Samachar Manthan Yearly 2021

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sunesara dhaval
6 months ago

When will it start??

Utkarsh Tripathi
6 months ago

Seems a holistic course but i have few queries pls clarify.
1) Timings of Video lectures ?
2) Can i save video lectures or if not how many views are allowed ?
3) Where will i have to upload the answer sheets (new to your website)
4) Time for getting answers checked (approx)
5) Does this includes Eco survey and Budget as well ?
4) Is there any dashboard for students ?

Looking forward to hear from you.

sunesara dhaval
6 months ago

From when it will start sir as I have enrolled for it… Waiting for ur kind reply

Saswata Guha
5 months ago

Enriching session. Thanks CD.

4 months ago
Reply to  Saswata Guha

Thanks for the feedback Saswata. Happy Learning!