Q.4 You are the principal of a college which has a long history of student politics. However, due to your personal belief, you are not in favour of conducting student elections and thus have kept the process of yearly student elections pending without any official announcement. While you are mulling over the decision of not conducting elections, you get representation from some professors as well as students who criticize the activities of student unions as obstructive to the academic environment of the college. Some time later, student leaders also come to talk to you regarding conduct of elections, and you tell them about the representation received by you against allowing student elections. You further tell them that you are contemplating suspending all activities related to student politics in the campus. On hearing this, student leaders become aggressive and start sloganeering and destroying college property. In this context, answer the following questions: (a) What are the issues involved in the case above? (b) How can you separate your personal ethics from professional ethics? (c) How would you deal with this situation? (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments- Briefly write down the facts of the given case. Identify the issues involved in this case. Discuss ways to separate your personal ethics from professional ethics. Write down your course of action in this situation.