[1 Dec 2017 | Low Priority News Items of the Day]

Low Priority News Items of the Day:

SC refuses to extend Assam NRC deadline

The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the Centre’s plea seeking extension of time for publication of the draft National Register of Citizens for Assam, as the government termed fixing of the deadline as judicial overreach and an “encroachment” into the executive domain.

Every PIL is not important from the UPSC perspective. Only those PILs are important which can have significant effect on the society, Indian laws or politics. We will write newscard on it, if any significant thing comes out of it. But it is an good example of Judicial Overreach(which is halted).



Such a strange silence

The Pope has been in South Asia this week, with the focus of his stops in Bangladesh and Myanmar on the reconciliation and rehabilitation of more than 836,000 Rohingya (including 623,000 since August, according to the UN’s International Organisation for Migration) who have fled gruesome violence in Myanmar.

The Op-Ed talks about an important ongoing issue. But we have written many good newscards on this issue. You should go through them, for a better understanding of the issue.

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