‘India Today’ covers Sajal sir’s tips on managing mental health while preparing for govt. exam | Read it here

Dear aspirants,

Preparing for government exams like the UPSC could take a massive toll on your mental health. Many aspirants start feeling depressed, anxious, and some even think of taking extreme steps like committing suicide.

Remember: Your life and mental health are more important than any exam in the world.

Sajal sir and the mentors at Civilsdaily are dedicated to helping you during your most difficult times. We want to tell you that there are many ways in which you can cope with the pressure, and we can help you remain positive with our complete support. You can speak to our mentors anytime and they will help you manage the pressure with practical tips.

India Today has covered Sajal sir’s practical tips on managing your mental health while preparing for the exam. You can read it by clicking the link given below.

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