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Current affairs are indispensable for every stage of the UPSC exam. Understanding the importance of current affairs is just one part of the UPSC puzzle. For solving the whole puzzle, we have Samachar Manthan.

Samachar Manthan Civilsdaily IAS Current Affairs UPSC
Number of questions (out of 100) in UPSC prelims directly from Current Affairs.
Number of Questions asked directly from Current Affairs. Out of total 20 questions.

What is Samachar Manthan?

Samachar Manthan is our flagship program designed to help you develop a solid command on your newspaper reading and current affairs analyzing skills. We’re are also going to focus on imparting skills required to utilize current affairs. Since it builds your core, it is important for both Prelims and Mains. 

Why Samachar Manthan?

4 stage structure of Lecture-Notes-Testing-Review

Our unique four-stage methodology helps ensure maximum retention and rock-solid preparation. Each component has been meticulously crafted which repeated every week creates a virtuous cycle.

Diversified and Comprehensive coverage

We let news develop over a week, and a team under Sajal Sir daily covers it from various sources which include newspapers (The Hindu, The Indian Express, LiveMint, etc.), magazines (Yojana, Kurukshetra, EPW, Down to Earth), important websites (PIB, PRS, govt ministries, IDSA, etc.).

UPSC is a generalist exam. It’s important to cover more issues than to cover a few, in more depth. Samachar Manthan ensures that fine balance of comprehensive news coverage and detailed discussion on the most important topics.

Videos and Notes

Carefully selected relevant news is analyzed and delivered in a weekly lecture spanning over 3 hours.

You will be getting high quality, well-designed notes. They are detailed with proper categorization of news into the Mains and Prelims category.

Our focus is on conceptual clarity, simplicity, relevance and making interlinkages between current affairs and basic/static part of the syllabus.

Samachar Manthan Civilsdaily IAS Current Affairs UPSC

Samachar Manthan Weekly Notes (Click to download)

Samachar Manthan will also help you understand how to utilize current affairs in all your Prelims and Mains papers. A part of which is done by tests.

Weekly Mains Test and Evaluation

Because learning is not enough, you must apply. Every week a 10 question UPSC level current affairs test follows with video and notes. Focus here is on Mains answer writing skills and practice.

It’s a skill that is learned, honed, and perfected gradually. And this is why it should be done regularly. Our team of subject experts evaluate your answers and provide you with feedback. Answer enhancement is one of the objectives of this exercise.

Samachar Manthan Civilsdaily IAS Current Affairs UPSC

Evaluated answer sheet – 1 (Click to download)

Evaluated answer sheet – 2 (Click to download)

Current Affairs Monthly Prelims Test package

This was a feedback that we had received from our students. Now every month we provide a Current Affairs prelims test package.

All this completes a study loop and enhances your retention.

Civilsdaily Handholding

You’ll be assigned to a special group on Civilsdaily’s Habitat, it’s headed by Sajal Sir, Atul Sir, Ravi Sir and rankers like Dr Vipin Garg (AIR 20), Swapnil Pawar (AIR 525) and others.

Habitat is where everything comes together learning, doubt clearing, notes, references, mentors, and a focussed community. You’re going to learn and discuss like never before. 

How will your queries be resolved?

    • The moment you have a query, you post it in the group. At 11PM, 3AM, doesn’t matter. No need to schedule a call, or drop an email. Just drop a chat. Once our team is up, it will be resolved.
    • More often than not, your peers will take part in your doubt discussions adding a lot of value.

Besides doubts, what else is there on Habitat?

    • #DDS sessions – We have dedicated sessions every day to resolve doubts in real-time. Never keep a doubt to yourself. 
    • An ecosystem for co-learning and active learning.
    • A highly motivated community to bring flexibility and consistency to your preparation.

That’s not all, we’ve Daily news analysis and Op-ed discussion sessions on Habitat.  Other activities like revisions, quizzes, test discussion, CSAT, etc. are also planned.

Samachar Manthan Civilsdaily IAS Current Affairs UPSC
Civilsdaily’s Habitat – Desktop and Mobile view

Program inclusion

1. Weekly 3+ hours video lecture

2. High-quality Notes and reference material

3. Admission to Samachar Manthan special group on Habitat

4. Weekly Current Affairs based Mains Test (10 Questions) and Evaluation

5. Current Affairs Monthly Prelims Test package

This is what our students have to say about Samachar Manthan and Sajal Sir.



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42 replies on “Samachar Manthan Yearly 2021 + Answer Writing”

Seems a holistic course but i have few queries pls clarify.
1) Timings of Video lectures ?
2) Can i save video lectures or if not how many views are allowed ?
3) Where will i have to upload the answer sheets (new to your website)
4) Time for getting answers checked (approx)
5) Does this includes Eco survey and Budget as well ?
4) Is there any dashboard for students ?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi Yuva
Do not worry. Whatever Sajal sir explains in Hindi during SM lecture is already covered in the English explanation in the same lecture. He never discusses anything extra in Hindi so you do not need to worry on that front.

I had enrolled for Samachar Manthan 2021+Answer Writing . However, I am not able to login to the Habitat group or the Samachar Manthan group. Can you please help me get registered?
Also, I had mailed you guys yesterday regarding the same but I have not received any reply.


I got to know about your program 2 days before. I would like to –
1-when will the second batch of it start?
2- will it be beneficial to me since I’m a beginner and my first attempt is in 2k21 and don’t know much about answer-writing?
3-when can I enroll?
4- can I save the videos provided by you? and will the notes of these videos will be given or not?
5- timings of these videos as I’m a working professional?

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