Q.4) India is world’s largest democracy. In democracy, elections provide an opportunity to ascertain the popular will in regard to the governance of the country. Election is the act of choosing an individual usually for holding public office through free will of the people in a representative democracy. India opted for universal adult franchise. There were many questions raised about efficacy of this that how illiterate people will be able to use vote which is a rational exercise. There was fear that corrupt practices along with misuse of money and muscle power will crave in which will be used to manipulate and sway the popular will in election. Over the years this fear has been proven right by increase number of criminal in politics, issue of capturing of huge amount of illegal money during election and rising cost of elections India .The growing greed for power has turned a sacrosanct activity into a showcase for power and a festival of corruption. In one such case of ongoing election in state assembly it was found that an EVM used for election is found in car of one political party’s member after election is over in the constituency xyz. This has raised issues rigging of election and question on impartiality of election commission of India. Other parties in state has taken this issue to social media and demanding re-election in the entire state which is a costly exercise. There are election scheduled for other states assembly in next month. (a). What are the Ethical issues involved in the above case? (b). Should india reconsider its decision of universal adult franchise and give voting right based on some qualification which include paying taxes , literacy etc. (c). What steps you would suggest so that election again become a festival of democracy in spirit and letter. (20 Marks)