How did CD mentorship help Mourya Bhardwaj score AIR 28 in 2021: Attend the Seminar/Webinar by Mentor of Mourya Sajal, sir, this Sunday .

Mantri Mourya Bhardwaj, AIR 28, UPSC 2021. Civilsdaily Mentorship Student

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Mantri Maorya was a mentorship student under Sajal sir, Sukanya ma’am, and other mentors under the Smash Mains FLT program. He was relentless about improving himself in order to serve the country he loves dearly. He improved GS marks dreastically in this 2021 Mains.

He, in a candid conversation with his mentor Sukanya Ma’am, shared his thought.

Mantri Mourya Bhardwaj, AIR 28, UPSC 2021. CD’s Mentorship student

He resigned from his job and started preparing for the UPSC exam. But success did not come so easily. After failing to make it to the Civils in the first three attempts, he returned to his software profession for his livelihood. But, he did not give up, with the encouragement from my parents, he made it finally.

He attributed his success to Civilsdaily’s Mentorship

  • For prelims he joined our CD’s Smash Prelims.
  • For mains he regularly gave some effort to make answer structure better under the guidance of mentors.
  • He started UPSC preparation 4 years ago by studying NCERTs. But, first time, Sajal sir opened his eyes about which NCERTs are actually important.
  • He joined Civilsdaily’s FLT online mock test series for mains.
  • He was meticulous about study materials. he consolidated his study materials and revised them as many times as he could.
  • Sukanya Ma’am always guided him to remain patient and stay focused all the time. He improved his performance in Ethics 10 times.
  • He always get hand-holding mentorship support to improve his performance.
  • He learned to make his own notes.
  • From the very starting, he wished he would carry his preparation under CD’s senior teachers and mentors.

Before getting into CD’s Mentorship Program under Sajal Sir, Sukanya Ma’am, He had become hopeless. He said that he couldn’t figure out the necessary things which are highly required to work on.

For ultimate success what matters is an ecosystem for co-learning and active learning together learning, doubt clearing, notes, references, mentors, and a focussed community. You’re going to learn and discuss like never before. 

1. About Mantri Mourya Bhardwaj- His UPSC journey

NameMantri Mourya Bhardwaj
ResidentAnakapalle, Andhra Pradesh
ExamUPSC 2021
All India Rank28
Optional Subject Anthropology

He was an active student of CivilsDaily’s Mentorship program and took guidance in all stages of preparation. He thanked CD’s senior mentors and faculties for his top rank on UPSC 2021 merit list.


He improved his marks drastically in this 2021 Mains. In a candid conversation with Civilsdaily, Mantri shared his journey, motivations, up and downs, lessons learned, and his secret of what kept him going.

It is yet another validation of CivilsDaily’s vision and approach to personalized mentorship.


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