Q.4 Given the rising tide of Covid induced fatalities, the government is under extreme pressure to deliver some vaccine to the population. You are the Cabinet Secretary to the Government of India. You are heading the committee to oversee the process of vaccine development and distribution to fight against the Covid outbreak in the country. You have been asked to expedite the process and come up with a solution at the earliest. Some vaccines are available around the globe, but they are in limited supply and also expensive. One of the indigenously developed vaccine has shown initial positive results, but health experts have raised concerns over its safety, efficacy and the methodology being followed for its approval. Other promising vaccines under development, following a rigorous methodology, may take months to enter the market. In this context: (a) What are the critical issues involved in the case? (b) Explain, with relevant reasons, the course of action that you would take. (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments- Briefly highlight the facts of the case. Mention the critical issues involved. Discuss the course of action to be followed, with relevant reasons. Conclude on the basis of the above points.