Q.4 You are posted as Superintendent of Police in a district. A case has come up in which more than 30 girls were allegedly raped and sexually exploited at the city shelter home run by an NGO. The scandal came to light when media flagged complaints of sexual abuse of inmates of the city shelter home. A nexus of police, politicians, administration and criminals have been allegedly responsible for the racket going on for the last few years. In light of this, a lot of protests have erupted across the city. While, on one hand, media glare has meant that people are demanding swift action, you have been asked to go slow in investigating the case by top officers in your department. Elections in the state are due in a few months, so it has become a politically sensitive issue. You are also under immense political pressure from the ruling party to not take strict action and make compromises to cover up the case. Given the situation, answer the following: (a) Identify the issues involved in the case. (b) What are the options available to you? Which of these options will you choose? Justify your stand with logical arguments. (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments- Bring out the ethical and legal-administrative issues involved in the case study from the stakeholder’s perspective. Discuss the various options along with their merits and demerits. Suggest your courses of action to deal with the situation along with their justifications and conclude accordingly.