Q.4 You are a single mother and work as a school counsellor for the psychological well-being of primary and secondary school children at a reputed school. Recently, you have found through your interactions that several students have been facing emotional trauma and mental health issues. Realising the gravity of the situation you want to discuss this with the school authorities and the board of trustees and come up with an advanced plan that can help parents get better involved. However, during the meeting, concerns are raised regarding your findings and the lack of supporting evidence is also cited by some. Moreover, senior members who are present express a sense of displeasure at what this might mean for the reputation of the school. You are thoroughly appalled with this approach of the school authorities, yet you are mired down in your own financial circumstances. On the basis of the above situation, answer the following: (a) Identify the most relevant stakeholders in the case. (b) What are the dilemmas in the case? (c) Discuss how stigmatisation of mental health issues can be addressed in schools. (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments- Briefly explain the case study. Mention the most relevant stakeholders in the case study. Explain the ethical dilemmas involved in the case. Explain how mental health issues can be de-stigmatised in schools. Conclude briefly.