Q.4) The Naxalite movement in India is among the longest and most lethal home grown insurgencies that the world has seen. Over the years this battle left many security and local person dead along with Naxals. The Naxalites claims to fight for their land rights, forced rehabilitation and capturing of earth resources by private players through government. Naxalism has affected the economic development of hinterland India and Red corridor (Naxalism affected region) is India’s least developed region today. Also, people are denied their democratic rights due to near absence of administrative setup in these area. It is hurting India’s image in international relations too. This problem is largely seen as a law and order problem and government has thrusted on more security forces in these areas. Although, security forces has tackled this menace to certain extent, but still there are some areas where Naxalite stronghold is still present. This is manifested in frequent ambush of security forces in Naxal areas. (a). What are the Ethical issues involved in the above case? (b). What are reasons of continued Naxal problem in India? (c). As a SP of district with Naxal problem what steps you will take to tackle this issue?