Aadhaar Card Issues

210 govt. websites made Aadhaar details public: UIDAI

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Mains Paper 2: Governance | Citizens charters, transparency & accountability & institutional & other measures

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: UIDAI, Aadhar

Mains level: Data security concerns related to aadhar

Data leak on government websites

  1. More than 200 central and State government websites publicly displayed details such as names and addresses of some Aadhaar beneficiaries
  2. The UIDAI took note and got the Aadhaar data removed from the said websites

Is data not secure with UIDAI?

  1. UIDAI has a well-designed, multi-layer approach robust security system in place
  2. It is being constantly upgraded to maintain the highest level of data security and integrity
  3. The architecture of the Aadhaar ecosystem has been designed to ensure data security and privacy which is an integral part of the system from the initial design to the final stage

How does UIDAI ensure data security?

  1. Various policies and procedures have been defined, these are reviewed and updated continually
  2. This helps to appropriately control and monitor any movement of people, material, and data in and out of UIDAI premises
  3. Security audits are conducted on a regular basis to further strengthen security and privacy of data
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