handholding
  • Admission to the exclusive group on Civilsdaily’s Habitat.

This is what our students have to say about our mock tests.

Feedback for 2020 Prelims Mocks

Civilsdaily’s Community: Testimonials



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vijay kumar
vijay kumar
1 year ago

Please put some details. I am a working professional, schedule or details will help to find some space in my daily study time

Admin bar avatar
1 year ago
Reply to  vijay kumar

, pls loop in.

Atul Pokhriyal
1 year ago
Reply to  vijay kumar

Hi Vijay, I will email it to you (It will be updated here soon). Please call on 89299 87787, we’ll discuss in detail about how to maximise your efforts as a working professional. You can email at also.

Abhi Chauhan
Abhi Chauhan
1 year ago

when will be he cuuren affairs test be uploaded ???? im enrolled in samachar manthan program . thanks

Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar
1 year ago

Current affair test of 25 july is not uploaded. When will it be uploaded?

Barsha Das
Barsha Das
1 year ago

I have joined Samachar Manthan recently.Where can I find the monthly test series?

anisha guha
anisha guha
8 months ago

I have paid for monthly current affairs prelims test series but can not access tests.. I have also mailed regarding the same to

Mohammed Khusro Parvez
Mohammed Khusro Parvez
8 months ago

Unable to find monthly magazine