Q.4 You come across a report in the newspaper wherein during the drive undertaken by a Municipality to demolish dilapidated buildings one of the government servants has been assaulted publicly by the local MLA. The MLA belongs to the ruling party in the state. The MLA has blamed the official for taking bribes to illegally demolish houses, which are in good condition in the pretext of the drive to demolish dilapidated buildings. The MLA has claimed that few families were living in the houses and that the demolition drive was at the behest of some vested interests to grab the land. (a) What are the issues involved in the case in your opinion? (b) What are the options available in your view with the relevant actors to redress their concerns? (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments- Briefly write the facts of the case. Write about the issues involved in the case. Identify various actors in the case and write about the options available to them to redress their concerns. Conclude appropriately.