How Do Successful Candidates FIGHT INCONSISTENCY? Our Successful Candidates helped us with their Secrets

The most difficult challenge faced by EVERY candidate is inconsistency. Be it inconsistency in studies, answer-writing practice, covering the syllabus, or revision, every candidate finds it difficult to cope with. But how do successful candidates manage to FIGTH Inconsistency so consistently?

Our mentors speak with thousands of candidates personally to understand the problems faced by them. And there were 5 important things that our successful candidates did to overcome inconsistency. Here’s what they did:

  1. Guided Syllabus Management – The UPSC syllabus is so vast that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lose motivation. The successful candidates made it a practice to speak with experienced mentors on a daily basis to manage their syllabus. The mentors helped them understand what to study and what not to study. This conversation made them confident and their syllabus became manageable.

2. Identifying Mistakes – The successful students discussed their preparation methods with our mentors. Our mentors who have years of experience teaching thousands of candidates were able to identify the mistakes and correct them. This change immediately helped the students score more and focus on the most important topics.

  1. Trying Things That Don’t Work – The successful students did not reinvent the wheel. They did not go for trial and error for their preparation. They spoke with our mentors who provided them the tried and tested methods of preparation that works! This helped the students save time, money, and remain focused consistently.

  1. Impractical Study Plans – Most of the students create study plans that are impractical. They start strong but soon realize that the job is really difficult. Successful candidates, on the other hand, play smart. They speak with experienced mentors who assess their capabilities and create smart personalized study plans for them. The candidates just stuck to the plan and were able to succeed.

  1. Misunderstanding The UPSC Requirements – The most important thing a successful candidate does is try to understand the demands of UPSC exam. Our mentors who have the experience of teaching thousands of students were able to guide them perfectly and this improved their performance every day.

And this is what we wish for all our students. Please feel free to speak with us. Tell us your problems. And we will try to find the solutions for you! You don’t have to pay a single rupee to speak with us, why not give it a shot? Get in touch now!

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